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Марсианские хроники Curiosity: на Красной планете есть вода, сера и хлорSamples of Martian soil, which were analyzed by instruments of Curiosity Rover, contain a large set of chemicals, however, traces of organic materials not found yet. This was reported by the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA, which experts lead the mission of the unit. According to them, Curiosity discovered many different chemicals in low concentrations. Among them - a substance containing water, sulfur and chlorine.
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Марс колонизируют миллионеры?American billionaire, co-founder Elon Musk, SpaceX announced the development of the rocket engine, intended for a flight to Mars. According to his calculations, the price "diversion" there is only one colonist should be half a million dollars. The trip is planned exclusively at the expense of future "Martians".
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"NASA устроило на Марсе грандиозный спектакль"The name of Richard Hoagland-known to those interested in the problem of finding intelligent life in the Universe. It is the founder and chief specialist independent research centre for monitoring the activities of NASA (National Aeronautics and space), which is called the Enterprise Mission. Its task is to find out what discoveries made by NASA's Solar system over the past half century, hidden under the "top secret".
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NАSА опровергло информацию о сенсационном открытии на МарсеOn Thursday, the jet propulsion Laboratory (JPL) NАSА, which experts led by the research mission of the apparatus Curiosity, issued an official statement that the rumors and speculation about "important discoveries"allegedly made by the Rover to the red planet, do not correspond to reality.
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Какую шокирующую находку сделал марсоход «Любопытство»?A retired biologist NASA has no doubt that confirmed his discovery of 36 years ago on Mars is life
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На Марсе будут жить 80 тысяч колонизаторов?Co-founder of SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk wants to help create a Mars colony, in which lived about 80 thousand people. Musk expects that delivery of one colonizer on the Red planet can deliver half a million dollars at the expense of the traveler.
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Что нашёл Curiosity?December 3 the conference of the American geophysical Union in San Francisco, NASA officials working with Curiosity Rover, will make, according to them, a very important statement. In one interview the project Manager John Grotzinger hinted that this may be the detection of organic molecules. However, commentators wishful thinking.
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На Марсе сравнительно безопасный уровень радиацииCuriosity Rover showed that the radiation level on the red planet is about the same as in low-earth orbit, where the brave guys and girls months hang out on the International space station. But a visit to Mars is of no less dangerous, because to fly'll have a long time (and I would like to return).
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Ученые готовятся к «эпохальному» открытию на МарсеThe Rover NASA "Curiosity", according to scientists who made a major discovery on the red planet, but they keep silent about what they have found. This discovery was made by SAM tool in the crater Gail near the place where the Rover landed.
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Хочется залезть в Марс как можно глубжеNASA has plans delivery to Earth rocks and soil of the Martian surface, but the most attractive designs, according to some, are in the caves beneath the surface. The fact that the analysis of the material in terrestrial laboratories is considered as the best way of finding signs of life, and the chances of finding them higher if it is material from the bowels.
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Европейцы вместо Луны полетят на Марс After 48 hours of Naples meeting of Ministers twenty European States participating in the European space Agency (ESA), they also approved the five-year budget office and outlined the main directions of its activity.
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На Марсе бушует пыльная буряMartian dust storm, for which the probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter watched it last week, resulted in changes of the atmosphere seen in force at the surface of the planet by the Rovers.
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Люди смогут жить на МарсеThe radiation level on the surface of Mars that scientists believed one of the obstacles to the landing on the Red planet person, actually comparable to radiation at low orbits of the Earth, according to the data of measurements of Curiosity Rover.
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Удары по Марсу нагрели воду до жизненной температурыWater, warm water so that it could be conceived life, still flowed on Mars, tell us the authors of another episode of a long scientific series, which becomes more confusing. Let us just recall a recent example: first Curiosity Rover found on the red planet ancient river, but then showed that there is no methane, despite data of ground-based observations. Heart eager to see the Martian life this news fell on Earth, 90-95% of this gas produced by living beings.
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