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Классификация НЛО по формеA comprehensive study of the properties of "behaviour" and dimensions of the UFO, regardless of form, allows conditionally be divided into four main types.

1. Very small objects representing balls or disks with the diameter from 20 to 100 cm, which carry out flights at low altitudes, sometimes depart from bigger objects and return them. Known incident that occurred in October 1948 in the area airbase Fargo (North Dakota), when the pilot Hormone unsuccessfully pursued round glowing object with a diameter of 30 cm, which is very skillfully maneuvered away from the chase, and sometimes very rapidly moved on the plane, forcing Hormone to avoid a collision.
2. Small UFO with egg and disk-like shape and the diameter of 2-3 M. They usually fly at low altitude, and often carry out landing. Small UFO also repeatedly seen separating from the main objects and returning to them.
3. The main UFO, usually disks diameter 9-40 m, the height of which in the Central part is 1/5-1/10 of their diameter. The main UFO make solo flights in all layers of the atmosphere and sometimes land. From them can be separated objects smaller.
4. Large UFO, which usually has the form of cigars or cylinder length 100-800 and more meters. They appear .The main way .The upper atmosphere, don't do the complex maneuvers, and sometimes hangs at high altitude. Cases of their landing on the earth is not recorded, but was repeatedly observed, as they were separated small objects. There is an assumption that large UFO can fly in space. Also known individual sightings of the giant disks with the diameter of 100-200 meters

This object was observed during the test flight of French aircraft "Concord" at an altitude of 17,000 m above the Republic of Chad during the solar Eclipse of June 30, 1973, the Crew and a group of scientists who were on the plane, shot the film and made a number of color images of the luminous object in the form of a mushroom cap with a diameter of 200 m and a height of 80 m, which was followed by similar course. This object outlines were confusing, as it seems, was surrounded ionized plasma cloud. February 2, 1974, the film was shown on French television. The results of the study of this object were not published.

Frequent forms of UFOs have different variations. So, for example, was observed disks with one or two convex parties, balls with surrounding their rings or without them, and flattened and elongated sphere. Less common interest rectangular and triangular in shape. According to the French group for the study of aerospace phenomena, about 80% of all observed UFOs had a round shape discs, balls or spheres and only 20% form elongated, cigar or cylinders. UFO in the form of discs, spheres and cigars were observed in most countries on all continents. Examples of rare UFO below. So, for example, the UFO surrounding their rings, similar to the planet Saturn, recorded in 1954 above the County of Essex (England) and over the city, Cincinnati (Ohio), in 1955 in Venezuela and in 1976 - the Canary Islands.

UFO in the form of a parallelepiped was observed in July 1977 in the Tatar Strait team members of the m "Nikolai Ostrovsky". The object of this within 30 minutes flew alongside the vessel at the altitude of 300-400 meters, and then disappeared.

UFO triangular shape since the end of 1989 began systematically to appear over Belgium. The description of many eyewitnesses their size was approximately 30 to 40 m, and on their bottom part there were three or four glowing circle. The objects were moving soundlessly, hung and darted off with great speed. on March 31, 1990, to the South-East of Brussels three credible witness watched as such an object is of a triangular shape size is six times the size of the visible disk of the moon silently flew over their heads at the altitude of 300-400 meters On the underside of the object were clearly visible four glowing circle.

On the same day the engineer Algerian within two minutes filmed by camcorder such object, flying over Brussels. In the eyes of Alterlaa object had made a turn and on the bottom of them were seen three lighted circle and a red light between them. On top of the object Algerian noticed a glowing cross-dome. This video is April 15, 1990, was shown on Central television.
Along with the main forms of UFO encounters are still a lot of various types. In the table shown at the session of the Committee of the US Congress on science and Astronautics in 1968, were depicted 52 different in their form UFO.

