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ВЫНУЖДЕННАЯ ПОСАДКА В ОКРЕСТНОСТЯХ ФАРМИНГТОНАIn the spring of 1949 in areas HART Canyon, near the town of Farmington, new Mexico, fell (or has made an emergency landing) disc-shaped UFO. That day when that happened, the flight of several UFO above the city, among other numerous witnesses, watched independently from each other, a 30-year hulton, Paisey, at that time head of the shop auto repair shop of the company "Chevrolet", and his 9-year-old son Glenn. And the next day on the front page of the local weekly "Farmington the Hustler", published on Friday, published an article under the headlines: "Catastrophe UFO in HART-Canyon".

The investigation of this case did Linda Howe - American journalist and writer, UFO researcher, researcher mysterious and anomalous phenomena of nature. She met with the Halton and Glenn March 23, 2002 in the library Azteca, a suburb of Farmington, at the conference devoted to the UFO phenomenon and, in particular; events associated with the accident in HART-Canyon, which is just 11 miles North-East from the Azteca.

All family members, Paisey himself hulton, which at that time was already 82 years, his wife Geneva and their 62-year-old son Glenn is well to remember that it happened right on St. Patrick's Day, 17 March. They knew and content sensational article in "the Hustler", which in the evening he read them aloud Geneva. And the appearance of the title of the article is especially remembered for the Glenn, who in the morning, before school, pushed Newspapers, earning pocket money.

Hulton told before appearing in the newspaper reports about the crash of a UFO, he saw in the sky over the city somewhat unusual disc-shaped objects of silver color. "They seem to have played in a dogfight or exercised in the execution of acrobatic tricks, " continued hulton. - I counted them pieces of 5 or 6, they was out on the tiles in the sky for about 10 minutes, and then suddenly sped rapidly in the North-Eastern direction. On the form they were like saucers and plates, so that the one who came up with the name "flying saucers," came to the point. I say this with confidence because I had enough time to consider them, and besides, the "plates" were rolling about in the air as if deliberately wanted to show how they look and up and down, and side - if only to apply these concepts. But most of all I was impressed by their ability to maneuver. They rushed towards each other, and then, when the clash was inevitable, dramatically changed the direction of movement almost at right angles and didn't slow. But anyway I still don't understand how they managed not to face!"

But what I saw and remembered the son of Halton, Glenn, who in the period of investigation has worked in the firm music near the city of Nashville in Tennessee: "I was in the day in school, and when changes we ran outside, "aerial view", spoke of the father, has already ended. We watched this unforgettable show, probably, only 30 to 40 seconds. I remember a few of these shiny discs silver randomly floated in the sky. It seemed that they now face, but at the last moment some of them made a sharp turn to the side at an unbelievable angle, and their crazy dance went on. Then at some point they all gathered in a compact group, and all the "flock", without disturbing the system, has made several breathtaking maneuvers, and then very quickly sped away to the North-East, in the direction of Bloomfield. Their latest evolution in close formation is very reminiscent of the movement, which sometimes make the shoals of fish, when suddenly, all at once, as if on command, they begin to go in the other direction.

And the next day in our local newspaper published an article about the accident UFO heading to the entire band. Early in the morning I passed the subscribers of the newspaper, and they were all stacked so that this header was well visible. In the evening, when we had dinner, mom gave us with the father of this article aloud. It said that yesterday about Azteca, in HART-Canyon fell disc-shaped UFO. In one of the Windows was found a small hole, and inside the UFO was charred corpses of crew members - their growth was only 120 see More in the article it was said that on a place of falling of a mysterious aircraft profits military and people in mufti, they loaded it onto a truck and taken away."

The accident occurred on Thursday, the newspaper came out on Friday, and on Saturday, 19 March 1949, Glenn and his friend, Teddy Brock, sat down together on the horse Glenn, whose name was Nibblz, and went to the place of the accident. There they found on the sand many traces of people and cars, including traces of heavy wheels of the trailer.

During the conference hulton, Glenn and Linda Howe decided to try to search in the library, "the newspaper". This proved to be simple, they immediately gave the microfilm with the release of "Farmington the Hustler" for March 18, 1949. However, on the first page instead of reporting the accident UFO was a completely different article... Linda was discouraged, and hulton and Glenn just don't believe their eyes. All of them puzzled inquiries library staff could not say anything intelligible.

However, beyond these memories Linde How managed to find more evidence of the authenticity of the disaster UFO in HART Canyon in March 1949. From circles of the air force and special services of the USA in due time has leaked information about an emergency landing unusual aircraft close to Estadio Azteca in March 1949. Description of the machine practically coincided with the fact that, according to the stories Glenn, Paisey, he and his parents read 52 years ago on the pages of "Farmington the Hustler" about UFOs, disaster victim in HART-the Canyon.

The first written mention about the Aztec incident, the journalist was found on 9 April 1983 on the List of places of accidents UFO made AFOSI (office of special investigations, U.S. air force). At that moment she worked with newly declassified documents on the air base Kertland in Albuquerque, about 350 km South-East of Farmington. She was allowed to read (without the right to copy) with drafts of the report theses to the President of the USA, which contains a list of operations, organized by the Federal government for search and rescue "unidentified flying vehicles of extraterrestrial origin". In both documents mentioned, in particular, such places accidents UFO, as Aztec, Roswell and Magdalena in the state of new Mexico, Kingman, Arizona, and the territory in Northern Mexico to the South from Laredo.

