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Марсианской экспедиции угрожают метеоритыThe consequence of a collision of a planet with a large meteorite and the asteroid can be a global catastrophe. It is therefore important to learn how to predict such events. Recently William Brockman and his colleagues at the University of Puerto Rico built a new mathematical model, which evaluates the probability of the fall of the gigantic cosmic bodies on the Earth and even to Mars.
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Ученые продолжают находить доказательства наличия воды на МарсеClay minerals, rocks, which are usually formed when water is present for a long period of time in the same place cover a larger part of the surface of Mars than previously thought.
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Будет ли жизнь на Марсе?Science fiction becomes reality. It is likely that at some time in the planet Mars mankind will be able to equip life - NASA experts are already working on projects to create Mars habitable conditions.
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«Курьозити» прошел 539 метров по МарсуAmerican chemical laboratory continues to surf the surface of Mars and to do new research.
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На Марсе обнаружен горнолыжный курортIn June of this year, stereo cameras space probe Mars Express recorded on the red planet, in the area of the mountains Kharit, located near Gale crater and the pool of Argir, an area where there are bright areas resembling the surface is covered with snow. Recently scientists have found that this effect is frozen carbon dioxide.
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Язык за зубами: что нашло NASA на Марсе?Is there today anyone who has not heard about the "fabulous find"made on Mars by Curiosity? Two weeks about it sounded absolutely all media. Yes and as it was not to sound, if NASA own hand assured epochal importance of what happened?
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 Китайские космонавты собираются посадить капусту на МарсеTaikonaut (so call themselves Chinese conquerors of Space) are sure that someday will be able to grow vegetables on Mars or the moon.
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Ричард Хогланд был прав - его "сломали"Richard Hoagland wrote an article in which he writes that the Rover Curiosity ("Curiosity") became the main character of the grandiose performance NASA. According to him, in order not to show us the real picture of what is happening on Mars, the leadership of NASA will soon adjust its "break".
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Mars One: Марс ждет своих первых жителейIn the Netherlands creates unusual research project, which aims to sending humans to Mars. Although their Martian ambitions already announced a dozen countries, the peculiarity of the project Mars One is that its participants are ordinary people, and will fly to the Red planet they are free, because their flight will pay investors, to live on Mars, they will also be free. Tempting? Probably, Yes. However, the peculiarity of the project is that marconato will not return ticket and if something goes wrong, Mars will be their last refuge.
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Будни космического колонизатораPost inspired by conversations about the colonization of Mars and space exploration in General. We are talking about the current state of Affairs. Without hotly my favorite fiction and vague predictions. That's as if tomorrow it will be necessary to develop a plan and be ready to move.
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Какого цвета Марс? Today I will take up the topic, which is already utterly beaten, but still steadily POPs up in almost any discussion of the Runet, where referred to "Mars" and "NASA". Let's talk about the color of Mars. You know, many have this theme is sitting in the liver like me, but I took it that's why. It is necessary once and for all sort through all the arguments and set the record straight.
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НАСА отправит нового робота на Марс в 2020 годуNASA chief Charles Bolden (Charles Bolden) reported that at the end of the decade, the office has scheduled the launch of the new spacecraft destined for Mars exploration.
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Opportunity завершил обход области на краю марсианского кратераThe Rover-survivor Opportunity has received the new task - in details to study the area, bypassing which he had just completed.
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Curiosity нашел таки на Марсе органику – НАСАCuriosity Rover found on Mars simple organic matter, but scientists will need further research in order to eliminate the possibility that they were brought to the planet along with the spacecraft.
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НАСА прокололось 2. Новая подставаDid not have time to smolknut a buzz about extraordinary discoveries on Mars, reported in the article "NASA failed"as a new publication began to spread rapidly across the Network.
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