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Тунгусский метеорит - а был ли онSpring of 1908 was rich unusual natural phenomena. At the end of may in Switzerland happened a strong snowfall. Over the Atlantic ocean was observed thick dust. Flooding rivers were strong. The beginning of the summer too surprised: 17-19 June Northern lights were observed on the middle Volga, and on June 21 in many areas of Europe and Western Siberia began unusually bright colored dawns. Shone brightly noctilucent clouds. Undoubtedly, nature prepared people to the marvelous phenomenon. It has not kept itself waiting.

Tells Smirnov, member of the International Academy of energoinformation Sciences: And behold a century has passed since the fall of the Tunguska cosmic body. At the time I was interested in this amazing phenomenon of nature. And in his thoughts was convinced that no space was its source, and quite earthly power, which was published articles. I knew that there are other researchers who stand in such a position. A. Olkhovatov just released book, "the Myth of the Tunguska meteorite", in which, based on a great number of observations Tunguska phenomenon and phenomena of this kind, convincingly proves that the phenomenon 1908 - terrestrial phenomenon.

Let me remind you of what happened in Central Siberia on the morning of 30 June 1908 (on new style). Day in the whole area was cloudless. Someone was still asleep, someone was preparing to work. Nizhnekurinskoe farmers (more than 100 km from Vanavara) saw quite high in the clear sky cylindrical brightly luminous body, which is 10 minutes fell down. When fire cylinder down, formed a huge club of black smoke, which was to escape the flames. At the same time they heard a very strong knock, as from the gun firing. The building was shaking. There were several series of the guns, each for several minutes. Especially impressive sight had seen the inhabitants of the settlement Vanavara on the Bank of the river Podkamennaya Tunguska river - the right tributary of the Yenisei river, when in 7 hours and 15 minutes in the Northern direction in the sky appeared dazzling ball, then turned in the pillar of fire. The ground shook buildings began to sway or fly up in the air, the rivers rose huge trees, scored from the land of water. There came the sound started thundering explosions heard at a distance of 1,200 km

In the Evenki village near the epicenter first started crying children and barking dogs, then shook the earth. Plague fell, high above his head in various places began to sparkle Grand lightning (at least three times with an interval of a few seconds), on each of which there is a strong air strike, valevci people and trees. Seismic shock was registered devices in Irkutsk, Tashkent, Tbilisi, in Jena (Germany). Air wave, marked not only in the Old World, but in the New, double-walked around the globe, four hours lasted magnetic storm. Night high in the sky was observed glowing clouds, on open spaces from Western Siberia to Western Europe for several days did not come overnight. In many places at midnight, you could read a newspaper without artificial light. That's approximately the scene of the incident.

In fact, only 19 years the place of the phenomenon was examined by scientists. Expedition under the leadership of Leonid Kulik, the employee Century Vernadsky, was identified Grand fall forest radius of about 30 km, and the crown of fallen trees were focused from the centre. In the center of the fall trees stood, but were dead, largely deprived of bark and branches. Here too were incurred after the explosion of a swamp. But neither this expedition, nor the next, until 1939, did not give the final result - the meteorite was not found, and generally meteorite version has not received explicit confirmation. In 1946 fiction writer A. Kazantsev expressed the idea of a nuclear explosion of alien spacecraft. Because the picture of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was very similar to the picture of the fall forest on the Upper Tunguska. But too many inconsistencies were deprived of this beautiful version of its possible serious recognition. Couldn nuclear explosion to occur several times, but the witnesses heard a few (three to five) especially strong explosions. Yes and no notable radiological contamination areas, researchers have found. The expedition was conducted in 1958-1962, Were other expeditions until recent years. But to unravel the mystery of the Tunguska phenomenon so far failed.

Summarizing the testimony of witnesses, it is not possible to unambiguously define the path of the heavenly bodies. According to various data, was that it was flying or the South, or East, or even from the West, as observed from a few seconds to ten minutes. In such circumstances, it was natural to doubt even in the fact of passage of something single - meteorite, meteor or comet, the more that only 14% of witnesses identified the object tailed. Yes and flew it too slow for cosmic messenger. Seems to be no doubt about the fact that North Vanavara on the height of 5-7 km explosions occurred with a capacity of 10 to 20 megatons of TNT. And even from region accurate: in the forest after a disaster has sharply increased the growth rate of trees, not only young, but old.

