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Бурятский феноменTen years ago, in September 2002, took place the opening of the sarcophagus with the body of the Buryat Lama Itigelov. The body was removed from the "a" - the place of burial Lama in the area Huh?-Zurh?n in the presence of numerous witnesses. After 75 years since the death of the body was not touched by decay and was in the Lotus posture, which Dorzho took before his death.

The will Lama

The history of the discovery of the body of the head of Buryat Buddhists Pandito Hambo-Lama XII Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov is a real miracle. June 15, 1927 Dorzho in meditation plunged into Nirvana. Before this he addressed to the monks read him a special prayer is good wishes to the outgoing. Buddhists escorted her outgoing to another world, to the soul leaving the body, found its karmic destiny. The disciples were troubled - such a prayer read dying, and then Dorzho began her first. The monks were forced to catch up. So, under the sounds of prayers, the teacher quietly and peacefully died. Faithful followers buried the body in a (cedar box) in the area Huh?-Zurh?n. Before you leave this world, Dorzho left instructions as to bury him and when to visit. According to a bequest, the first time the grave was to be open in 30 years.

But life, as they say, has made adjustments. A group of lamas raised body Itigelov in 1955 - two years before he left. Blame - sphere. On the area came a hurricane that houses were blown off roofs, uprooted the trees. Taking elements for a sign from above, the head of the Buddhist clergy decided to conduct the necessary rites to the named period to verify the integrity of the body Itigelov. Then he changed clothes and a. The same ritual was held in 1973. Then he was linked with the strongest flood, lost for a month Ivolginsky Raion from Ulan-Ude. Both the first and second autopsy was done in secret from the authorities. No return of the body to the temple could not be and speeches.

As good as new

But then came the year 2002. Believers turned to the "main Buddhist" Pandito Hambo Lama Dam Ayusheeva with the request to organize excavations. 10 September Lama, with the support of relatives Itigelov, went to the place of burial. Using the 88-year-old local resident (he remembered Itigelov, and his father-in-law participated in the burial) has been defined the exact place of burial. "Mind told that keeping in more or less good condition of the deceased body impossible. Still, it's been 75 years after leaving Hambo Lama, - confessed the Dam ausheev. - I asked everyone at the critical moment to move away from the sarcophagus. He was approached by a medical expert E. Mandarhanov, and when after some time, he confirmed that the body is intact, I felt great relief and joy. But at the same time felt the burden of responsibility for the destiny of this precious body"for us. Lama was not just externally recognizable, he was diagnosed with elastic skin without any signs of decay, perfectly preserved teeth, hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, at the place were the nose, ears, eyes, fingers, bent all the joints, including the smallest on the fingers. It was a miracle!

In the evening of 10 September, with large crowds of believers sarcophagus was greeted by a Buddhist temple with honors Buddhist hierarchy. Under the reading of prayers and sounds ritual instruments the body was placed in Divin-Dungan. From dawn to sunset lamas and novices daily reading of a special prayer, glorifying the upper force, because they had sent them a miracle.

Meanwhile, on the identification invited Bimbo tsybikova born in 1910, knowing Itigelov. He immediately recognized Itigelov, although Lama has greatly shrunk. The next day, September 11, three leading specialist of the Republican center of forensic issued its verdict: "any foreign aromatic, resinous or putrid smells from the content box and the corpse was not determined. Soft tissue body tight elastic consistence, mobility in joints saved. Hair on the head, nail plates are saved. Body posture when retrieving the last box is saved without any support and fixtures. Any traces, indicating previously produced the opening cavities of the body with the purpose of possible balsamului or conservation, as well as any damage, traces of the past traumas, operations, diseases on the body not found".


For Itigelov decided to build in Ivolginsk datsan the coffin of glass, and then ordered the plant two refrigerators. But the fridge was not needed. Body Lama and without them feel comfortable under the protection of the sarcophagus. From the history Museum of Buryatia Lama returned clothes and sew new robes.

