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Пришельцы среди насKidnapping for obscure (and understand why there?) goals did not begin with flights American fighters of American bases. We already told about the disappearance of one of the battalions of the British Norfolk regiment during the First world war. However, both before and after this happened, the mass of a single abduction, which makes no sense to dwell, as not all of them can be identified. But some failed kidnapping eloquently suggests that the tendency exists, and it is developing.

This primarily concerns the so-called "gray" - aliens with smooth wrinkled Dolphin skin. They communicate among themselves, by the way, Dolphin: clicks, pricakovana and blood...

But the story that has become, in the words of Solomon Shulman, a classic in UFOlogy. Betty and Barney hill (wife: she is white, Barney - Negro) in the night from 19 to 20 September 1961, coming down from Canada to the USA in the city of Portsmouth, new Hampshire, to his home. In the vicinity of Lancaster right in their way in the sky UFO appeared and began to decline to the highway. Several times the couple had stopped the car, and Barney watched an unusual object in the binoculars. Over the hill UFO, first presented them star", ceased to be visible. When the car went up the hill, the couple saw a large aircraft with red lights on the edges.

The unit continued its way over the road, at a very low altitude. Tormozov, Barney again got out of the car and watched the UFO in the binoculars. Soon object hung over the road. And suddenly Barney resolutely went straight to him. Betty loudly tried to dissuade him, but he wasn't listening... Just as suddenly, the man turned and ran for the car. Then, under hypnosis, he said, as if he was frightened by the people who seemed to American in the portholes. Getting behind the wheel, Barney started across the floor and turned and rushed car away from that place. But soon they got a strange sound intermittent signals...

This is the last thing he remembered the couple, not yet subjected to hypnosis. Woke up they grasped what I hear instead alien sounds noise own motor. It turned out that it was only in the Ashlands (about 60 miles from Lancaster). How they got there, nor Barney, neither Betty hill did not remember. On the road at 60 kilometers they spent an extra two hours...

This story was "promoted" to the end. Betty turned to the military. There is a report of major Henderson. But after the first poll conducted Henderson, Betty began to see very preoccupying her dreams, and therefore wrote about this major Dcio. He turned to the well-known astronomer Walter Webb, who in a conversation with Betty found out that she sees every night the same dream that she encounters on the road a group of some people (most likely, humanoids and loses consciousness. And then Betty wakes up inside the unit that brought the humanoids, and sees there with her husband, and both of them subjected to extensive medical examination...

In November, the state Barney suddenly deteriorated. Until 1963 military researchers almost didn't bother spouses. But Barney, who was getting worse and worse came to the clinic, and the doctor Stephens has determined the cause of his illness tested them once nervous shock, which itself Barney had no idea. He was a psychiatrist from Boston Simon. He did not miss a single event from the past life of the spouses, and in February 1964 yet both were subjected regressive hypnosis. After several sessions of hypnosis, which at first failed to identify the causes of stress, finally managed to figure out what happened once on the road the September night 1961 wife hill heard a signal...

It turns out that Barney took the right and stopped the car. Right on highway is really stood a group of "the people". They were in the flow kind of light. Strangers came to the car and made Barney and Betty out of the car. Then the couple by air were unknown way transferred to the ship. There was "medical examination".

Betty inspected the skin, throat, ears, nose. Stuck in the belly of a needle, and it was terribly hurt, but their main ran his hands before the face of the woman, and pain shot. Betty asked why they did it (stuck a needle), and "chef" answered that they conducted a test for pregnancy.

Not without curiosity. At Barney was false teeth. Now "Doc", entered the room where investigated Betty, forced her to open her mouth and tried to extract teeth women. When he failed to do this, the aliens gave almost the Council, for a long time discussing "phenomenon" with teeth. Later earthly Dr. Hynek said jokingly: "Imagine report about the expedition that these guys will present at the scientific Council of the planet. They will do that for black males teeth removable and white females - no".

After "alien" inspection "chef" showed Betty star map and told that mean it points-star and line - "the trade routes". Our Sun lay off the beaten paths of the Universe. However, the point denoting the moon, the stranger did not specify, saying that Betty did not understand stellar cartography.

Under hypnosis Betty reproduced map (very approximately). And when a month and a half spouses for the first time played a tape with their "testimony", they were terribly surprised that said, in real life this information was erased from their memory. Especially surprised Barney...

