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Конструкция летательных аппаратов и роль 115-го элемента1. The reactor is a Source of energy alien aircraft, hereinafter referred to as LT is compact reactor, based on the radioactive decay of the element 115 and the allocation of this antimatter. The reactor consists of a sphere with a diameter of 30 - 40 see As can be seen from Fig. 1, the reactor consists of several layers surrounding the inner cavity. These shells, most likely, are the system of cooling and protection of the reactor. The first (internal) shell can contain the shield generators, the purpose of which is to prevent degradation products to the chamber walls. The second (middle) the shell is a set of cavities with circulating coolant. The need for cooling, probably due to the fact that some part of the decay products is a stream of photons passing through a field that holds other particles. Finally the third shell is a robust housing of a reactor. Rods dark colors are emitters of neutrons required to maintain the decay reaction element 115 and the allocation of antimatter.

2. Energy storage
After the collapse of element 115 when irradiated by neutrons formed a certain amount of antimatter, which is transported via the channel tunnel in a special chamber, where the annihilation in gas environment, and the energy released in the form of a stream of photons absorbed "refractory crystal - energopomiar", which, apparently, is a photo-, thermo - electrical Converter with an efficiency close to 100%. Terrestrial analogue of this device is isotope generator.

3. Propulsion
This device is a source movement LT. Based on available data it can be assumed that it is a power+ emitter of gravitational waves. According to article physics B. Lazare source of weak waves of gravity is still the same element 115, and other equipment picks up and amplifies these waves, as the earth radios. On LT installed three emitter (under 1200 in the horizontal plane), acting independently from each other. It is connected with the regime of flight:
1. Movement near the surface of the planet - included 1 emitter. Mode "OMICRON".
2. The movement in the stratosphere - included 2 emitter.
3. Exit and movement in space - enabled 3 emitter. Mode Delta".
It is not difficult to see what additional heaters are included in the work by weakening the external gravitational field (for example, fields massive celestial body). The effect of emitters is "collapse" of space near LT. For a more precise explanation of the principle of the movement LT lack of data. Unclear is the question - how is the direction? It can be assumed that the emitters are turning in their anchorages (spherical camera).
In LTL this design radiators are implemented in full - swing. Probably when turning the radiator is "popping" LT in the direction opposite to the rotation. The disadvantage of the system of emitters is a strong electromagnetic radiation (in the microwave range, which extends down and to the side from LT, affecting the environment. Its action can be judged by these facts: the cessation of internal combustion engines (except for diesel), disturbance in the operation of the appliances when passing near LT, "burns" on the trees and the grass, and, worst of all, radiation burns, to get people entering the field of action of radiation. So it is to ensure the normal functioning of LT and for the crew needs protection from electromagnetic radiation.

4. Blocks DLC-protection
DLC - life-support system. Blocks DLC form a ring consisting of parallelepipeds and located under the pilot cabin or under residential volume LT. Task blocks DLC is to protect the crew and some nodes LT from microwave radiation, and the acceleration in the evolution of LT. According to a large number of observations, LT able in a very short amount of time (a few seconds) to dial a supersonic speed of the provisions "hang", stop immediately or make sharp turns (for example, at a right angle) at high speed. In such evolutions occur giant acceleration, therefore, without the protection of the crew and passengers LTL have "scrape from the walls" apparatus. To explain the principle of action and devices blocks DLC is not enough data.

5. Power winding
On one of the schemes LT power winding marked as "transmission and power winding channels cables". It is difficult to say something definite about the purpose of this adjustment. This can be unit for flight control LT (the direction of flight, change of height, rotation), the unit for the creation of around LTL plasma membrane unit to create a protective field or part of the cooling system of the reactor and the various nodes LT. Not clear cables: power cables and wires, hollow tube.

6. Other units and units
These include: remote control, chair of the crew, the view, photon emitters, neutralizers in the decompression chamber, the signal fire, planting of support.

