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Людей похищают СерыеMany people already believe that aliens exist. Those who claim to have been abducted by them, no longer considered a fool. Moreover, scientists have even found out what alien race kidnaps people with the Land and with what purpose.

Who are Grey?
There are many alien races - was created even classifier where they are divided into groups. Most often victims of kidnapping describe the same type of aliens who had abducted them.
Its name they received, first of all, thanks to the color of the skin - it has a distinct grey shade. They are humanoids. Emotionally limited, some of them are different assertiveness, others gentle and peaceful. Are divided into several subgroups:
• Type a: growth of 1.2 meters, black eyes, big head, no nose, and mouth resembles a crack. Multiply by the method of cloning. They are interested in the reproductive system of the people: they cross each other in order to create the perfect race hybrids.
• Type B: they are much higher grey type a, growth ranges from to 2 to 4 meters, have a big nose, the rest - type is the same as in gray type A. They, as a rule, are not very hostile to the people, but not too friendly. They have technology that people are represented, as a miracle, and super.
• Type: they are like grey type a, the growth of roughly the same as they. Also hostile to the people.

Why do they do it?
Gray know what they kidnap people, and do it with specific goals: first, as I said, to create a new race; also they study of human emotions; some are considered to be use of a body of the people to power, it is simply eat people. Most of them are aggressive towards us and it can kill. Another goal of most global, in relation to humanity, to take it under total control. Others want, on the contrary, there is a more diplomatic relations with people who are open to cooperation.
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