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Существует ли «тот свет»?Is there a "one world"? Yes, there is! But this question must be dealt with, knowing multidimensionality (diversity) of the universe.

Evidence set. This - and the testimonies of survivors of clinical death, and personal experience mediums, and those who have the ability to move into other spatial dimensions.

Widely known research R. moudi. In his book "life after Life", he collected and analyzed the experience of the people, for one reason or another, got "to the light". But this evidence only raise the veil, saying that "there's something in there.

There are also more detailed description of "the other world". Published the book "the Great Liberation in the result heard in Bardo" or "Tibetan book of the dead". (Bardo - a state of consciousness after death and before the new birth). It dates from YIII century ad

"One world" is also well described in the book of Yogananda "Autobiography of a yogi". This description was given Yogananda his teacher Sri Yukteswar, who appeared to him posthumously materialized body to tell us about the structure of life in the hereafter.

Interesting in this connection also the stories of people who have preserved the memory of my life in between incarnations. One of them is the following description of my experience.

I remember the time my last death. The transition from life to death, I had a very painful and unpleasant. Fortunately, the process of separation of the soul from the body lasts for a limited time. And in the end I found myself... at Home. It Is Home! Where I was and where I've been waiting for. The space in which I got, was full of blissful light of love, there was peace and tranquility. It was so good that I didn't want to leave it. Such a bright emotional state, I never had to experience in that life on Earth.

It is difficult to describe in words what I felt and saw in one spatial dimension. Such feelings can get, as I know now, in deep meditation, when it is possible to completely disconnect feelings from the physical plane. Because the world is another world, it is not like our material. What I will call those or other physical term, but in fact it isn't. It seems to me that this or that image appeared depending on how my consciousness was accustomed to take this lump of energy in the material world.

My mind took the surrounding area is not so, as do the individual organs of sense and from the General picture just right. It was - as part of absolute knowledge.

The space was bright, his luminosity, its tone and quality have remained constant, with the exception of special cases.

Before me had the image of a man and asked: "if All you have done on Earth?" After some hesitation I said, "Everything". Then this man (he was my guide to stay in Bardo) somewhere led me. All that I have seen further, it was explained to me in an accessible form, as then I could perceive, being at the stage of development.

The admiration of the world no bounds! The world - it was my dream! There was peace and harmony. And then I had a strong emotional desire: "I don't want to come back to Earth! What must I do, to never return?" I asked our guide. "Nothing, " said he, " you have to live next life so that there was no need for transformation".

My guide told me that to achieve the state when no longer come to Earth only during life on it. This state is still not the end of development, but after that people can continue to evolve, not incarnating on Earth, though it will take much more time than having done the same way on it.

As our trip I had to watch many of the situation. In them I was given to understand that depending on the quality of life lived different people are at different spatial dimensions. For example, during our trip, my guide for a while left me, and I came immediately two men and began to praise ourselves as all able and promising "manna", if I go with them. In our material world often meet such people. It was clear that in fact they have nothing, but just the swelled heads. In that world communication takes place by means of thought, and therefore, any thought that occurs immediately becomes the property of the whole surrounding. And the two men didn't seem to know about it and said one thing, thought another.

And another case. Then my guide led me to a terrible space, and there I saw a group of people doing some heavy work. Next to them was the foreman. I had the opportunity to meet with him, and I didn't like it. The foreman, as in life, told me to come to him, but I felt that I could no longer do anything, and are not moved from the place. Then the guide came, and we went further.

In that world, it became clear that good people very much, and that people on Earth can live better. Problems they have, of course, will not disappear, but they can be much smaller and solve them would be easier if we treat each other with love and to do good selflessly.

At the end of our first tour with guide we came in the room where I saw my life - the main points that I have had to make certain decisions. But some of paintings including "Kino" was not, although I remembered about their existence and, as it seemed to me, I took some important decisions. The most interesting thing was that some of the things on the Earth seem wrong, actually correct and Vice versa. Moreover, the first occurs when there are no "mind"and "heart". For some of the same steps I felt very ashamed.

Viewing ended, and has created such conditions, as if some court must make its decision. Then I was approached by my guide, and said that in General I have lived well, but have not yet reached the point when you can never return to Earth.