Remote control
Remote management integrated lights on liquid crystals. Management LT myslidename from the helmet and body sensors.
Now in the 5th generation aircraft is widely used method of displaying information on the built-in computer monitors, electron beam or LCD.
Commands from the pilot to LTL may be carried out by the method of directed thought. Now this method is feasible: the developed method, in which the skull of a man implanted sensor is supplied with a piece of brain tissue, the gold electrode and recording the electric potentials of the brain. Data are processed by computer, which takes the commands man to the actuators.
Feedback from external sensors and with a view to pilot) can be done in 2 ways: either directly into the brain of the pilot (i.e. it as it becomes apparatus and feel the surrounding space with the help of external sensors mounted on the housing LT), or information about the state of the LT and the surrounding space is served on the screens of remote control and visual - on the screens of the review.

The crew seats
Anti-g is isomorphic to the chair of the pilot. Little understanding of what overload can be in LT, protected from surges of gravity. It is likely that the chair automatically changes the height and adapts to the shape of its being.

The view
The screens are monitors (probably LCD), which is passed with external "chambersimage of the surrounding space. As such portholes the flying apparatus no.

Photon emitters
Belt photon emitters around the body LT (auxiliary engines).
I think emitters depending on the mode of operation can serve as additional engines (for example, to ensure maneuvers) or as a combat system.

Converters are caisson chamber (gateway) and are likely for air purification from harmful bacteria and the like falling in caisson with the atmosphere of the planet. This operation can be performed as radiation, harmful for aliens and lethal to bacteria and viruses, and filling caisson neutralizing gas.

Signal fire
Flashing fire and flood. The first serves as an authentication fire, the second - as a spotlight to illuminate the area.

Boarding support
Automatically adjustable planting bearing depending on the terrain. Container supports drowned in the case. The scheme tricycle, forming an equilateral triangle.

