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Физики проверят существование МатрицыPhysics from the USA and Germany proposed experimental check of the fact that we visible us a universe are moderately accurate computer model.

Itself of the simulation hypothesis about which there is a speech, was formulated famous Swedish philosopher-transhumanist Nick Bostrom article of 2003 in the journal Philosophical Quarterly. In it, he leads the argument in favor of the following assertion: if we assume that one day mankind will develop in sverhsekretnye, current state, most likely, is the result of simulation of the evolution of our sirpodoksima. Work Bostrom has repeatedly criticized the Russian philosopher Danila Medvedev wrote a famous article "do we Live in speculation nick Bostrom?").

As part of the new work, scientists came to the so-called issue of the simulation from the point of view of physics. They suggested that the calculation of swargaputri future are held on the basis of quantum chromodynamics on discrete numerical grid with a very small spatial resolution. At present the modeling of this kind is held for areas with a diameter of several femtometre in 0.1 femtometra. According to the calculations of physicists, an area the size of meter to meter with the same steps while maintaining the modern growth of computing power can be modeled through 140 years.

Analysis of scientists showed that, if the universe is a computer simulation, it is in the spectrum of cosmic rays at certain energies should be open. It is noteworthy that such breakage indeed there is a limit Grayzena - Zatsepin - Kuzmin, who is 50 exoelectron. To ensure that this limit was an artifact of computer models, spatial step should be to 11 orders of magnitude smaller than the existing models.

In addition, the distribution of cosmic rays must inherit the symmetry from the grid, where the calculation. As a consequence, for example, if the cubic grid, the distribution must be strongly anisotropic. As such predictions, you can check the existing technical means, the authors do not say.
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