According to the international UFO organization ' Contact international", there are the following forms of UFO:

1) round: disc-shaped (with domes and without them); in the form of an inverted plates, cups, saucers or Rugby ball (with a dome and without it); in the form of two plates put together (with two bumps and without them); shlapoberskys (with domes and without them); similar to the bell; in the form of a sphere or a ball (with a dome and without it); similar to the planet Saturn; ovoid or Grushevoye; backuptab items; like onion or top;
2) oblong: ractopamine (with stabilizers and without them); torpedo-shaped; cigar-shaped (without domes, with one or two domes); cylindrical; rod; fusiform;
3) pointed: pyramid; in the form of common or truncated cone; similar to the funnel; arrow; in the form of a flat triangle (with a dome and without it ); diamond;
4) rectangular: bronchophony; in the shape of a cube or parallelepiped; in the form of a flat square and rectangle;
5) unusual: mushroom, torus with a hole in the centre, salesopedia (with spokes and without them), Phillips, deltoid, in a V shape . Generalized data of NICAP about UFO sightings different forms in Sesa 1942-1963, shown in the following table:

No form of interest the Number of cases (%) Percentage (%)
1 disc-Shaped 149 26
2 Sphere, ovals, ellipses 173 30
3 In the form of cigars or missiles 46 8
4 Triangles 11 2
5 points of light 140 25
6 33 6 Other
7 Radar surveillance 19 3

Foto: 571 100

Классификация НЛО по форме


1. Objects in nature referred to in this list to the fields, ovals and ellipses, actually can be disk, inclined at an angle to the horizon.
2. To shining points in the list referred small brightly luminous objects, the form of which could not be determined due to the large distances.
It should be borne in mind that in many cases the testimony of observers may not reflect the true form of interest, as the disc-shaped object from the bottom to look like a ball, bottom-side - as the ellipse, and the side - as spindle or the cap of a mushroom; an object that has the shape of a cigar or extended areas, can front and back look like a balloon; the object of the cylindrical form may bottom and side to look like a box, front and rear - like ball. In turn, the object in the form of a parallelepiped front and back may look like a cubic
Data on the linear dimensions of the UFO reported by eyewitnesses, in some cases very relative, because by visual observation can be defined with sufficient precision, only the angular size of the object.
Linear sizes may be specified only in case, if you know the distance from the viewer to the subject. But the determination of the distance in itself is very difficult, because the human eye due to stereoskopi?nosti of view can correctly determine the distance only within 100 M. Therefore, the linear dimensions of the UFO can be defined only very approximately.
Usually UFOs have views of metal bodies silvery aluminium or light pearl color. Sometimes they are shrouded in cloud, resulting in their paths as if washed away.
Surface UFO usually shining like polished, and it does not show any seams or rivets. Top edge of the object is, as a rule, bright, and bottom, dark. Some UFOs have domes that sometimes become transparent.
UFO dome was observed, in particular, in 1957 over new York, 1963, in the state of Victoria (Australia), and in our country in 1975 near Borisoglebsk and in 1978 - in Beskudnikovo.
In the middle of interest in some cases were seen one or two rows of rectangular Windows" or round "Windows". Oblong object with "Windows" observed in 1965, the members of the crew of norvirski ship "Avesta" over the Atlantic.
In our country UFO "Windows" was recorded in 1976 in the village of Pine near Moscow, in 1981 under michurinskom, in 1985 about Geok-Tepe in the Ashgabat region. Some UFO was a clear rods, similar to the antenna or periscopes.
In February 1963, in the state of Victoria (Australia) at a height of 300 m above the tree hung disc with a diameter of 8 meters with a rod, similar to the antenna.
In July 1978, the crew of the m "Agora"followed by the Mediterranean sea, was observed flying over North Africa spherical object, the bottom of which were seen three designs similar to the antenna.
Recorded cases when these studs moved or rotated. Below are two such examples. In August 1976, Moskvich Amirovsky and six witnesses saw over Pirogovskiy reservoir silver, metal object, size 8 times the lunar disc, moving slowly at a height of several tens of meters. On the lateral surface are visible two rotating band. When the object was above the witnesses, in its lower part has opened a black roof, from which moved thin cylinder. The lower part of the cylinder began to describe a circumference, while the upper part were attached to the object. In July 1978, the passengers of the train "Sevastopol - Leningrad" city within a few minutes watched from the top of hanging motionlessly ellipsometria UFO moved some terminal with three bright shining points. This pin three times deviated to the right and returned to its original position. Then from the bottom of the UFO moved rod with one signing. Inside the lower part of the UFO is sometimes three or four boarding feet that when planting nominated, and during takeoff drawn inside. Here are three examples of such observations.
In November 1957, senior Lieutenant N. returning from the airbase stead (Las Vegas), seen on the field, four disc-shaped UFO in diameter and 15 meters, each of which stood on three landing legs. When they took off, these pillars in his eyes drawn in.
In July 1970, the young Frenchman Aren J. near the village of Jabrail-Les-Board clearly seen four metal poles, ending rectangles, gradually cleaned inside rallied round UFO diameter b m
In the USSR in June 1979 in the town of Zolochiv, Kharkiv region witness Starchenko watched as 50 meters from it landed UFO in the form of an inverted saucer with a number of Windows and cupola. When an object is dropped to a height of 5-6 m, from its bottom telescopically moved three landing legs a length of about 1 m, ending the likeness of blades. Standing on the earth for about 20 minutes, the object flew up, and it was clear as a support was involved in his case. At night UFO usually Shine, sometimes their color and intensity of the glow with a velocity change of change. Rapid flight, they have a color that is similar to occur in the process of arc welding; at a slower - bluish color. When falling or braking they get red or orange. But it happens that and hung motionless objects glow bright light, perhaps, perhaps not the objects themselves, and the air around them under the influence of some radiation emanating from these objects. Sometimes on UFOs are seen some lights: on objects of elongated shape - fore and aft, and the drives are at the periphery and on the bottom. Also known reports of rotation of objects with the lights of red, white or green.
In October 1989 in Cheboksary six UFOs in the form of two plates put together hung over the territory of the production Association "Plant of industrial tractors". They were joined by the seventh object. Each of them was visible yellow, green and red lights. Objects rotated and moved downward. Half an hour later the six objects with great speed lifted into the sky and disappeared, and one for some time remained. Sometimes these lights come on and off in sequence.
In September 1965, two police officers in Exeter (new York state) observed flying UFO diameter of about 27 m, which was five lights red, saigawara and Gasovik in sequence: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st. The duration of each cycle was 2 seconds.
A similar incident occurred in July 1967 in Newton (new Hampshire), where two former radar operator observed through a telescope glowing object with a number of lights, vspyhnuvshee and Gasovik in the same sequence, as at the facility in Exeter.
The essential characteristic of UFO is a manifestation they have unusual properties that are not found either in the known natural phenomena, no technical means, created by man. Moreover, the impression that the individual properties of these objects clearly contradict the known laws of physics.

