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Загадки параллельного мираJune 5, 1952 in the Yucatan jungle archaeological expedition under the leadership of Alberta RDCs Luara and his three companions made a remarkable discovery. She has conducted research in the area of remarkable monuments of Palenque, which stood in County Chiapas near the famous Mayan village.

The area of the Yucatan is known for its humid and hot climate, because of which, tropical vegetation securely concealed in their jungle temples and pyramids, built by the Maya. This civilization has attracted attention thanks to the genius of its architects. In the beginning of our era it gradually weakened and approximately in the IX century have disappeared entirely, that is, at a time when Europe rules Charlemagne.

One of the most impressive structures Palenque - "Pyramid with inscriptions". It has the form of a truncated pyramid with long stairs in the front. On the top of the pyramid is the great temple. What could serve as such a monument? Thinking over this issue, Luger and his colleagues suggested that the pyramid was built as a tomb for some particularly important persons - ruler or eminent priest.

With this idea, they started looking for some sort of passage or stairs, leading to the inside of the pyramid. And now, 15 June 1952, the expedition discovered a number of staircases that are hidden in this huge structure, which led into the ground. Stair passage was made in accordance with the traditions of the Maya: sloping walls, giving part of the high conical shape and ending narrow ceiling. Interestingly, in the Yucatan Indian huts have the same shape. It is typical for tropical climates, as it allows warm air to rise up, keeping the temperature inside the hut optimal for life.

In the depth of the staircase was a luxury crypt. It was the sarcophagus, indoor ordinary engraved lattice with twelve rods on the one hand and the family on the other. This plate thickness in ten inches weighed about six tons. The creation of the artists of the Maya well preserved, were clearly visible even the smallest details. Archaeologists have not managed to unravel their purpose.

To say that the Mayan civilization disappeared, not inventing even the basic concepts of technology. Some archaeologists doubt that she was aware of the wheel. Meanwhile, drawings on the sarcophagus of Palenque, featuring people, managing complex machine seems emphasizes difficult and vague idea.

From the fact that the lap of the person in question, almost pressed to his chest, and he relies on complex machine from which the blazing flame, some scientists (among them the Russian scientist and writer Alexander Kazantsev) suggested that the Maya were contacts with envoys of advanced civilization that had interplanetary spaceships. It is difficult to find a confirmation of the interpretation Kazantseva, but the only subject, which is known today and which is very similar to figure Maya is a space ship.

We were also intrigued by the demigod, for which such skills were built sarcophagus, the crypt and the pyramid. His body is slightly different from the body of the Maya, as we imagine. This body of men grew in almost six feet (1 m = 0,30480 m), i.e. almost eight inches more, the average growth of the Maya.

According to Pierre Honore', this COFOG was built for the "Great White God" - Kukulkan. Ultimately, the key to this mystery is still not found, and tropical jungles of Central America, where dozens of temples and pyramids still hidden by lush vegetation, has not allowed to solve the mystery paleckova sarcophagus.
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