The ability UFO disappearance

One of the unusual properties of UFOs is their ability to disappear, becoming invisible to the human eye, and also suddenly appear. There are a number of cases, when clearly visible objects in front of witnesses suddenly vanished or disappeared in one place, and suddenly appeared in another.
In June 1966, about farm in Avarone (France) appeared three ball of fire flying across the field To the farm. One of these balls hung in 15 m from. the house and hung motionless for 3 minutes, then suddenly disappeared, and after a few seconds appeared again a few hundred meters from the house. Such instantaneous movement continued for some time.
To print a case that occurred near the city of Mulhouse (France), where three young men saw orange-red ball with a diameter of 50 m down to earth by zigzag trajectory and landed in a clearing in 300 m from eyewitnesses. But when they went to the ball, he immediately disappeared.
In our country, in July 1979 on the road from Chrysostom to Beloretsk three witnesses, who was riding in the car, saw the approaching from behind a ball of fire in size with a two-storey house. They looked at him for 2 minutes, after which the ball suddenly disappeared, and after 2-3 minutes, appeared again, but already ahead of the car, and still hovered for a while, and then suddenly disappeared. Along with this has been repeatedly observed cases when the UFO before the eyes of eyewitnesses suddenly appeared as if from nowhere.
In April 1954, near Dartmouth in South Devon, England) before an officer Cthis year Brighton suddenly, as if from the air, there was a large oval object, Pariisi at a height of 1 m above the ground.
In another case, on Damanskom channel (USA) in front of two firefighters, fishing, suddenly, as if out of nowhere, appeared round glowing object with a diameter of 4.5 m Hanging on the height of 20-25 m, he then escorted their boat during 3 km.
At first, attempts were made to explain these properties UFO peculiarities of their kinematics. It was assumed that these objects suddenly disappear from view because of the fact that scuttled away with great speed. And their sudden appearance was due to arrive with the same blazing speed and instant stopping. The following example to some extent confirms the possibility of such assumptions.
In June 1968 in DAX (France) spouses J., who was riding in a car with a speed of 110 km/h, suddenly saw before him in the middle of the dark hemispherical object with a red flashing light. They slowed sharply - collision seemed inevitable, and as it drove this object through, nothing felt. Apparently, at the last moment he really lightning darted off and disappeared. The traces found then the landing site, and confirmed that it was not a Mirage.
The fact that spouses J. continued to see the object until the very last moment and did not see him take off, can be explained by two circumstances:
first, the fact that the human eye does not have time to register objects moving too fast. (It is known, for example, that object, flying close to the ground at a speed of 10 km/s or moving with acceleration more than 20 g (barely visible);
second, the fact that the image instantly disappeared subject still remains on the retina of the human eye what little time. However, over time they began to accumulate data on the ability of UFO gradually "to melt" or whatever integration" in the air in front of witnesses.
In the summer of 1960 in the village of Kadamjai (about Fergana) head of laboratory of the Institute "Gipronickel" Sheinin saw the approaching from Fergana glowing object in the form of a disk with two rods like antennas. The object of this was typical metallic luster. He hung motionless and was clearly visible. Suddenly his shape was lost sharpness, and within 1-2 seconds changed misty spot, which then disappeared.
In March 1978 in Togliatti was observed oval object of blue color with a diameter of 150 m with sharp edges. This object was flying at a height of 300 m and as it approaches observers gradually become transparent, so that through him it was possible to observe stars. While its outer faces remained clear. Then the object hovered motionless at a height of 100 m above the neighbouring house 100 m from eyewitnesses and melted. All observation lasted 7 minutes.
These examples gradual "melting" UFO show that their disappearance may be associated not only with their immediate departure, but with some of their ability to become invisible to the human eye, although this is contrary to our usual materialistic views about the world.
Confirmation of the ability UFO become invisible to the human eye are also the following cases, when after manifestations photos "pure" sky or "pure" location they were found UFO. In August 1979, Riga operator pipes,being on a fishing boat in the Greenland sea, the night has made 12 colored images of the night sky and the dark sea with lights running vehicles. What was his surprise when after developing, he saw the four images of the twelve bright oblong glow, which occupied the footage almost half of the sky and gradually changed its shape.
In September 1983, near AI-Petri rostovchanin Ryzhkov did five photos of the surrounding area, and when he showed the film, was surprised to see three pictures show large dark object hovering over the top of the mountain and flying over the highway.
Similar cases have occurred in 1959, on a polar station of Tiksi, in 1960 in the village of Zelenchukskaya, 1967, near town of Menopause (Colorado), in 1971, in Regensburg (Austria), in 1976 near La Spezia (Italy) and in 1990 - in the city of Gorky.
But sometimes it turns out, conversely, when clearly observed subjects appearing in the photographs. In September 1977, the engineer Novozhilov near the village of Kurkijoki, North of Priozersk, three times photographed a UFO similar to the airship, which flew right over him at the height of 300-500 m, but images of UFOs in the pictures was not. In February 1979 UFO during the whole week was hung over the Polish resort of Zakopane. He was perfectly visible, but to capture it on film movie cameras or cameras failed, because the film was only a vague light spots.