Classification UFO mind

If we understand by the UFO spacecraft humanoid civilization, then it is better to classify as you yourself CC. The ships are divided into five types.

1. Ship 1-th order or Uterus. Base station in Galactic sector. The radius of the Galaxy. Volume from thousands to tens of thousands cubic meters. The length is measured by kilometers. Includes all of the technical design, energy reserves and money base for thousands of humanoids. Form the most diverse. Inside himself can carry within themselves can carry 7-10 ships of the 2nd order.
2. The ship 2nd order or Base. Range - Star system. The amount to several thousand cubic meters. The length of several kilometers. Carries an average of 5 ships 3-th order. Cases when watched the giant flying city and there is a UFO observation of this class. Designed for several hundred humanoids.
3. Ship 3-th order (see the photo.). The radius of the planet. Volume from a few tens to a hundred and more cubic meters. Some of them may bear ships 4 and 5 of the order, others are not. This UFO can piloted as humanoids and biorobots.
4. Ship 4-th order. The size of several tens of cubic meters. Executes tasks on their specialization, as we have satellites to monitor weather, television satellites, etc.. Piloted by biorobots.
Arable 5-th order. Size from a few cubic meters up to a dozen or more. Designed for two, three biorobot. Performs the functions of an Autonomous module with a specific job. Often, in case of crisis situations biorobots programmed to self-destruction with the ship.
Some UFO love to hide among the clouds. Others use radiation psi-field. This radiation due to the repolarization of air molecules generates around the object of the psi-field, blocking radiation information outward from the side of the ship. Thus it becomes invisible to the human consciousness that perceives the object as a non-significant part of the landscape and therefore does not fix his mind. But the camera is to light bulbs and it fixes all the photons of light that fell on his film. Hence the well-known case of manifestation to film the UFO, which the photographer had not seen.
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