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Соединение прервано.Жители большинства штатов подписали петиции за выход из состава СШАResidents for over thirty American States voted to secede from the USA. Addressed to the government of the petition on the independence posted on the website We The People program, established last year by the Obama administration.


Basically separatist moods are present in the States that voted in the presidential election for the mit Romney. Thus, the traditional stronghold of the Republicans Texas now leads with the register of petitions by the number of voters is peacefully secede from the U.S. and to create its own government want more than 70 thousand local residents. On the second place - Louisiana and almost 30 thousand voters, on the third - Florida, followed by Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina.

The authors of the majority of petitions refer to the Declaration of independence, in which the founding fathers of the USA declare that, "whenever any form of government becomes destructive, people have the right to alter or to abolish it, and to Institute new government".

The concept of We The People implies that all citizens, who scored more than 25 thousand votes, will be considered. The analogue of such a program created on the initiative of Dmitry Medvedev, and in Russia - only here for the government drew on the initiative of their attention, support is required not less than 100 thousand signatories.

Press Secretary of the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has already been forced to declare that the "believes in the greatness of our Union, and nothing should be done to change it". "But he also shared the frustration of many Americans in the Federal government" - said Catherine Fraser.

The visitors of the American Internet forums, apparently, welcomed the desire of some citizens to give up citizenship. "Goodbye, Texas", "Maybe, let us rebuild the wall?", "We will see what they can without Federal funding" and even "I am for the separation of people with low IQ," they write. Meanwhile on the website We The People gaining votes another petition with an appeal to deport from the country of all who vote for separation of States.


The White House website was covered with petitions, which increased to 31 state, moving to the Department. The first motion, came from Louisiana on the day after Obama's re-election, and since then a "chorus" of other States announced their grievances.

Now, the White house said that according to the program rules "We, the people", when 25,000 people sign the petition to 7 December, the answer must be issued. Literally a few days after the filing of the petition, this number was reached by the petitions from Texas and Louisiana. From Texas had accumulated more than 60,000 signatures.

The following are also close to achieving the required number of signatures:

South Carolina, 13888
Arkansas, 13207

Gogia, 17807
Tennessee, 17, 356
Colorado, 13171
Alabama, 17897
Florida, 19135
North Carolina, 16794 (Source)

Will the White house to answer or ignore the will of the people, as he usually does with the issues that are most important? One resident of Florida became a national news, a former soldier of the Navy, Philippe Hazel (Hoezel), which turned its flag upside down as a protest on the Day of veterans.

Neighbors scolded him for blasphemy, and that he "offends the feelings of many," as naval he ought to know, what's the gist, this traditional sign - it refers to a ship at the last minute heavy disasters, before it sinks - the ship of state, for example. This is a form of peaceful protest, which increases the number. And this promotion is just a symbol, as these petitions.

You can find all open petition here, along with updated rooms.

Several hundreds of thousands of Americans have signed a petition on the release of their state from the country. It happened after the re-election of the President of the United States of Democrat Barack Obama. Naturally, the majority of complaints were filed by residents of those States, where the preponderance of the vote was in favor of the Republican candidate MITT Romney.

Petition posted on the official website of the White house. The details of the correspondent of "Vesti FM" Sergey Tkachuk.

Petition posted on the White house website in the section entitled "We the people", in which anyone can write their application. The Complainants recall that the Declaration of independence, the founding fathers of the USA declares that "whenever any form of government becomes destructive, people have the right to alter or to abolish it, and to Institute new government". The most active residents of Texas from them has received more than 25 thousand signatures. This automatically means that the White house should give an official response to the petition. That Texans were among the leaders, it is not surprising, says the political scientist Nikolai Zlobin.

"Texas has always been such a stable stronghold of the Republicans and Obama was always there unloved by the President. And Texas acutely perceives any attempts of the Federal government to encroach on the rights of the state. Obama in this sense is very strong irritant, because his plan for the reform of medical insurance is strongly, according to many Americans, undermine the rights of the state and the choice of people and gives the Federal government an extra tool of pressure on citizens. Well, they don't like it".

In turn the analyst-American specialist Faith Krasheninnikov saw in such protest statements and racist tone.

"It is most likely behind this movement "Tea party", consisting of ultra-right Republicans, who are dissatisfied with first of all budget expenditures. But in fact, this is also a hidden racism. These people are not able to speak openly against black President, but they, of course, very difficult to accept President Obama".

By the way, before the previous elections, 12% of Americans believed that Obama actually is a Muslim and sent the Islamic world to destroy the United States. Most, of course, does not think so, and certainly not going to ruin the country, said the President of the Politika Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov.

"Of course, nobody perceives applications of citizens of certain States in the USA. Because, of course, in America there are no politicians who really advocate the collapse of their own state. This perspective, which in some foreseeable future, simply impossible."

Moreover, the U.S. Constitution does not provide for the procedure of release of any state from the country, reminiscent of the political scientist Nikolai Zlobin.

"In fact, standards no, no. The Constitution does not describe the procedure of exit, and no legal forms of secession from the United States. The founding fathers were not considered this option. Therefore, the legislative base for it. It may be worthwhile to develop it. But since it never reached the serious any desire to secede from the USA, such a task is almost never and will not stand."

The first and last time from the USA wanted to get out a few States in 1861, which led to civil war. Then elected President Abraham Lincoln popularly explained the rebels, what is the Declaration of independence and the Constitution of the United States.
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