The doctors were powerless to help Barney hill: in five years, hit his death from a brain hemorrhage. Doctors and other professionals involved in the investigation of the history of the spouses hill, did desirable at the time for military conclusion: everything that showed Betty and Barney under hypnosis, is the fruit of the strongest hallucinations Betty, which occurred due to unknown reasons. A sameness "testimony" spouses due to the ability Betty to convince her husband the same "dreams"Otmetim that explanation scientists on their fantastic does not yield to the question about aliens and as for today it is devoid of any soil.

Moreover, the operator 0214 a regiment of the Strategic bomber force recorded in the night of September 20, 1961 fact surveillance in the specified area of UFOs. This is the first proof of the reality of history. And the second investigation astronomers undertaken on the map, drawn Betty under hypnosis. This detective story, not less interesting, than the incident with Betty and Barney.

Marjorie fish from Ohio found the space of the Universe, from which our site is visible under that view, who portrayed Betty. Was a huge work has been done with the involvement of complex mathematical apparatus. In advance to say, the fish Amateur astronomer, but its investigation and calculation of professional astronomers estimated as very accurate and high-quality work. Professor Walter Mitchell and his students repeated the calculation, already relying on the card itself, and confirmed that it depicts Zeta I and Zeta II constellation time Reticuli.

Indirect, and may be the most direct proof of this is the third fact: the map was drawn Betty hill in 1964, three stars, is depicted on it (catalog number 59, 67 and 86), at that time were not known to astronomers, since opened only in 1969!

on August 13, 1965) was held the kidnapping of two sisters. Three men ("gray", according to the story) not coped with the task, and the girls managed to escape to the machine where they went (Washington). Key aspects of this story is repeated from report to report. Atakebune:

1) amnesia after the kidnapping;

2) forced sexual/medical examination stolen; 3) bald head, narrow mouths, almond-shaped eyes and pointy chins the kidnappers;

4) the circular nature of the ship on which they were abducted and

5) a nervous breakdown.

Often report paradoxical feelings of horror, sadness, proximity and oddities. "They got into me with my loss of consciousness" - says Whitley Streiber in its report about this kidnapping (see below) about their "visitors".

Another well known report refers to the Brazilian farmer Antoniou Vilas-Basu. Earlier, in 1957, late at night, when he was plowing on his tractor in the field, above it appeared red star, grown in egg-shaped object, and gently landed nearby. The tractor engine stalled (in such reports, as already indicated, often reported problems with electricity), four "people" captured him and taken aboard UFOs, undressed, washed and left alone in the room. Entered the little Nude blonde with blue eyes and small lips. Then she had sex with included after her man.

The woman smiled and, having shown first on her belly and then at the sky, was released after his man. After the farmer was allowed to dress, he was taken to another room, where sat the aliens and "go" at each other. Seeing something like a cloak, a farmer tried to pull it in as evidence... Very similar to Betty hill, who tried to steal a book which she saw on the ship. When he failed, he realized that he had no evidence, in addition to his memory.

The report of Streiber about the kidnapping "visitors" in rural upstate new York in December 1985 compares with earlier messages, where this is accused of fairies, demons or angels. He pointed out that such an experience ne Novo, and that these aliens were known under different guises.

Under hypnosis, he told how he was lured out of the house in the "black iron Zagonek", which rose in the air and brought him to the small round room. Here he was subjected to a medical examination, including sexual interference. He informed about the four types of aliens: the first is similar to robots; the second - a squat, sturdy creatures in blue uniforms (like the army), the third - refined, delicate and fragile with rudimentary mouth and nose and hypnotizing black slanted eyes; fourth - bald and small, but with a round, as a black-button eyes. It "examination" was held by the woman of the third type with dense yellow-brown skin. She seemed old, wise and like insect.

Later he tied her large slanted eyes with the image of the Sumerian goddess Ishtar. Streiber argues that these beings were physically "real" and yet somehow rooted in human subconsciousness, affecting perception and leading the soul from the body. They communicated mainly with the aid of symbols and display. He felt that the aliens for a long time occupied the Land and, perhaps, have been associated with the evolution of man. They said that this world is "school" and "make repeated cycles of the development of souls".

