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Вестник апокалипсиса разразился новым прогнозомRenowned economist Nouriel Roubini, who predicted in its time the economic collapse of 2008, continues "please" forecasts. In 2013 it is expected a new collapse of the financial markets, he writes in his article in Project Syndicate.
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Предсказание индейцев майя: мир движется к своему концу?On this Mayan prediction that appeared in the middle 70-ies, which happily writing media over the last 2-3 years, soon the world will die from the planetary catastrophe, humanity will reach the Apocalypse...
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Человечество и конец светаTo date, the people consider themselves to strangers, guests on earth, and they don't relate to this temporary for their lives house - Land. So they just take and take from it whatever they want, and even more, without thinking that instead taken by them, it is necessary to take care of her.
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Астрономы уверены, что Солнце не устроит "конец света" 21 декабряAstronomers believe that December 21, 2012 is the day that particularly worried people are waiting for the end of the world - will disappoint his ordinariness.
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Конец света-2012All mankind, undoubtedly, greatly worried by the fact that the Mayan calendar end date : December 21, 2012, and all interested in one question: is this the end of the world?
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Мы встретим конец света азартно и с улыбкойWith the approach of the mysterious and frightening date 21.12.2012 people are increasingly thinking about how to spend the end of the world better: at least it is good to walk, as a maximum - to escape. That's residents pearl of the sea, nice and Sunny Odessa already figured out how to do it with inherent for themselves color.
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О Федеральной резервной системе США и отсрочке «конца света» на два дняThe Internet is rapidly disperses another version of the sensation, which until recently had the code name "21.12.12". Now this sensation went under the code name "23.12.12".
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Роль пришельцев в катаклизме 2012 годаSome ufologists say that in 2012 the mysterious planet Nibiru will approach the Earth and so will hit its gravitational field, which will start new flood. They also say that the governments of the leading countries have long known about the threat and, therefore, full build underground bases, connected by a network of tunnels where the chosen will survive the cataclysm.
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Как пережить Конец СветаOn December 21, 2012 once again announced the end of the world. And the sources of apocalyptic predictions are very different, and this Mayan prophecy and the statement of a Buddhist monk that the world was mired in sin and will be destroyed, and a wandering planet Nibiru, and the so-called "parade of planets" (celestial phenomenon, when the planets of the solar system are arranged in one row). In short, it would be the end of the world, and the occasion will be.
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Планетарное выравнивание, которое состоится 3 декабря 2012, точно согласовано с пирамидами в Гизе?Planetary alignment, which will be held on 3 December 2012 precisely tailored to the pyramids in Giza. Night sky in Giza, Egypt on 3 December 2012, local time ... one hour before sunrise in comparison with the pyramids in Giza.
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Названы 5 доказательств того, что конца света не будетLovers of all sorts of conspiracy theorists who believe that, as always, heads of governments and senior officials, and also the richest people know what you do not say "mere mortals" that will happen on December 21, 2012, the other day calmed British psychologist Steven Blackburn. Blackburn says that his clients include the cases of concern about 21.12.12 and that can happen in this day.
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Конец света?Mysterious end of the Mayan calendar, the parade of the planets, which will put in one line all the planets of the galaxy to its center, approaching the mysterious planet Nibiru, the explosion on the Sun - all scripts of the Apocalypse, which was scheduled for December 21.
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Украинские ученые назвали близящийся "конец света" выдумкой и полной ерундойExperts say that the Earth's collision with the planet Nibiru is contrary to all laws of the Universe.
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Будет ли конец, наконец?Well as you can! Isn't it time to stop scaring us? The Lord has commanded us to think in terms of hope, not despair. Fortunetellers, seers, futurologists, prophets, just dreamers somehow look into the future, as in the Bank with spiders: frightened and squeamish... Oh, how wonderful discoveries we -- or, pardon me, as we all terrible already predicted to date! And the truth, how much?
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В ожидании "конца света" украинцы уходят в подземелья и призывают не мыться17-year-old student, watching movies about the Apocalypse, ran away from home in Kharkiv, to underground subway to find shelter.
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