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Аномальные зоны в местах посадки НЛОPlace of landing of UFOs are one of the most amazing features of these mysterious objects. Most people deny any reports of UFO landing, as it is not part of their usual understanding of reality. However, almost after each landing on the surface of the earth remain physical traces which are usually quite stable, so that for several months or even years to be subjected to objective scientific research. Such traces are recorded long since practically all over the world and are called "jacks flying saucers".

In favor of the authenticity of the reports of UFO landing on the surface of the Earth can give a lot of arguments. So, witnesses landing unidentified objects are often several people. In addition, reports of landings normally comes from completely healthy people, not prone to hoax and quite credible. A global analysis of all messages shows uniformity, homogeneity of these facts around the world. In the result we have some General picture of events that cannot be explained by the hoax conspiracy cheaters or General insanity.

Foreign sources testify that today already more than 5000 landings of UFOs in different countries - mainly in France, Argentina, the USA, Spain, Canada, England, Australia and Brazil.

The most surprising is that the landing places of the UFO observed anomalous phenomena. Mankind, in all times were interested in these inexplicable, mysterious phenomena that arose as a result of exposure UFO on the ground. Analysis of samples of soil from the places of landings shows that it becomes so dry that it does not sink in the water. In addition, the soil is often so crushed, as if it were subjected to the powerful ultrasonic radiation.

Thus, in November 1972 on the place of landing of UFOs in Kansas therefore Delphos in the soil was to such an extent dehydrated, which is not absorbed water for three months. In addition, the trees and the ring of soil on this place glowed for a few nights in a row. And the people who touched the glowing areas, fingertips lost sensitivity for two weeks. The landing site is the amount of copper in the soil was more than the surrounding countryside 50 times, zinc 200 times. In addition instruments recorded abnormal presence of substances which are not characteristic for these places, in particular tin, manganese, magnesium and green oily volatile liquid that is not on Earth analogues. To install this green liquid and failed.

There have also been cases when flying UFO on the ground fell out long strange thread of white color, which is called "angel hair". Gradually it turned into smelling gelatinous mass, which instantly evaporate. Contact is left stains on his hands and cause itching. This phenomenon was observed in New Zealand, the USA, Italy and France. Examining the "angel hair", scientists in New Zealand have made a conclusion that they are not natural connection.

As the researchers say, on the ground freezes or UFO landing, traces of radioactivity, as a rule, were not found. But sometimes, regardless of the time of exposure were some anomalies planet's magnetic field. This is confirmed by the results of the research expedition that visited the Vologda oblast in the area of Roboter in the summer of 1982. Thus, according to the monastic records in 1663 in the area were observed flying unknown object. Route survey, the expedition with the help of special magnetometric equipment, allowed to reveal abnormal changes of the geomagnetic field in those parts of the trajectory of the object, where he allegedly hung over the earth. Data conversion can be associated with electromagnetic impact hung over the earth of the object in the layers of lake sediments. Due to properties of the so-called "magnetic memory" of the substance of precipitation, traces the impact was preserved for a long time.

Ufologists sometimes even years after the register in such places bioenergy anomalies. This study confirmed the reality of this event, and amazingly high energy saturation of the object.

Such anomalous zones observed at places of landing of UFO quite a lot in different parts of the world. So, one of these zones is Perm ' anomalous zone. Studies in these areas showed the presence of strong dowsing anomalies. There is a luminous balls, big black pieces, and the other bodies that demonstrate intelligent behavior - they followed the members of the expeditions, stood in correct geometric shapes, flew away at the approach of a man, and much more. In addition, in the fall of 1999 in the area quite often observed sound mirages. So, members one of another expeditions very clearly heard the sound of rapidly approaching motor, and not once. "The machine", which publishes such sounds even went into the clearing, but no one saw. Judging by the traces, the machines in this taiga for many months did not exist.

Another famous abnormal area is the Bermuda triangle. The occurrence of anomalies in this area is also associated with unidentified objects, which were observed in the area.

However, to speak confidently about the date and the reasons for the emergence of these and other anomalous zones not to speak. Generally accepted hypotheses that explain the occurrence of anomalous zones, does not exist, it is known only approximate number of them on the Ground. Most scientists do not refer to this issue seriously as a place of landing of UFOs does not fit into the framework of the modern picture of the world and contrary to accepted scientific paradigm. While the issues are much more than answers, which can get will be only provided the organization of complex research at a high level. Only after that, you can get answers to many questions related to UFOs and anomalous zones.
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