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Крик души и телаSurveys do not reveal any pathology, analyses like a cosmonaut, but the state of health leaves much to be desired: "some legs ache, then the tail falls off," and why is not clear...

Inflammation tricks?

Two hundred years ago no one had suspected that the disease can be caused by psychological reasons. In the middle of the last century the majority of physicians quite skeptical about the theory of psychosomatic medicine. But times have changed: today any citizen heard that diseases are born not on physiological and psycho-emotional level.

Baby can't stand the garden - and a cold every week. "Psychosomatic medicine", - doomed sigh parents. People working at full stretch, making a career, not sparing their strength and health, and at the critical moment it unsettles insidious flu. "Psychosomatics: the body requested the rest," - nodding sympathetically colleagues.

We know and understand everything, but we continue to hurt. Why?

Yes all for the same: not able to be treated. And it's not in tablets and injections. Suppose that the most ambitious propyl antibiotics and vitamins, stand on legs, will return to work - but it patched immunity will last only until the next labour feat.

Recommendations from the series "take care of yourself", "not perenapravit" unlikely to be effective. Because man does not want to be ill, I'm sure that does everything right, and the reason of frequent illnesses are not clear to him or to the doctors, nor, especially, understanding and well-wishers. Although they certainly believe otherwise.

Let's be honest, most of us belongs to psychosomatic diseases as something not serious. No, of course, we do not consider such patients simulators. It is seen that people are not lying, they really feel bad. But is it not because we want to? Deep down, subconsciously, that is not important. And if they are "satisfied" a disease, so they are able to recover. You just want, isn't it?

Not so. More precisely, not absolutely so. The disease, indeed, can be advantageous, but, first, not always, and secondly, this benefit rarely understood by the patients: at a conscious level we all wish our own goodness. For example, baby, who do not like to go to kindergarten, and therefore hurts. You, however, think that he's doing this on purpose? Of course, the link between frequent colds and hope to stay home with my mother there, and for us it is obvious. But not for the child.

Another example. The girl is suffering from overweight. Diet and exercise special result does not give, endocrine disorders doctors could not find. Why the extra weight does not surrender? Perhaps the girl is afraid of serious relations and not to attract the attention of men, "hiding" behind their weight. Or it is convenient to explain their failures unattractive appearance. The reasons may be different, but I assure you: if a girl they knew, she'd long ago lost. Or, at least, stopped to pace yourself by counting calories.

Won't argue: sometimes we almost consciously programmed himself to the disease. For example, if you are tired of working days and found myself thinking about what a pair of extracurricular output you would not damage, do not hesitate: "saving" cold will not keep you waiting. You will receive your legal holiday, the body will recover - and in the end all will be well.

Or, for example, a woman not long ago has a tender feelings for her husband, but continues to live with him under one roof, because he is a good father, a friend, a comrade, a breadwinner and other. Only go to bed with the "friend" doesn't want to. What makes the subconscious of this lady? Provides it "alibi" - nightly migraine or problems on gynecology...

Here the situation is more difficult. Elderly people suffer from loneliness, spare himself, deep down, believing that only severe illness will cause relatives to pay attention to him - and thus provokes hypertension stroke or heart attack. To blame the old man in the manipulation of pointless: surely he would prefer to be healthy and happy if he knew how.

So, friends, psychosomatics is a serious thing. Even if it seems that the cause of the disease is on the surface, without the help of experts be very difficult.

Psychology disease

More often of no benefit to say no, but this does not mean that the roots of the disease purely physiological. According to recent studies, about 90% of illnesses are psychosomatic nature. In other words, initially the disease is born on a psychological level, and only then is manifested physically. Internal conflicts (often unconscious), repressed emotions, fears, stress, self-limitation - all this sooner or later leads to serious diseases: allergies to Oncology.

The mechanism of transformation of the internal conflict in the disease was described by Freud (and here without him was not!). If you do not delve into the theory, everything looks the following way. For example, a person has a need for same-sex sexual relations. Or he is deeply hoped to get rich by stealing a million. Or secret dreams throw everything: work, home, family and become a hermit. From the standpoint of reason such dreams absurd, ridiculous, or they are strictly forbidden, so they don't even realized. People don't understand what he wants, concerned, discomfort to for as long as a psychological problem, not turning into physical illness. And then the internal voltage disappears (or at least weaken, the person switches to more urgent and specific tasks: visits to doctors, pills, and procedures. And so on to infinity.

Freud (followed by most other professionals) believed that every disease, their psychological reasons. So, blurred vision or hearing, he connected with unwillingness to see or hear anyone. Diseases of sexual sphere often explains sexual complexes and low self-esteem. Hypotension proves insecurity, diseases of liver - about a depressed smoldering anger or resentment. Alas, the list can be continued endlessly.

Remember the saying: "all diseases of the nerves and only one pleasure"? The statement, frankly, controversial. First, every schoolboy knows that not one disease is transmitted sexually. And secondly, they too from nerves. Surprised? Let me explain.

These days, many people change partners such as gloves, and no problem, feel great. It is not only in skilled protection. Just people find free sex is the norm, and no remorse because of the variability of his nature not have. If a person starts an affair on the side and it is burned with shame, tormented by guilt, accuses himself of all mortal sins, be sure that soon he will bring his lawful half a lush bouquet of sexually transmitted diseases. However, no "left" adventures may not be. It is enough to have a subconscious install from a series "sex " it is scandalous," and then no contraception does not protect against diseases of sexual sphere. For the same reason, gynecological and urological problems arise among the virgins. So to protect themselves, of course, necessary, but also about the psychological protection should not be forgotten.

Double impact

How to treat psychosomatic? I think you already agree that one at will ailment not overcome. Of course, if it is a banal cold, rush to the reception to the psychologist is not necessary. Surely you yourself have noticed: when you want to quickly recover when there is no desire to prolong hospital, and recovery is quicker. But if the disease is chronic, chronic if, despite regular courses of treatment, she doesn't give up, help of the therapist will prove invaluable.

Today, many experts are sure that if eliminate psychological roots of the disease, physical symptoms disappear by themselves, without any medication. And such examples are numerous! But I still think it is more reasonable to refuse medical treatment. Let psychologists heal the soul, and the doctor body. A comprehensive approach is always better.

Egor FILIN, psychologist
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