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Новые сюрпризы из Долины царейOne hundred years after the significant discoveries made in the Valley of the kings, Egyptologists again joined the band sensational finds. Before the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun experts came to the conclusion that the time of great discoveries in Egypt ended: all have already been excavated tombs and artifacts found. However, old and new skeptics are deeply mistaken.

Since the end of the last century and especially in recent years one Grand discovery follows the other. To say that in Egypt already found - prematurely.

However, experts in Egyptology once already decided what to look for and find in the Egyptian Sands nothing more. Praise the Lord that the specialist, according to a witty remark of Kozma prutkov, like a flux, and the fulness of his one-way - what makes any categorical verdicts utopia.

The famous Venetian traveler and antiquary Giovanni Belzoni (Giovanni Belzoni, 1778-1823) believed that during his expedition 1817 unearthed last tomb. The other no less famous Amateur archaeologist Theodore Davis (Theodore Davis) a century later issued an opinion on the futility of attempts to find in Egypt, at least something worthwhile. Immediately after his pessimistic conclusion Carter stumbled upon a tomb of Tutankhamen. And later, the archaeologists were able to attack something valuable. It is enough to look at the chronicle of last year.

The finds were made not only in the Sands of Egypt, but also in storage libraries abroad. More than a hundred years was looking for the missing pieces of papyrus text "book of the dead" Amenhotep, son of hapu - the great architect and wise man, a contemporary of king Amenhotep III. And finally found them in Australia.

If we are interested in directly archaeological finds, and they are innumerable. In the first days of the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, 25 January last year, a group of archaeologists from Basel University (Switzerland) under the leadership Suzanne Bickel (Susanne Bickel) made one of the most significant in the last century discoveries in the Valley of the kings.

Voice" at the time reported that it has found the tomb belongs to Nehemn-Bastet (Nehemes-Bastet) - daughter of one of the high priests of Amun-RA and the temple singer in Carnac era XXII dynasty.

Disposal of priestesses found deep in the mine near the tombs of Tuthmosis III. Egyptologists suggest that Nehemn-Bastet was the fourth daughter of the priest of Amun of Jechoniah and Princess Chainside, daughter Takelot II. She was the grandmother of the famous Haroy - Manager of the farm "wife of God" Aminergic I.

Study of mummies, Nehemn-Bastet tomography plan to spend the next year. On studying the tomb and hidden in it artifacts will take at least five years. One of the riddles - for whom originally intended tomb and why it was buried the body of Nehemn-Bastet?

And this spring, archaeologists from Leuven University, working in famous sredneasiatsky necropolis El Bursch, discovered the burial of the early Middle Kingdom (about 2040 BC). Finding was made in the tomb of Nomura Ahanotu I, who was the first ruler of the hare noma of the Middle Kingdom. This tomb known for a long time - the first research was conducted in 1891.

Although disposal repeatedly pillaged and was heavily damaged, most of the items were left in their original locations, which allows to trace the sequence of the ceremony of the burial. First, the burial chamber was placed sarcophagus, then held ritual of purification, and then brought offerings.

The sarcophagus covered with inscriptions, from which it follows that the mummy belongs to a man named Djehutynakht. This is very important, because the inscriptions tombs Ahanotu mentioned his father - Djehutynakht, which was designed special sacrificial chapel. We can assume that Fanart buried his father - last Nomura hare noma I Transition period - in his own tomb.

On the sarcophagus Djehutynakht caused sayings from "of the texts of sarcophagi" is the most significant monument is the memorial of the literature of the Middle Kingdom, which replaced the "pyramid Texts". It is known that the tradition "of the texts of sarcophagi" went at this time it is from El Bursch. Fanart till now was considered the first nomerom region, whose coffin was covered by these sayings. New discoveries allow to give primacy to his father, Djehutynakht - his sarcophagus, despite all the damage is now the oldest monument containing "Texts of sarcophagi".

Unfortunately, the sarcophagus is in very bad condition. Therefore, a more thorough investigation will proceed only after a complex of works on preservation of its parts, is scheduled for next year.
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