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It seems incredible, but the giant island of Greenland, freed from the weight of the ice shell, annually rises up to three centimeters.

Scientists estimate that the total liberation of the island from ice masses will cause it to rise half a mile. One of the co-authors of the study, which allowed to come to such a sensational conclusions, became Professor at the technical University of Denmark Shakat Abbas Khan.

The scientist explained: "Greenland is constantly rising, which is caused by the melting of glaciers that his weight pressing on the island". Currently, the glacier covers 80% of the island and contains about 20% of the world supply of ice. The average thickness of the Greenland ice sheet is about 2,100 meters, and the maximum - 3028 meters.

Thus, if it melts entirely, the surface of the island will be, on average, for a mile lower than now. However, the island landscape will change completely, returning to his appearance before the glaciation, which began more than two million years ago during the Neocene.

Will be naked underwater part of the island, resulting in a completely changed the coastline. Changes in this case do not just wait for few Eskimos, but all mankind. According to scientists, the complete melting of the Greenland ice will cause rising sea levels by 6.4 meters.
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