For completeness I should mention that the crash site is located within the East-Siberian magnetic anomaly in the vicinity of the crater paleo-volcano that operated here millions of years ago. And yet near the site of the accident were detected "deathtrap", or "devil's cemetery", as it is called by local residents, where the black loose earth grows not a blade of grass and lay the bones and carcasses of dead animals, even birds. People on the edge of this clearing was felt in the body strange pain and immediately turned back. However, later the place was not found. The majority of versions of the Tunguska explosion is based on the flight of the cosmic body - iron meteorite, comet Ponsa-Winnecke, a small comet's icy nucleus, a piece nucleus of Halley's comet, meteor, on rikollisuuden trajectory, the plasmoid, escaped from the Sun, electric explosion of a meteorite, broken up in the atmosphere of ice meteorite. Known and several dozens of options.

Among supporters of the earth, namely, tectonic, the origin of the phenomenon, except Olkhovatov and your humble servant, will also indicate E. Barkovsky from the Institute of physics of the Earth. The Geologist N. Kudryavtseva considers that had taken place a powerful case of gas-mud volcanism. There is a good reason. After all, in the area are located the ancient volcanic pipes, able to activate at any time. Well, fireballs and lightning often accompany volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Author version noticed that remote witnesses catastrophe saw a fiery object and heard thunderclaps almost at the same time, although the sound is much slower than light. It follows that first began seismic manifestations, and then in the sky appeared a fiery object.

Before I will formulate a hypothesis, let's talk about geopathogenic zones and anomalies. Such areas usually have a 30-50 cm in diameter and are located at the nodes of the so-called network Hartmann, covering the entire globe. If the thickness of the Earth has foci of heightened tension layers of crust on the surface of the observed anomalous increase in the size of danger. These zones are called geopathogenic anomalies. Radiation that carries the energy of these areas, often referred to as telluric (tellus Latin earth). It interacts weakly with ordinary matter, passing without noticeable losses through the body of the earth and any materials.

You can imagine that in the depths of the Earth continuously natural laser, not only the usual linear, spherical, radiating energy rays in all directions. And another singularity of this laser radiation it is not the usual electromagnetic field, strongly discontinuous in soil and rocks. Most likely, this is not a transverse electromagnetic waves and longitudinal, on the theory which is now actively working physics, in particular in Moscow and Tula. Tensions, tectonic fractures, karst cavities, underground rivers live their lives, and the tension changes in these lesions can cause the corresponding changes born by anomalies. If tensions rock in the seat reaches full strength, then there is an underground car accident. Depending on its nature and scale on the surface can be fixed some phenomenon.

Although telluric radiation interacts weakly with matter at high energy density, it can cause the luminescence of liquids, air ionization and much more. These phenomena may be observed eyes and fixed appliances. Telluric whirlwind spend your energy on the above mentioned effects, and sooner or later ends its existence. If the loss of its stability is slow, then it creates a plasmoid disappears without a trace. If the rate of loss of stability is high, that there can be an explosion. So, in Poland near Krakow in 1993 explosion fireball destroyed limestone rock, scattering its wreckage 200 metres. In the book Olkhovatov collected data on dozens of cases when plasma atmospheric phenomena was preceded by earthquakes. Here are a few examples. In the area of the thermal springs in France in 1952 flying ball of fire, first bright white, going then to red, and finally became black. After that, he exploded with a Bang, preceded by the earthquake. In 1976 light phenomena was preceded by the Tien Shan earthquake. In Canada in 1988-1989 before earthquakes from the earth jumped balls of fire some meters in diameter, sometimes right by the people, the sky was covered bylike the Northern lights. Before the main shock from the earth beat languages colored flame. Several hours before the Tashkent earthquake of 1966 was lit lamp fluorescent light also shone walls painted with lime.

Now the reader is probably clear my idea version of that phenomenon, known as the Tunguska meteorite. Meteorite was not, as there is no one clear fact in proof of his existence. No flight of the cosmic body with smoky tail. Was the process of the fault of the rocks on earth, accompanied by disturbances telluric radiation along the fault lines on points of crack formation flying plasmoids in the form of ball lightning, and moved invisible source of the noise, and the sky colored stripes. This version also explains the glow of the sky at night before and after the disaster. It is obvious that the enormous intensity of the earth's interior before the explosion dramatically increased the intensity telluric radiation. The scope of the phenomenon was that the glow was observed not only in Siberia, but also in the West of the continent.

And even biologists are puzzled why after the disaster has changed dramatically speed the growth of trees. But it has long been known that some of the trees "love" geopathogenic zones, and the others are depressed by them. The change of the pattern of tension of the earth's crust as a result of seismic discharge certainly caused the change of the pattern of distribution of geopathogenic zones and anomalies that caused the change in the rate of growth of trees. It seems to me that the hypothesis of the Tunguska phenomenon meets all the effects recorded by the observers. It seems there is no fact that the hypothesis is contradicted. What follows? Yes the fact that the hypothesis is correct. If someone does not agree - we will offer his own version.
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