I really did not want again to Earth. Because each time every time exposed to many temptations. Every time you start all partly from the beginning is so easy to turn aside and fall into the abyss! And the fact that I managed to live a life that is just a miracle. But realizing that reincarnation is inevitable, I decided I have nothing to hide in this blessed world, and has asked me to quickly sent back to the Ground as soon as possible.

At some point I heard a Voice: "Why do people live badly, why not do good?". "Because people do not remember this world, and because they have no example of a righteous life in the form of such a person as Jesus Christ," I replied. The voice said that soon He will again send His own Son to help people. And then I realized that the people on Earth again will not understand It and can crucify. Compassion filled me with a feeling, when you understand that it might happen, but nothing can change...

Then I asked our guide to show what I need to achieve on the Ground. Unfortunately, in memory I have not a lot - but that was the river is a Living river. She was without beginning and without end, occupying all around. She kept moving, at times it appeared different entities and back and was lost in it. In this river were visible causes of action and effect at the same time.

At the very beginning of the path in that world my guide was allowed to ask any questions. The main direction of the issues were, of course, the choice of a way and to achieve a state of Liberation.

- How many ways?

- There are two possibilities:

1. To pray daily, i.e. to pay all their thoughts and feelings to God, constantly, without missing for a very long time;
2. Special path without the teachers not to pass.

- To whom should we pray? Can I pray thee, thank thee?

- Pray only to God.

"What is that special way and if I am able to go on it?

On Earth, there is a man teach you. And at the right time I will come to you and tell you what to do.

- Is it possible to do without a teacher?

- No! Even such a person as Jesus Christ, came to learn.

- Is it possible to talk with God?

- No. You can ask for advice, but not always. Constant such a guide would not allow for a person to develop.

- Is it true that, whatever you ask God, will be given?

- Yes!

- And if to ask to become perfect, and most do nothing for this?

- Will still be perfect.

- Am I in my next life to be perfect?

- Probably not, but through life - reach.

- Tell me about Christianity.

- Currently Christianity so perverted that nothing from the original Christianity did not remain.

It's my lifetime on Earth. About it told me my guide and added: "Now there is adversity, it will be difficult, but you need to put everything. There is also a possibility and that you will send to another planet, but it's worse". And he told that as long as I rise up to his level, he will not be able to develop further.

Shortly before my next incarnation, he said to me wants to say "He"... the Guide talked about this with the greatest honoredInstitute of economy and management. I found myself in a room and heard a Voice:

What do you want?

- I and all the people that are close to me, not needed on the Ground and that I had the opportunity to become perfect. And again, save me the memory of my stay here.

The audience was over.

...After a while I felt I was in the belly of my mother. There was good and warm, and I thought that is not soon will meet with earthly world...

In conclusion, I will say that the presence of this knowledge does not give any privileges. Remembering the experience of previous incarnations, we can say that the study of magic, mastering different extraordinary abilities - of course, interesting, exciting and useful, but it does not give a full Release! Death comes, then new life, and start over. To escape from this "wheel" is only one way - the Path of love for God and frenzied pursuit of Perfection and merging with Him.

And still: in the process of evolution of each person gets into all sorts of situations. He is in need, it has power. The person is given the opportunity to try all. But no wealth, no conditions does not give full satisfaction and peace of the soul and not allow a person to escape from the chain of reincarnations, while he did not wish and will not carry all the thoughts, all their efforts on achieving Excellence.

God does all that He might ask. But people are not always ready to accept something that makes him God. And often he does not perceive outstretched to him the divine Hand.

We note that, having lived a righteous life, man does not guarantee an infinite existence of "there". Yes, he'll be in heaven some period of time, but then he will have to return to Earth and it can begin again. "There" is well seen how difficult it is to live on Earth at least a righteous life!

People often ask: why not all people remember a similar experience? This could be for two reasons. First, in the early stages of psychoenergetical standpoint of development of the person still cannot mental restorantat themselves with the physical body, and after the death of his consciousness flows as if to sleep until the next incarnation. Secondly, not all people need to remember these experiences. They may like to pull a person back, not allowing him to make good in new situations solutions. All this disposes of God.

I wish you all a speedy achievement of the Great Liberation, or, if this is not possible in this life, at least to get clean and bright, non-material worlds!

A.V. Lapin
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