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Физическое бессмертие – возможно ли оно?At all times people were sure that they measured too little earthly life. It became the reason of intensive work methods, which would help to prolong life or to make a man immortal. Sometimes these methods were terrible and cruel, and it came to cannibalism and sacrifice...

In historical documents there is a lot of evidence that such methods are often used. Thus, in particular, in the ancient Indian epos ' Mahabharata ' we are talking about the juice of some unknown tree, which could prolong the life of 10 thousand years. In ancient Greek Chronicles mentioned about the existence of the tree of life, which returned a young man.

Medieval alchemists in his works described the studies that were searching for a so-called "philosopher's stone"which was able to turn an ordinary metals into gold, and also cured all diseases and granted immortality (it allegedly prepared Golden drink). In bylinas, which existed in Russia, can quite often be found singing "living water"which had the power to resurrect the dead.

In addition, of great interest is the legend of the Holy Grail, the Cup, which was carved from a single emerald and had magical properties. One theory is that the Grail was radiating a magical glow and was able to provide those who defended him, immortality and eternal youth. The very phrase Holy Grail has several interpretations: "Royal blood" (that is, the blood of Jesus Christ)and "Church singing"and "a great vessel, which was mixed water and wine".

Anyway, up until now, neither "philosophical stone"or "tree of life"or "living water"or "Holy Grail" not found. However, this does not stop enthusiasts, and a search of the miraculous potion conferring immortality continue.

Note that some scientific studies have been quite successful in terms of life extension. Thus, in particular, the Soviet doctor, Professor Alexander Bogdanov, in 1926, conducted experiments on rejuvenation. He suggested that if an elderly person to transfer the blood of the young, it can return the youth. The first test was himself, and the first of his study were completed successfully. He poured himself a blood student-Geophysics. Was held on 11 successful transfusions, but then the next was a fatal Professor died. An autopsy showed that he had greater damage to the kidneys, there has been a degeneration of the liver and the heart expansion. Thus, another attempt to restore the youth failed.

So, the conclusion from this is that of immortality and eternal life to achieve the impossible?

The answer to this question is ambiguous, because despite the unsuccessful scientific and medical research, in ordinary life are completely opposite evidence that eternal life is possible. So, for example, on a planet there are places in which people live much longer than in other parts of the world. One of such places is a small town in Kabardino-Balkaria, which is called Althuber. Here, almost by one, people over hundred years. Have a child in the 50 years of age is normal for the area. According to local residents, the reason for their longevity lies in the water from mountain spring water and air. But scientists believe that the reason for the longevity of people in the area is totally different in genetic natural selection, based on the principle of longevity. Each generation has passed the next genes which were responsible for a long life. According to other researchers, the reason is in the mountains which surrounded the village. According to this theory, mountains - a certain similarity of the pyramids, which have the feature to change the physical properties of the objects and substances that are placed in them, thus contributing to the fact that these objects and substances are stored for much longer.

But whatever the theory nor was true, the very fact of existence of such places unique.

In addition to these unique regions, there are people who managed to achieve a kind of immortality. One such person was the head of the Buddhists in Russia Hambo Lama Itigelov, who at his own request, he left the world. He took the Lotus position and plunged in meditation and then it ceased to serve any signs of life. His body was buried by his disciples, however, 75 years later, his grave was uncovered. It was the will of the deceased. When experts saw the body, they were shocked, because the body will have the same appearance as a man died and was buried just a few days ago. Held complete a detailed study of the body, which caused even more of a shock. Body tissue looked as if they belonged to a living person, and with the help of special devices found that his brain active. Such a phenomenon in Buddhism is called "Damac". In this state man can exist for many years, and to reach it is possible by lowering body temperature to zero and low metabolism in the body. So, scientists have shown that the temperature reduction is just two degrees slows down the metabolic processes more than two times. In this case, the resources of the body will consume less, and the duration of life, therefore, will increase.

