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21 12 2012 наступит полная темнота и тишина по мнению монахаThe new end of the world must occur on December 21, 2012, with such forecast for Nasa made a Tibetan monk. For the first time to the world the end of the world predicts Lama. But to imagine that 21 12 2012 the world would end?
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NASA о конце света 21 декабря 2012 года: будет или не будет?In recent times, many people are constantly concerned about the question: if they survive until the end of the world and when it will come? Many web sites on the Internet say the world will end in December 2012. What it says is the most scientifically grounded in space theme organization - NASA? We offer You the answers to some questions about the threats to the Earth in 2012 that fascinate people.
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2012 год - завершения цикла пятой арийской расы!2012 - the end of the fifth cycle of the Aryan race, or a smooth transition of Mother Earth and humanity into a new dimension, or the last Judgment, through which must pass humanity.
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Гороскоп на ноябрь 2012 годаHere comes the last two months 2012 - November and December. Coming to the end of the year is a leap year, the year of water of the black Dragon. It would seem, is the time to rejoice, and to hope that they will be held calmly and happily.
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December 2012 -- will there be the end of the world? As people are preparing for the Apocalypse? And anyone will be able to escape from him? Documentary film the fifth channel on the end of the cycle, "the Truth of life"

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2012: начало конца или почему конца света не будетRemember fear of 2000? He passed without any consequences of adequate planning and analysis of the situation. As far as we know, leaving aside the impressive special effects in the movie, December 21 2012 the world will not end. However, this day will come next winter solstice.
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Семь версий конца светаIn recent times the theme of the Apocalypse, which, according to the prophecy of the Mayan calendar, should happen in 2012. That is waiting for us in the future, we have many versions, from the most fantastic to quite real. We decided to look at seven of the most popular of them.
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Апокалипсис 2012. Когда настанет судный день21.12.2012... the Number that received already the definition of magic, fatal, fatal. Where this feeling is coming Apocalypse?
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What prepares us leap year 2012? Experts predict the cold winter, followed by devastating floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, and places the strongest drought.

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Ожидание Апокалипсиса – что говорят учёныеAccording to scientists, the mankind was gripped by fear associated with the pending Apocalypse in December 2012 that can become a cause of irrational fear, phobias, end of the world.
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2012 год. Секретные убежища на Урале?Some of the tourist group, making its route through the Bashkir mountain Yaman-Tau, sometimes see in the sky unidentified flying objects. This is mainly glowing orbs, cigars and disks, which was noticed and local residents. Why UFOs are drawn to the occupied military and partially closed for visits mountain? The answer is nobody knows...
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Календарь майя: Великий царь придет в декабреArchaeologists have found in Guatemala, in excavations in the area of La Corona carved on a piece of stone stairs letters confirming the last fatal date of the Mayan calendar - December 21, 2012.
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2012Уже много лет назад ученые напрямую пытались связать периоды вспышек солнечной активности с мировыми катаклизмами Последние исследования нашего светила задают еще больше загадок…
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Каковы дальнейшие направления эволюционного развития человека? 4 варианта человеческого развития после 2012-годаБолее 150-ти лет назад безусловный гений Чарльз Дарвин опубликовал свой главный труд – книгу «О происхождении видов». В этой книге есть множество замечательных моментов, посвященных нашему эволюционному прошлому, которое впоследствии не раз проверялось целым рядом исследователей на этапе развития от древних приматов до современных людей.
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Конец света отменили сами майяСреди руин исторического городища на севере Гватемалы американские археологи обнаружили старейший из ныне известных календарей майя. Три астрономические календарные системы были нарисованы предположительно в начале IX столетия на стенах жилища. Они полностью опровергают тезис о конце света в 2012 году, который столь долго муссировался в СМИ.
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