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Спираль времениAncient researchers have noted that all life evolves in cycles. Events of this sometimes with remarkable precision copy "the events of long bygone days".

Periodic repetitions, inexplicable from the point of view of normal logic happen in the lives of whole civilizations, and in individual lives. It is coincidence or unknown to us the laws of nature? The answer to this question has not been found yet.

Say - Peter I, implied - Caesar

Perhaps one of the most curious examples of such repetitions in the development of our civilization can be compared to the stories of Ancient Rome and Moscow (also called " Third Rome). The ruler of Ancient Rome Julius Caesar, as you know, was the first to wear the title of "Emperor". The same can be said of Peter I, who for the first time in the history of our country was honored with this title. Famous Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC On this calendar, the new year began on 1 January. Peter I issued a special decree of December 15, 1699 introduced calendar, in which the arrival of the new year was celebrated also on January 1. Created by Caesar in his army headquarters and the introduction of the post of the chief of engineers is duplicated at Peter I the basis of the General staff and engineering troops.

Caesar wrote works on the conduct of hostilities "Notes on the Gallic war" and "Notes about the civil war", and Peter I "Rules of the battle" and "Institution in battle". But even if not to take for comparison a specific facts, the characteristics of individuals and Caesar and Peter the Great will be remarkably similar. They were both great state, political and military figures and reformers and diplomats. Such coincidences are still quite a lot to consider it a coincidence.

Such repetition is traced not only in historical personalities, separated by centuries, but also the whole dynasties. The most famous example is the genealogy of Russian emperors of the Romanov dynasty. The kingship began with Mikhail Romanov, who before the official statement on the reign lived in 1613 in the Ipatiev monastery. Later 305 years in the period when the reign of the dynasty of the family of the last Emperor Nicholas II was also living in the Ipatiev house. And yet - how did the reign of Romanovs from the Prince's murder, murder it was over.

Sinister match

But of course, the bright and classic case of temporary matches are the fates of famous American presidents - Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) and Johnson Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963). The first was elected President in 1860, and the second is exactly 100 years later - in 1960); They were both Democrats fought for civil rights, equality of the white and blacks. That is what both and killed, and the presidents were killed by bullets that came into his head back.

Strange crossing can be traced in the fate of the killers of the presidents - John Booth (killer Lincoln and Lee Harvey Oswald (killer Kennedy) were born in the South of the USA (again with a difference of 100 years), followed extremist views and were killed before their trial. With the irony of fate can be called and the fact that Lincoln was killed at the Ford theatre, and Kennedy in the car "Lincoln", made at the plant of Ford. Both were killed on Friday when a gathering of people and in front of their wives.

Presidents was replaced by Vice-presidents by the name of Johnson natives of the southern United States and the Democrats, the age difference which were all the same 100 years. By the way, is absolutely staggering and duplication in the fate of personal secretaries of dead presidents. Secretary of Lincoln by the name Kennedy advised him not to go to the theatre, which became the scene of the murder, and the Secretary Kennedy named Lincoln urged the President not to go to Dallas, where he was executed the plan of liquidation.

Whether the fact, whether the vision

Many people tried to take regularities strange time trap. The famous Russian poet Velimir Khlebnikov claimed that he was on "the basis of divine vision" brought a cycle, which ostensibly developing in Russia. He said that in the future the country will shake disasters every 12 years. The starting point was taken a year of the first Russian revolution of 1905.

To date his "vision" found themselves proof of the real facts. 1917 socialist revolution, 1929 - famine and collectivization, 1941 - beginning of the great Patriotic war, 1953-th - the death of Stalin, who became a shock for the whole country, 1965-th - the end of the Khrushchev thaw, 1977-th - the adoption of a new Constitution and a slight change in policy of the state, 1989-th - the Berlin wall fell, began the collapse of the USSR.

Another researcher - engineer Mogilev took as a basis of calculation of the so-called Great Indiction duration of 532 years (this is a great cosmic cycle time, which was used by ancient immemorial). An example for the Mogilev was the incident in 1445 in Moscow "zemledus". Adding to this year 532, we will get 1977-St. I.e., the year when Moscow was happened earthquake. According to these calculations, the next "semetrona" we need to expect in 2509.

Scientists from many countries and different directions repeatedly tried to find an explanation for the surprising facts and to calculate the cycle of recurrence. Physicist albert Einstein in contrast to the theory of relativity developed the so-called theory of EPR-effect (named after himself and his closest associates - Podolsky, and Rosen). He tried to explain the phenomenon of repetitions in the atomic world, and concluded that if something happened, you need to wait for a repetition of the incident again. However, confirm the theory has not received, so there is still at the level of suppositions.

The psychiatrist Carl Jung has developed his own theory. In his opinion, "some facts, as if completely random, however, to enter into some kind of logical relationship between them." As the Russian historian, Deputy Director of the Institute for history and archives Alexander Bezborodov, finding a number of mysterious historical periodical of matches, came to the conclusion that this is all coincidence, for which explanations are not available".
Questions without answers

Although the methods of calculation cycles in every scientist had their conclusions different people sometimes coincide. For example, in the V century B.C. Greek philosopher-dialectics Heraclitus of Ephesus cited the figure of cycle 10 800 years. According to him, approximately 11 millennia everything in the world is back to normal.

24 century, i.e. in the XIX century, another philosopher and ideologist of communism Friedrich Engels, concluded on the basis of my own observations. He considered that the duration of existence of a civilization is about 10 thousand years. Both philosopher was called about the same time.

In the XX century biophysicist Alexander Chizhevsky opened periodically occurring in the history bursts of activity and attacks, aggressiveness all peoples of the Earth. His theory is based on periodicity of solar activity. All of them period of activity in 11 years is very close to the cycle of the Oriental calendar, on which the majority of events is repeated after 12 years.

What actually are these incredible patterns? Will reveal whether the person has ever this mystery, even the ancient sages were not able to comprehend this mystery? Probably no need to rush and should listen to their words: "Wiser all time, for it reveals all.

By the way

Not only on earth but also in heaven fixed mysterious phenomena that occur with a strange regularity. In the archives of UFOlogy recorded strange pattern - appearance of the UFO exactly in a day, a week or a year after his previous visit. This is just a short list of the most famous cases: 1913 (Toronto, Canada), 1950 (Kolyma, USSR), 1972 (Taree, Australia), 1977 (New Guinea), 1977 (Huesca Spain), 1986 (Old Poltava, Vologda region), 1996 (Izmir, Turkey)
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