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Тайны царицы СавскойHundreds of legends of the peoples of Africa, Asia and Europe tell us about the mysterious Queen of country Savin. There are lots of her beautiful, clever and rich woman, others show demoness desert of Black Africa. The old Testament describes a visit by the Queen of the wise Solomon; in the New Testament he appears at the last judgment in apocalyptic role of arbiter of justice. Ruled in Ethiopia until 1976 dynasty of negusu led their ancestry from the legendary Queen of Sheba. What is this mysterious person? Mythical image or a historical person?

In many African legends of Makkedah, she mysterious Queen of Sheba, overcomes the complex political situation, mostly mythical. But a few legends about it is spoken of as a real historical figure. Until 1976 it was officially considered the ancestor of the world's most ancient Royal dynasty. Its real (thought to be) the history passes Axumite the Royal tradition of "the Majesty of the Tsars". Axum I to V century was the capital evopeyskogo state, and written in the fourteenth century Ethiopian national epos - the most wonderful creation of the literature of black Africa - born in this ancient metropolis.

The basis exciting epic on the visit of the Queen of Sheba to the biblical king Solomon. Queen - the written beauty, highly intelligent woman. It was headed by the desire to understand the wisdom of Solomon. She took a long and exhausting journey to Solomon in Jerusalem. When she finally arrived to the Palace of the king, the Governor decided to seduce her. Having been refused, Solomon swore that they will not resort to violence, but demanded from her oath that she "will not resort to violence in his house". Solomon gave orders to feed the Queen of dishes that called thirst. But at night when she drank water from standing next to the bed jug, Solomon announced that it has broken the oath acted like a thief, and that he, in turn, does not consider itself bound by an oath, then the power possessed Macedonia. That night, says the epics, he did not sleep and saw a bad dream: "He once saw the shining Sun; it descended from the sky and started to incinerate the rays of Israel, and then rolled out to Ethiopia, where he established forever and began brightly illuminate the earth."

Placing in "the Majesty of the Tsars" the story of the dream of Solomon, the authors tradition successfully transferred historical narrative into policies. Symbolic of the sun represented the son of the Queen of Sheba, Menelik, conceived by king Solomon; she had brought him alone, having moved to Ethiopia. The son of the Queen of Sheba became the first Ethiopian king. Before that, the country was ruled by women only! All Ethiopian rulers later proudly called himself Solomonidina, and their dynasty is not interrupted until 1976, when the last heir, Emperor Haile Selassie, was cast out from his throne. Among the descendants of the Queen of Sheba he held the 225-th place. In the text of Constitution of Ethiopia, adopted in 1955, these claims are defined very clearly: "the Imperial dignity forever is fixed for pedigree of Haile Selassie I, who leads his family from the dynasty of Menelik I, the son of the Queen of Ethiopia, the Queen of Sheba and king Solomon in Jerusalem".

However, the relationship of the Queen of Sheba, the Ethiopian nation is not limited to its role as a progenitor of the dynasty. "The Majesty of the Tsars" says further that Solomon himself subsequently crowned on Ethiopian throne of his own offspring, and their eldest sons of the highest officials and priests were ordered to go into the service of the Ethiopian court. However, the new rulers did not want in a strange land being cut off from the divine emanation which from the time of Moses was embodied in the revered Israel, the Ark of the Covenant. Not long thinking,... they stole this ancient Israeli Shrine and took her in Axum, the ancient residence of the Ethiopian rulers. From this moment, Ethiopia became the "new Israel".

...So, a mysterious figure of the Queen of Sheba, who returned to Africa and gave birth to her son, known in biblical history under the name of Menelik, became a symbol of the black race.

Who was this woman, such an amazing impact on the course of world history? The Bible offers a version that is slightly different from the one proposed by the Majesty of the Tsars". Accompanied by two hundred courtiers the Queen went from his native Sheba in a long journey to the capital of the king of Israel. With him she was taking the most valuable gifts. Having experienced the wisdom of Solomon riddles and satisfied with his answers, the Queen, in turn received luxury gifts, with all nationals returned home. Rape, as well as conceived the child, speech in the Bible is not.

Some difficulties arise when it comes to Dating. Solomon reigned from about 965 on 926 years BC, and the first evidence of the existence of the monarchy of Sheba appear in about 150 years later. But this is nothing said. The Kingdom of Sheba was on the South of the Arabian Peninsula, approximately there where is Northern Yemen. "Much is still hidden under the Sands of the desert, and there are serious assumption that the Palace of the Queen of Sheba may be in the ancient capital city of Marib under a thick layer of debris and sand, " says the British Explorer James Pritchard.

- It is also possible that she rules nomads and had no permanent residence. This is evidenced by the legends of Ancient Arabia, in which the Queen is a Gentile who worshipped the stars and the Sun. And only having met with Solomon, she took God of the Jews. Ancient traffickers of Sheba deity of the moon (he is also worshipped the Queen of a Gentile) was called Almaca. Subsequently, the so-called Queen of Sheba. However, in the Islamic world, it was known as Belkis, and the ruins of the temple of Almaca in Marib from the ancient times was called the temple of Bilkis. Maybe historical science really is dealing with three Queens Macedonia-Almak-Belkis?

According to sacred books of the Jews, and Solomon, who learned about the beauty and richness of the Queen of the South, sent hoopoe, so he led her to the court. In three years the Queen got to the Jewish capital, but the king of the Jews Solomon was disappointed: "the Beauty of thy female, hair - like men, but for women it's a shame!" Jewish legends they continue to say that the feet of the Queen were covered unusually dense vegetation that was considered a sign of demonic origin! The Queen version of the ancient Jews herself seduced Solomon, but only after she had removed with a leg hair magic ointment. Child whom the demon gave Solomon was not who other, as Nebuchadnezzar, tyrant, who destroyed the temple of Solomon and uvedli in Babylon the vast majority of Jews. However, with a history that has nothing to do Nebuchadnezzar rules 400 years after Solomon.

Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, is based on the old Testament, the Queen of Sheba is also known. The visit of the Queen of the Solomon dedicated the 27th Sura of the Qur'an. It is mentioned, and the hoopoe, said that the former pagan believed in one God.

Talking about her hairy legs. In the Arab tradition, it retrieves the name of Bilkis. In the late Muslim narratives, however, says that this evil spirits attributed to the Queen of demonic physical disabilities that Solomon was disappointed in her. But the king himself was convinced in its unique beauty and perfection of Bilkis, which shared the bed and the throne. So in the Islamic world, the Queen became mythical figure symbolizing simultaneously Royal man and the king's mistress.

Bilkis, Lilith, Alymka, Makkedah, the Queen of the South, the Queen of Sheba - as soon as legends say this woman! In the legends of the peoples of the world cannot find a more dark and mysterious personality...

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Special" №8 2012
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