Currently in modern science are conducted active research possibilities of attaining eternal life. Moreover, in this direction have already achieved certain results. The most promising of these studies is recognized three directions: genetics, stem cells and nanotechnologies.

In addition, the science of immortality, or immortalise (this term was introduced by Dr. of philosophical Sciences Igor Vladimirovich Wysiwym) also has considered several directions, in particular, reduction of body temperature, cryonics (freeze as a way to achieve immortality), Transplantology, cloning (or so-called change of the medium of consciousness).

It should be noted that in Japan as one of the main ways to achieve the spring of life is considered as time reduced body temperature. There were conducted experiments on mice, which proved that the reduction of body temperature by just a few degrees in the end, leads to the increase of life by about 15-20 percent. If the body temperature is reduced by one degree, then the life of a person can be increased by 30-40 years.

In addition, according to the research, scientists have come to conclusion, that one of the means of rejuvenating the human organism are also stem or polypotent cells. The term was introduced in 1908 Amaximum that after the performed experiments concluded that throughout the life of a person in his body remain unchanged undifferentiated universal cells that are able to transform in any tissues and organs. Their education is still in the conception, and they provide a basis for the development of the human body. Scientists have developed the ways of reproduction of polypotent cells in laboratory conditions, but also explored ways of cultivation of various tissues and even organs.

These cells have the ability to stimulate cell regeneration and restoration of practically all the damage in the body. But this does not lead to a complete victory over aging, and is able to provide only short-rejuvenating effect. And the whole problem is that the main role in the aging process belongs to changes that occur in the genome of each person.

Scientists have also found that each human organism there is the so-called biological clock that ticks life time. Such hours are stretches of DNA, consisting of repetitive sequences of nucleotides that are on the tips of chromosomes. These sites are called telomeres. Every time when cell division, they become shorter. When they reach the extremely small size, the cell begins to work the mechanism, which ultimately leads to apoptozu, that is programmed death.

The scientists also found that in the human body there is a special material that can restore the length of telomeres, but the problem is that the substance of this is in the cells of the fetus, and such experiments are prohibited almost everywhere in the world. In addition, this enzyme is also the cancer located in the urogenital system. These cells approved for use in experiments on US territory.

Scientists was installed and a very interesting fact: in cancer cells exist telomerase, a special enzyme that is responsible for building the telomeres. That is why the cancer cells have the ability to divide indefinitely due to permanent restoration of telomeres, and not to resist the aging process. If in perfectly healthy cell to enter the imitation telomerase, this cell will also have all of these characteristics, but at the same time, it will turn into cancer.

In addition, Chinese scientists found that the aging of cells depends on other factors. Thus, in particular, they discovered a gene "P 16', which is also responsible for the process startOia. He also able to exert a certain influence on the growth of telomeres.

Chinese scientists have proved that if you block the development of this gene, cell aging will not, and telomeres will not decrease. But at the moment the problem is that scientists still do not know how to block genes. It is assumed that this will be introduced with the development of nanotechnology.

It should be noted that nanotechnology is a very promising direction of research that can provide people with unlimited possibilities. With their help it will become a reality creation of nanorobots that would have the same dimensions with biological molecules. Scientists suggest that nanorobots, while in the human body, will have the ability to repair damage to cells. They will not only stimulate cell regeneration, but also to remove the so-called slag, that is harmful products formed in the process of metabolism, to neutralize free radicals, which have a devastating effect on the organism, and also to block or enable certain genes. Thus, the human body will be improved and will eventually gain immortality. But it is a matter of the distant future. At the present time there is only one way to keep the body until then, until science will reach the level to correct for changes in the body that are related to ageing and various diseases. This method is cryonics, that is, freezing to a temperature of -196 C (the temperature of liquid nitrogen). It is assumed that in this way the body will be protected against decay until, until science will not be perfect.

Thus, we can say that the studies in the achievement of immortality are quite active, and perhaps in the near future, scientists will find a way to provide people with eternal life.
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