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Слухи об апокалипсисе-2012 вновь были развеяны учёными из НАСАAt least, NASA denied that part of rumors concerning the approximation of the planet Nibiru.

On November 28, NASA experts spoke about the so-called "doomsday 2012", stressing that these rumors are not as innocuous as they entail negative consequences. In particular, they provoke mentally unbalanced people or people experiencing any serious crisis, to commit suicide. Among these is a lot of people and teenagers, who can seriously believe that the end of the world can come December 21, 2012.

Fears and these rumors are based on a false interpretation of the predictions of the Mayan calendar. Actually this date completed one cycle of the ancient calendar, which is called "13th Baktun". Historians and ethnologists, exploring the Mayan culture, suggests that simply Maya in the preparation of the calendar stopped at a random date - could they be endless calendar. They had made and the calendar that they had.

However, some hard fueled rumors that this day or will arrive the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, or there will be a collision of our planet with a mythical planet Nibiru (or will happen, and others).

Scientists from NASA commented on the rumor about the threat that supposedly comes from a wandering planet Nibiru or planet X. They explained to the public that before the collision is still over three weeks, the size of the disk approaching the planet would be impressive, surpassing the observed disk sizes of the moon and Sun.

The argument that the planet Nibiru is allegedly out of phase (that is, it does not occur for the reason that is beyond the Solar disk), the researchers also found it hilarious.

Similarly spoke about this even the head of the group "Kosmopoisk", a UFO, Vadim Chernobrov. He said that all these rumors also believes inventions and ironically joked that, they say, does anyone think that Nibiru is able to pass through the Sun, just to come to the Earth? This is first, and second, now spacecraft, which are used by scientists, allow to observe the events that are beyond the Sun. And besides, can the body to move so that all the time to be relative to the Earth with the Sun, as the Sun and the Earth all the time shift one against the other.

Summing up his speech, NASA officials assured that the only threat to our human civilization in the near future may occur mainly from our own careless actions.
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