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150 лет назад Земле чудесным образом удалось избежать Армагеддона12 and 13 August 1883 Mexican astronomer from the town of Zacatecas detected an unusual phenomenon. He noted, about 450 strange flying objects, which created a small nebula against the Sun. A recent study shows that we were very close to the Apocalypse, reports zex2.ru.

Jose Bonilla - author of the open - published his observations in the French magazine L Astronomie in 1886, but the editors did not want to believe in the objectivity of observations and suggested that what we see, maybe birds, insects, or even spot, which appeared in front of the telescope Mexican observer.

Currently, Hector Manterola and his colleagues from the Mexican National University in Mexico city prepared for various interpretations. In his opinion, Bonilla could see fragments of the comet, which just shattered into pieces. This may mean that the fragments were so close to each other that formed the nebula.

He also gave an explanation of why no one noticed this object, although other observatories were just a few hundred miles from the place of observation. For it is the responsibility of the parallax effect. If these fragments were located close to the Ground, and observers are close enough, then due to parallax they failed to see them against the Sun.

Given that Mexico is on the same latitude as the Sahara desert, in the South of India and South-East Asia, it is not difficult to guess that no one had such conditions, to observe, what I saw Bonilla.

The researchers conducted a calculation of how close were the data fragments from the Ground and in the result of such a calculation is really scary. The scientists concluded that the fragments pass our planet at a distance from 600 up to 8,000 kilometers, on a cosmic scale is the distance almost microscopic.
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