Although Streiber and was in a terrible fright, he nevertheless felt that the aliens are equally afraid of us, and his fear was mixed with a thirst for Benia. Rejecting the extraterrestrial hypothesis, Streiber considered following theory:

1) modern modification race "fairies";

2) the spirits of the dead;

3) creation of the collective unconsciousness;

4) from other dimensions;

5) archaic group collective thinking of bugs, which shared with us the Earth and in some sense superior to men, but fear them because of their unpredictability. Perhaps they sought to transform us, or we ourselves unconsciously wish to transform thanks to them. Schreiber says that shocked by this event, he was forced to realize that this kind of phenomenon influenced him since childhood, but the fear he had amnesia, and they remained hidden for "bedspreads memory" until then, have not yet been realized under hypnosis. Whatever lurked behind this incident, it affected him deeply. The feeling of contact or proximity with other types, frightening and at the same time magnificent, permeates the entire recorded folklore of mankind. Certain beliefs common to all times and cultures. One of them - some creatures, kidnap people for sexual Union:

1) to create the highest hybrid race or

2) to ensure the survival by interbreeding. The third category is associated with stories (usually) poets (True Thomas), sorcerer (Merlin) or sacred leaders (king Arthur) about getting into another realm or dimension, where they were not dead, but returned when he meets the needs of race or understand proper ritual.

Faith in hybridization dates back to the biblical book of Genesis, where we read: "the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives" and so were on the Ground giants in those days. The apocryphal book of Enoch, the Bible, the story of how the angels called Observers, entered into a sexual relationship with mankind, describes something like extraterrestrial teachers or colonists "becoming the colonists". Thus, biological compatibility in this case raises more difficult questions.

Hypothesis "survival" can be seen in Celtic fairy tales about fairies, kidnap human children and leaving foundlings. It may be guerrilla tactics. Defeated older race kidnaps children, or seed, to survive, to cultivate their environment race their successors-winners. This seems to be the sexual aspect of the above cases of abduction.

This third category refers to the contemporary stories of abductions carried out by the UFO. Celtic folklore is rich with tales of the babies, kidnapped by the fairies. The fate of Robert kirk, Scottish Minister of the seventeenth century, who wrote the book, "the Secret of the British Community"dedicated to the Kingdom of fairies, its organization and the mind, which it manages, illustrates this theme. Once they found him dead in the settlement of the fairies, but because of the reputation of the person having contact with them, has announced that he is not dead, but simply taken in the Kingdom of fairies where immediately back alive once you complete the necessary ritual. Of course, this did not happen.

Like this Truthful story about Thomas (Thomas Refmac, medieval Scottish poet and a prophet). When Thomas once lying on the Bank HUNTLEY, he saw on "tree Eildon" descended lady. Thomas greeted her as "the Queen of heaven", but she said that she only "Queen of the beautiful country of elves". Although she warned him that he did not kiss her, he still did it. Then she said that he ' must go with her and serve her seven years". She took him on her milky white horse, she took it from "the living earth" through rivers of blood, deserts and "several thousands, several thousands of the night"

"The beautiful country of elves", warning that, if he would say in this country, though the word, it'll never return to their own land. He protested: My language belongs to me. But she told him to calm and, as a consequence: he Wore a robe of cloth of elves And a pair of shoes, green velvet And flew all seven years, When no one was looking.

Note "seven years". For similar stories characteristic relativity of time. Experienced abduction on UFOs or other worlds, it seems that it's only been a few hours, but on his return to the human world, they discover that there was no "seven years" or "a hundred years and day". Amnesia is present in the story of Betty and Barney hill, lost "two hours"in a modern statement such accidents. Come here and old Irish tales of travels in the magical sea. When returning from one of these journeys seafarers warned that they should not set foot on the land they, as it seemed, had left only a few months ago, as it took a whole century.

One of them ignored this warning and stepped ashore, immediately turned into dust. Such instructions on relativity (the relativity of time, affecting the date you receive from the eighth century.

Kidnapping as his describe Schreiber, couple hill and others, not that other, as modern perception, dressed concepts of space travel, UFOs, etc., centuries-old phenomenon, which, be it observed as a fact or as a phenomenon arising from the perception of the collective subconscious of the Universe, more mysterious than the daily experience, and remains "comparable"... But comparable with what? This phenomenon only happens at night and with people who at this time alone. Ghostly horses of the Queen of the fairies was replaced on UFOs.

Abduction lead to lapses of memory, confusion and unexpected meetings with the beings who, whatever their purpose, have never been so unusual, as we wish to be.
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