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Кто скрывает правду об НЛО?Ufologists around the world have repeatedly accused the government and special services of the great powers in seeking to hide from the public the truth about the contacts with extraterrestrial intelligence. In this connection, one can recall the mysterious catastrophe in Roselle (USA) in the summer of 1947, or rumors about the fall of the UFO in the Urals in the late 60-ies. In all such cases, the government stated that no alien in the land was not, and enthusiasts, who tried to conduct its own investigation had serious trouble with the FBI, KGB, and similar organizations.

Even the UN is powerless

In 1980, the international organization of ufologists ICOUPON issued a Memorandum stating the need for a world-wide Agency for space Affairs to perform the following tasks: implementation of the international monitoring and surveillance of UFO in the world; find ways of establishing contacts with the forces guiding the activities of UFOs; preventing any hostile actions against the UFOs by the armed forces of the countries - participants of the Agency; the use of discoveries resulting from contacts with UFOs, to accelerate progress and improvement of life in all countries. In the Memorandum cited various examples of actions of the government bodies of the USA, aimed at concealment, and concealment from the public data on the issue of UFOs.

The head of ICOUPON background Kawicki in 1988 compiled and distributed among representatives of all States members of the United Nations new Memorandum containing 350 declassified documents describing 140 classic cases of UFOs. This Memorandum consists of four parts: A syndrome potential danger UFO; - military plans for armed defense against extraterrestrial invaders (UFO); - undeclared war against UFO - galactic forces; D - the road to the star of the war and the question of survival. Repeated attempts were undertaken to study the UFO in the framework of the United Nations, as some leaders of the UN treat this problem seriously enough. The first attempt to organize an international study of this phenomenon was made in 1966. UN Secretary-General U Thant. But the then US representative to the UN Goldberg took vigorous measures to prevent it, and assured Utena that the United States will conduct an impartial scientific study of the UFO problem.

About the relation U Thant to UFOs can be judged according to his statement made on 5 July 1967: "the Most important problem that should we care, in addition to the Vietnam war, is flying saucers or UFOs". When in 1970 the West German researcher UFO Jacobi asked Tana, is it true that extraterrestrial UFO pilots established contacts with governments, and that all these facts and the reasons for them are kept in secret, he said, "There are things that I cannot and have no right to speak". The question about the actions of spacecraft earthly powers during encounters with UFOs were touched upon at the meeting of the UN in 1971

In the speech of the representative of Uganda, Ibingira, which expressed concern over the dangerous consequences that would be careless actions of the crews of the earth spacecraft during encounters with unidentified objects. He said, "We must be sure that the earth spaceship not behave in a hostile when a chance meeting with the spacecraft or the object of unknown origin. For the guilt of an unknown object that caused damage to one of the States of the Earth, will be insignificant compared to the culpability of the state, whose actions will provoke aggression from the side of the unknown space of the source in relation to the entire planet.

I, therefore, propose to include in the draft Convention paragraph, obliging States to manage their space objects so that they, in case of meeting with unknown objects was expressed by the wisdom in their behavior, not resisted these objects and not provoke them". This proposal was also blocked by representatives of the great powers, with the right of veto in the UN Security Council.

The official science against UFOlogy

The American leadership over many decades have made persistent efforts to prevent international study of the UFO problem. So, still not published official reports about several disasters "flying saucers"that took place in the USA in the late 40's. moreover, government-controlled scientific organizations have repeatedly published reports, which alleged that all such cases are quite earthly origin. According to CUFON, this can be explained only by the desire of the USA to belittle the significance of this problem in the eyes of other countries in order to gain a monopoly in this field. A similar situation exists in England, where a special branch of the British air Ministry, who studied UFOs, back in 1959 gathered more than 45,000 reports, notes, and images relating to UFOs.

While all military and the scientists was strictly forbidden to talk openly about UFO sightings. The study of all received messages about UFOs in the British Ministry of defence has an experienced team of employees that have access to any information at the disposal of the military Department.

However, the full reports of UFOs in accordance with the existing provisions may be published only after 30 years. If such strictness is entered in the democratic countries of the West, then it is easy to imagine the secrecy surrounding the UFO problem in the USSR. The first Soviet UFO began to collect materials on this topic in the late 50-ies, and in January 1961, academician Martinovic to "True" violently attacked "irresponsible individuals"making propaganda UFO, bringing the founder of the Soviet UFO Fomin was excluded from society "Knowledge", and work on the study of UFOs in the USSR ceased for several years. In 1967, after the many statements of flight personnel Aeroflot meetings aircraft with uncontrolled dispatch service unidentified flying objects, the Minister of civil aviation Loginov instructed to report any such meeting.

In October of the same year when DOSAAF Department was created on UFOs. However, after a month of the Central Committee DOSAAF adopted a decree on the dissolution of the Department for the study of UFOs, and in December the Department of General and applied physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, headed by academician Artsimovich, ruled condemned the study of UFOs in the USSR, declaring his anti-scientific sensation. In February 1968 to "True" appeared devastating article under the title "Again flying saucers"signed by the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences E. Musalem, Professor A. Martynov and Century Laskoviy in which the UFO problem was called myth and speculation, and people related to it seriously, was announced "ignorant in science".

That hide ufologists?