In December 2004, a second survey was attended by head of the Department identification of Russian forensic centre of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Victor Zvyagin. For examination in Moscow Zvyagin were given samples of hair, skin, which is ot?elu?ilas', and slice the nail with legs Lama. According to the forensic examination, the body Hamby Lama on many parameters were impressed with the body of a living person. "For me it was a great surprise when we did infrared spectroscopy tissue samples and found that their composition is not much different from the composition of these same tissues from a living person. No known science artificial ways to maintain this state body like the mummification, mummification, etc. in this case was not applied. No tampering, extraction of brain and internal organs, no pricks, cuts and similar influences we have not found".

How the body was preserved in such good condition? Science still can not explain the nature of this phenomenon. But the answer has Lahm, in their opinion, Pandito Hambo-Lama XII Dorzho managed to keep the body with spiritual practice and meditation. But even among the most skilled Buddhist practitioners achieve incorruptible body is a rare case, literally one in a million. Only the greatest teachers, leaving life can enter a special state of Samadhi. Samadhi is the last level of the art of meditation, closely lead man to Nirvana. Once achieved, the meditator can control his own process of death.

But in this case not every body can remain incorruptible. Knowing Lama's claim that this mercy falls to him who was able to clear the body so that after death it is saved "at its best". Apparently, Dorzho able in this case to achieve perfection.

According to the Dalai Lama Itigelov not yet reached the state of a Buddha, but going after it. And Bogdo the General IX, one of the most prominent hierarchs of Tibetan Buddhism, said that the Lama has gone beyond the limits of samsara, ceasing of rebirth. Meanwhile, people watching the Lama during all these years, claim that he had grown up and had dark hair, and have changed the skin color - in some places it browned, somewhere become Golden. To see this miracle come, literally, from around the globe. To worship Itig?lovu want not only mere mortals, but the mighty of this world.

The Lama came Dmitry Medvedev, Anatoly Chubais, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Rashid Nurgaliev, Yuri Yekhanurov, Sergei Ivanov, Richard Gere and many others. Great-niece Itigelov Anime Vasiliev every visitor issues questionnaire. To the question, what kind of feeling you have experienced with Lama, people say: calm, light, peace, surprise, delight, admiration, hope, inspiration, awe, gratitude, relief soul, ecstasy.

A little biography

Dashi Dorzho itigilov was born in 1852. Nobody knows and will not know who his mother. The Buryats have always been very cautious attitude to the bloodline, remembered and recorded up to 30 generations. However, in the male line, women do not count. The family of famous father, the mother no information. The boy grew up an orphan's case is unique because Buryats all the children left without parents, was brought up by relatives. Boy pas someone else's animals and told what would be Hambo Lama. He was laughed at. One day he came riding a bull with a stake in her hand. At stake was a human skull. About incident it became known lamas, they predicted the child is special fate and glorious destiny. Really, everything was predetermined. A boy, he came to study in Anenskiy datsan, and his teachers were great Buddhist practice. New student datsan issued contents 5 rubles per month. In 1911 Dorzho was appointed the head Lama of clergy of the Eastern Siberia and Transbaikalia. His fame as a great Lama has gradually extended far beyond the Republic of Buryatia.

It was honored by Nicholas II and the Royal family as a physician, and prayer book. In 1903 all his wealth he donated for the construction of the new Duganov in honour of soldiers killed in the Russo-Japanese war. Three hundred ?nga?inskih Cossacks received his blessing, going to the front of the First world war, and none of them is lost, all returned home. Dorzho created Ob?ebur?tskoe society for assistance to the front. Combining 120 religious and secular persons Dorzho collected money for the wounded and their families, organized hospitals, sent lamas in front-line hospitals. On Orthodox Easter 1915 soldiers received parcels from Buddhist Buryatia. After the revolution of 1917 part lamas went to Tibet, another was waiting for arrests and links. Buddhist shrines were destroyed. Many temples were razed to the ground. Dorzho was not going to leave Buryatia under any circumstances, and your last the shelter he wanted to find in their native land. And so it happened.

Vladimir STROGOV
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