In March 1990, in Belgium were made the four images of UFOs, flying at an altitude of 300-400 meters and perfectly observed with the naked eye, but in demonstration of the film of the image of object it was not.
Trying to explain this strange ability UFO, Professor Messen made experiments that proved that irradiation negative film infrared rays of the image disappears. The disappearance of images UFO on film, according to Messen, is also under the powerful infrared radiation, which sometimes emit objects and which illuminates the film.
Even more surprising when the photos objects look not such what they saw photographing. In March 1966, in CONABIO (England) Steven Pratt photographed moving slowly across the sky single source orange light. And after developing the film on it are removed three of the object, which was in the form of plates and flying each other on one line. The second object was less than the first, and the third is less than the second.
Something similar happened in January 1979, when taking Australian TV in New Zealand 30-minute film on which were recorded flights few oval UFO Golden brown, who had a kind of add-ins. After watching the film the members of the crew said that the images of UFOs, resulting in the film, in form and color are very different from what they observed visually. All these facts show that the human eye can sometimes see objects are not such as they perceive the camera lens.
Quite often observed visually UFOs are not recorded on the screens of radars.
In the summer of 1976 in the Chita region near the border with China, the personnel of the radar post of air defense forces, border guards and inhabitants of the district center observed the unusual place of the oblong form with portholes and three rays directed vertically to the ground. This object within 3 hours slowly moved horizontally in one direction and then in another direction, including on and off their "spotlights"and then suddenly disappeared. Thus, three types of radars two radar stations it is not recorded.
In 1979, the members of the crews of two aircraft, flying in the district of Barnaul, 6 minutes watched the glowing object that approached at high speed, stopped, climbed to a great height and hung, then sank down again and began to leave. Screens onboard radars not recorded.
In February 1989, above the town of Progress (Guatemala) hung a large UFO in the form of plates with red flashing lights on the edges, which housed around three objects of the same shape, but of smaller size. All four of the object was visually observed by the majority of the inhabitants of Progress, but for some reason were not recorded by the radar.
According to the group of aerospace research of the phenomena at the French space center in Toulouse, radars record only 5% of the observed objects, although this figure is likely understated. On the other hand, there are a number of cases when objects are fixed by radar, there was not observed visually, although it was within sight.
In early 1945, radars group of American ships, who were preparing for the invasion of Okinawa and marched along the archipelago of Nansei-Shoto, found 200-300 unknown objects approaching ships at 1600 km/H.
Against them were immediately sent fighters raised from aircraft carriers. But the planes freely slipped through this flying Armada, not noticing no object. And operators shipborne radars documented that the group ghostly objects with impunity flew over the American ships at the height of 600 m, although visually they were not observed.
In December 1986, the Japanese research vessel "Kaye-Maru", situated in the Central part of the Pacific ocean, close to 2.5 km unknown oval object with a length of several hundred meters, which is twice circled the ship and disappeared, and after a few seconds appeared again and thunder over a ship at low altitude. The object is clearly recorded on the radar screen, but visually it was not observed. The speed of its flight was about 5000 km/h (Izvestia, 1988. 18 September). According to NICAP, between 1948-1967, of the 81 cases commit UFO radars they only 60 cases were observed visually.
In our country in 1980-1984, on the screens of radars Kharkiv airport 12 times were recorded unknown objects moving with great speed, savesave or making sharp maneuvers vertically, and only in four cases they observed visually. There are cases when a tag of UFOs were observed on the screen only one of the two adjacent radars, who worked at different frequencies. According to the pilot of the first class Chalupova, in July 1982, the label from UFO flying over the airport of the city of Roslavl, was visible only on ecranes radar UHF, while the radar measuring range did not fix this object.
Known and such cases, when the mark of UFOs on the screens of radars are kept, but not constantly appear, then disappear. At the time of UFO sightings over Washington in July 1952 labels from these objects on the screens of radars disappeared with the advent of fighters and appeared again, when planes flew away.
One of the most reliable long-term fixation UFO aircraft and ground-based radars took place in September 1957, when American spy plane RB-47 slung over the Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma, within one and a half hours were in contact with UFOs. Unknown object was recorded by the radar in a separate provisions on the right, left, behind and in front of the aircraft, although its trajectory between these provisions reason is not apparent.
Sometimes the object was observed visually by the flight crew, who, trying to chase the object, made a circle in the Dallas area. Equipment electronic intelligence ELINT installed on the aircraft, fixed frequency radiation of the object, equal to 3000 MHz repetition 600 pulses/s
To find any satisfactory explanation of anomalies appearing when photographing and fixing UFO radars is also not yet possible.
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