Disadvantaged situation among ufologists. Recently Anton anfalov, coordinator UFO Association of Ukraine (OKUPAS), went to the press with the sensational letter, entitled "the Truth about UFOs is hidden not only military but also ufologists!!!" According to anfalov, known facts indicate widespread concealment of the truth in Russia about UFOs and irrefutable evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. And this takes place under the auspices of the military-industrial complex and scientific elite. The main culprit of this anfalov calls Professor Uguraju, President of the "UFOlogy and bio-energy-informatic" the International Informatization Academy. Few people know how and where to begin Azhazha his UFO career, being at that time the captain of the second rank in the Northern fleet.

Perhaps, in that period it has gained wide support of the military and state security. on 11 November 1976, he made a report in section undersea research Oceanographic Commission of the USSR as. At the same time Azhazha visits the science Department of the CPSU Central Committee, and the management control over outer space defense Ministry and personally Deputy Minister of defense, where a detailed report on UFOs. But that he was able to learn about the anomalous phenomena (AYA - the official Soviet name UFO) in high offices Azhazha silent and still. In December of the same year he became the scientific head of the research work (SRW) "Hydrospheric aspect of the UFO problem", curated... intelligence Directorate of the General staff of the Navy (the Department widely known GRU or "Aquarium", i.e. Chief of intelligence of the General staff).

These works were later concentrated in the military unit 62728 in St. Petersburg. 15 July 1977 Azhazha presented to the customer the first stage of research "guidelines for the organization of observations of friends in the Navy" (ex. N 13037/6-SLEEP). October 7, 1977, these instructions were introduced by the order of Deputy chief of the main staff of the Navy, Admiral P. Nevojave. Later the same instructions were developed and adopted for the Soviet Army, where the information came in in/h 67947 (g Mytishchi), signed by Colonel P. Pokrovsky. Along with the significant contribution of Agai in the development of UFOlogy in the period 1989-1990, his attitude suddenly changed: from an ardent adherent of extraterrestrial hypothesis UFO he becomes... ardent her denier, confidently asserting: "UFOs are not aliens!" The issue of UFOs in the public eye it turns into something ephemeral-many faces under vague definition:"local materialization of the essence of the absolute through parallel worlds", borrowing not less vague ideas of foreign colleagues, in particular Jacques Vallee.

The Valle, who once worked closely with the CIA consultant Professor j. A. Xthe aineck. Surprisingly, Azhazha, previously cover listeners information about disasters UFO and alien corpses, demonstrating photo captured UFOs and humanoids in the hangars, suddenly publicly and fairly inconclusive, despite the evidence that debunks the catastrophe UFO in Roswell, the reality of which is no doubt at all serious researchers. In 1992 Azhazha visited the Museum of Roswell, and in the same year (in the US) he meets the American ufologists, among whom was Phil Class. As is clear from available documents, Phil Class since 1973 he is a CIA agent, his task is debunking of UFO sightings. Extraterrestrial hypothesis is beginning to mean Ajaja as oversimplification "opprimetevi", which imposes a significant imprint on the whole approach to research problems UFO and dissent. So, the opinion of Agai changed, but somehow it was still match official?!

But that is hidden in military unit 73790 in Getcore (at the landfill "Kapustin Yar") and in Odintsovo (Moscow region), Azhazha keeps silence. As that disaster UFO took place - reliable cases 1959 in Poland, 1974 under Donetsk, 1978 in Kazakhstan, 1979, in the Urals, 1984, on the Kola Peninsula, 1987 near Vyborg and Monchegorsk, 1989 in the Perm region. There are many compelling physical evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations. As corpses alien studied in Moscow and near Semipalatinsk. As a leading UFO country, Azhazha with its relations could not be unaware of it, and at least partially, some of the facts for sure he knew. But, apparently, he deliberately concealed. Another interesting coincidence. In the end of 1991 on the pages of the press under the auspices of the UFO center Agai turned discrediting information about the alleged in 1983 disaster UFO in the North Caucasus, according to the group Fionapaloma and V.P. Kostrykina from Nalchik.

Then it was back to the history eight years ago on the basis of the old Polish props? And here is why. As admitted in 1995, a senior Ukrainian military, the head of the Main hydrometeorological center Ukrainian defense Ministry Colonel Yevloev, in 1991 under the town Cool fighter was shot down UFOs, inside of which were discovered the bodies of two beings, and the third was alive. All the materials and apparatus took on an external suspension of the Mi-26 helicopter in the/h 73790 in Zhitkur. The role of the cover of this operation and played company of Agai the refutation disasters UFO. Kalicinska group of ufologists after that, all was closed, and he Konovalov after its publications about hiding the UFO in Russia... went missing in 1997.

Maybe he got too close to the dangerous truth about the disaster UFO in Kabardino-Balkaria? The answer probably lies in the fact that, in addition to the search for truth, for ufologists equally important is purely selfish side of mass demonstrations and publications about UFOs. Scientific ethics are not taken into account. If in science falsification of results is "a mortal sin" and there are only isolated cases of such "sins" in its history (they all known), in UFOlogy there are thousands and tens of thousands "pseudomallei"issued for reality. Built theory based on the alleged facts without any responsibility for their accuracy. Beyond its immediate interests, fake UFO researchers make serious scientific problem in the farce that causes significant harm to the scientific research of problems of cosmic civilizations.

However, myths and stories, especially when they "caress hearing", is loved not only by children, so UFOlogy will always have a large number of admirers; but society should know that such legends under certain conditions can become painful hallucinations.
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