But the most extensive and informative document that came into the hands of Linda How a few years ago, was "a Report about the catastrophe in Farmington". It included a black and white photo of the UFO made directly at the place of his fall. This report gave Linda, an air force officer, he also helped to run the computer processing of pictures, which allowed clearer to imagine the appearance of a UFO. On a computer version of the image clearly shows that disc-shaped silver device is similar in form to the construction of two huge plates, United top edges, and in its upper part there is a low dome. The report indicated a diameter of 30 meters

The report was prepared by two military UFO on the basis of information received from a former army officer who saw UFO on the place of accident in the HART Canyon and had until 1970 admission to spatariu secret documents relating to the investigation of Yam accidents UFO. This retired officer agreed to the publication of the received information on the condition of privacy, data and place of his service. The report was prepared on behalf of this officer. Following is the text in an abbreviated form.

"During my service at the military base "X" all officers possessing the appropriate form of admission, had access to secret archives. I also had this form of access. Studying stored in the archive documents, I came across a folder with materials about detection crashed extraterrestrial aircraft and evacuate him from the place of the accident along with the lost crew members. In addition to text documents, the main of which is a description of the aircraft, in the folder was his black-and-white photograph taken directly to the site of the crash.

On the photo are clearly visible without any damage to the aircraft-shaped, lying on the ground with a slight slope on the side on sandy soil in the desert. On the ground under the device shows no recesses or superficial damage to the soil, which would indicate an emergency landing or the fall of an aircraft. As far as one can judge by the pictures, the outer casing of the device is made of metal, resembling the appearance of brushed aluminium. About it is said in the description.

The dome is in the upper part of the aircraft is a cabin with portholes, but transparent inserts in them were not made of glass and not from any other known on Earth material. In one of the Windows was a hole diameter of a pencil, and it was the only defect, discovered by external examination system. Attempts to open the window, or at least to increase the diameter of strange holes in it have not given result, although there were used all available tools and methods: from diamond drills and gashowl burner to scrap and sledge hammers.

The body was a construction made as if "one piece". Joints, seams, or any connection to its surface was absent. Traces the door or entrance hatch to find also failed. But since the entry into the cab had to exist, investigators have focused on the mysterious hole in the window, making him and around him in various ways. And after one of them on the surface of the body suddenly saw the doorway. No sound or movement while not occurred. Rectangular region covering suddenly ceased to exist, as if instantly evaporated. Just the same "random" managed to find a way to close this particular door. It was as supernatural follows: opening disappeared instantly and silently, leaving the smooth shell plating behind no trace.

In the cabin were two burnt bodies humanoid beings growth of about 120 cm, and indoors preserved signs of a strong fire. The bodies of the pilots were clad in tight-fitting suits, so that the fire did not damage. Material coveralls was a kind of fabric, possessing, as it turned out, extremely high strength.

The device and the principle of operation of the propulsion system of the device remain (at the time of this report) the subject of study. While experts suggest that the level of technology development in the civilization, to which belong to the lost crew members, allows to use for flights in space energy of magnetic and gravitational fields of the planets. In any case, none of the known ways of transformation of energy in motion does not allow moving object to conduct such exercises, which have repeatedly observed during flights UFO: instant stop without prior reduce the speed with subsequent continuation of the movement immediately at the same speed without acceleration, sharp turn at right angles, not only without reducing speed, but without changing the orientation of the device in space, that is, the transition for the flight "sideways", and more".

The question remains about the causes of the accident aircraft. The version that he could be damaged or downed fighter interceptors, was not confirmed. On the day of the accident no one air defense fighter to intercept UFO over the territory of new Mexico did not take off. However, according to available data, in the place where the accident occurred, there is resentment, or "failure"in the Earth's magnetic field. Currently in North America there are three such areas: in the South-West district of Texas and new Mexico; in the East, in North and South Carolina, as well as in the far North-East of the country. These disturbances are natural formations, and, apparently, piloting them aircraft, similar to the victim of the catastrophe, it was not possible.

However, the attention of ufologists and military specialists were attracted by the fact that exactly one year after the disaster over Farmington, Aztec and HART-Canyon flew a whole Armada of several hundred UFO. Perhaps the aliens were a tribute to fallen colleagues, and perhaps they wanted to demonstrate to us that now their aircraft do not fear the earth's field perturbations of the magnetic and gravitational fields.

About the reasons of power by any means try to hide from people all information about UFOs, you can only guess. Perhaps they fear the outbreak of mass panic among the population. Because this was at one time the reaction of much of the people on the radio play based on the novel by H.G. wells ' war of the worlds".

However, at the time when the survey was conducted and the evacuation of the aircraft in the HART Canyon, over this place several times appeared UFO. Perhaps the enlonavtami wanted to know, whether there was anyone living inside the unit. And no threatening gestures or attempts to cause anyone harm them were observed. But this is an episode, and what are the strategic plans for the earthlings the inhabitants of the worlds, whence arrive UFO, we still do not know.
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