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To learn more about the planet Nibiru

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КОМУ НУЖЕН КОНЕЦ СВЕТАCloser to 21 December 2012 talk about the next Apocalypse grow like a snowball. Some people are happy that there is not much to suffer. Others believe that "smoke without fire". TV shows movies-horror stories "secret signs of the end of the world". Various astrologers and soothsayers prophesy about the change of cycles and the new era in development of the Earth.
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Ждать ли Конца Света 21.12.2012?Some time ago, statistics released very funny statistics. Thus, in 2009-m year to the request "2012" the Google search engine was issued 170 million pages on various topics. Today on the same query, Google generates 25 BILLION pages.
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В румынской церкви найдены фрески с изображением Конца СветаIn the Romanian city of Brasov, in the chapel of the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, built in 1495, found murals depicting scenes of the Apocalypse.
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Проснись сам и разбуди другихProbably not left on the Earth the man who would not know about the fateful date of December 21, 2012. Think of all we have heard about it! The end of the world, the third world, the attack of the alien, the world's energy crisis. We are frightened by TV, Newspapers and magazines, Internet articles on the websites of all directions. Modern humans probably been looking for the answer to this question: what will it be, really??? We will try to answer it.
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Слухи об апокалипсисе-2012 вновь были развеяны учёными из НАСАAt least, NASA denied that part of rumors concerning the approximation of the planet Nibiru.
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Вторая попытка человечестваArtifacts, contradicting the conventional theory of the origin and development of mankind, is amiss are located in various parts of the world. Scientists then the figure of a man in a suit in the ancient burial ground will find the imprint of the tread of boots in Sandstone, the age of which 10 million years, a porcelain Cup, which 500 thousand years.
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Тревожная динамика энергетики Земли накануне 21.12.12г.In the last five years, tracking energy Zaporizhzhya region, I regularly observed the periodic fluctuations of radiation on anomalous zones. But last year I started to notice of violation of this frequency and threatening changes in the energy of the Earth. I consider it necessary to share these observations and findings with other people, because these questions are troubled. This is especially important on the eve of frightening date g., the approach to the majority of inhabitants of a planet are waiting in the darkness of ignorance and fear.
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Конец света придет в неизвестный часThe hype about the next date of the end of the world humanity has suffered for many times. In religion the end of the world is clearly defined and not to be questioned category. Ierodiakon Peter grammarians along with famous West, lecturer and expert on religious issues of the temple community of the city of Plovdiv explained the significance of the end of the world from a religious point of view
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Что ждет человечество вместо Конца света-2012?The end of the world is cancelled. So I tell futurologists. Unlike psychics, they do not predict the future. They analyze scientific data, achievements of science and technology. And on the basis of information are forecast what should be tomorrow humanity. What would be our future?
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Among listeners of lectures Paul Sitnikov, people of different age and social status, but all United by one thing - the interest in the world around us. Even greater interest is the mysterious world. To nachitalsya different secrets you can, of course, and on the Internet, but nobody will give guarantees in where fact and the fiction.

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ТОЧНОЙ ДАТЫ КОНЦА СВЕТА НЕ ЗНАЕТ НИКТОIn the Bible there is no exact date of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Declaration of any date of end of the world is a thing which is absolutely alien to the Orthodox Church. There is no Conciliar decisions, any messages from Church Hierarch or recognized theologian, which would be expressed in a similar spirit.
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Новый сценарий конца света: человечество погибнет из-за восстания роботовAt Cambridge University opened "Terminator-the center for the study of threats to people from outside of artificial intelligence
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Еще один взгляд на переход: Грядущие событияRecently several people have received similar questions about the future: what do you expect people than would mark themselves 2012, will there be a new era for what it is, can we expect a "doomsday", what will be different life in the near future from the present.
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Мнение сотрудников Пулковской Обсерватории о конце света и предстоящем параде планетAbout what exactly will be December 21, 2012, we learn only on December 21. But the Maya priests were not only by the prophets, but good astronomers: at the dawn of history at the beginning of the first Millennium, they managed to foresee the parade of planets, which will take place in our Millennium.
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До конца света остались считанные дниThe Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012. On this day there will be a parade of planets will happen disasters and the image of our planet will change. Many expect the Apocalypse, the complete destruction of the Earth or rebirth of humanity. Is there scientific evidence for these predictions?
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