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Прошлая жизньNot everyone is given to know who they were in their past incarnation. But sometimes some lucky it is possible...

In the second half of the XX century the scientists of many countries have begun to use hypnosis to treat patients, poluchivshih psychological trauma in childhood or adolescence. The method consisted of the following: immersing of a person into a state of hypnosis, its return on many years ago, wanting to understand the incident in the past strongly injured his mind, influencing the rest of his life. "Lost" with the patient particular painful situation, psychotherapist usually has made great strides in improving the well-being of the ward, and sometimes complete his recovery. This method is called hypnotic regression. It should be noted that it is successfully used today.

From time to time, everything was like thumb: specialist hypnotized patient, he sank into a trance, but never "went" on his birth, And once in the United States incredible thing happened: the patient by the name of John Williams "skipped" in one fell swoop own life, suddenly stepped through time and space and were in their past lives.

Here is the story of this "pioneer", recorded his therapist Rosanna Arkett: "Going to the reception to the doctor, my mind could not come, what exciting and bright impressions have to worry. I will say more: it was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

So, I, as always, made myself comfortable in the armchair, and Roseanne plunged me into the already familiar with from previous visits to the state of deep trance.

Mentally before my eyes flashed some "shots" my life is like a film was scrolled back. I saw mother's death, the marriage of the eldest son, the birth of my children, a University, a private wedding, meeting his future wife, the end of College, our journey with parents on Africa and, finally, the moment when in my early childhood, I nearly drowned in a lake...

...Then came the black darkness, and now I see myself oarsman on the stern some long and narrow boat, in which sits a few people dressed, apparently, very rich, but very light clothes. They are speaking in a strange language, but I understand, about what there is a speech... I look into the distance and see the sparkling tops of the pyramids. No doubt, in front of me Ancient Egypt...

The next time I saw himself sitting on a barrel at the table in the ka-someone in the dark room (a couple of torches that's all lighting). There were three other people, quite unpleasant appearance. One - toothless, the other one-eyed, with a black bandage, third - bald, with a powerful, highly prominent lower jaw forward and a broken nose. "Pirates!" - realized I... the Whole company, including me, playing cards. Apparently, the game was big, because as I have posted before bald his cards, he jumped up, scared of her eyes, pulled from his belt knife and threw herself on me... His knife entered me in the chest to the hilt... I screamed, then everything disappeared...

My next incarnation was a surprise - I turned into a woman-Gypsy. With his Tabor she roamed around the country, very similar to Spain... Like other women from Tabor, my "predecessor", too, wondered the suckers on city squares, sang and danced for money in taverns, and was gathered on the slopes of the mountains, in the forests and meadows of different herbs. Then drying them, was welded and was treated with infusion of his compatriots. But the end and that my life was sad. Somehow the band stayed on the outskirts of the big city. Every day Gypsy went hood, as a job: roamed the streets, wondering gullible people for a piece of cloth or a chicken, or simply begged and stole all, lying is bad. And they were, however, as to the citizens that the city settled the plague. Shortly one after another began to die local residents. Gypsies, not long thinking, shot from a place and moved away from this region while the going's good, but the plague has already made his dashing case: a few women managed to get, among them was the herbalist. A few days later the woman gave up the Ghost..."

When Arquette brought John of trance, it turned out he wandered about in previous lives a little more than half an hour, although the patient thought it took at least two hours. Some time John was in shock, unable to utter a word...

Soon this case was leaked is not only narrow specialists, but also to the wider public. Most scientists were inclined to think that what happened with the Williams - most likely the dream in reality, or even a kind of dream. What John Williams in full confidence stated: "the Picture of what I saw, not like dreams, nor by dreams. I do know: they pop up before me as memories, but nothing to the imagination".

To dot all the "i" experts decided to conduct an experiment. Forty volunteers, mostly students-psychologists have wished to participate in it. The results surpassed all expectations. Most of the subjects, while in the hypnotic regression, like John Williams, was able to move in their past lives. In the end, the researchers were able to bring twelve common features that characterize this condition. Here are just some of them: the experiment participants as one identified himself with one of the characters, the images from previous lives, as a rule, was a vision; regression developed in chronological order; pictures of the past, just like the images present life, improved health subjects, cheered up and helped to get rid of some psychological problems.

However, even after such a large-scale experiment many scientists continued to be skeptical of travel into the past. "We still know very little about your brain, they said. - It is possible that regression is still a figment of human imagination. In favour of this version speaks that fact, that fantasy come to him only in a certain state - during hypnosis".

Anyway, since that time, this question remains open. Sometime specialists will be able to find out, we live on this mortal earth once or lived more lives...

Author: Larva
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and mystic" №23, 2012
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