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Что за чередой смертей?The problem of safety of property of the Egyptian pharaohs, with whom they were sent to the afterlife, excited still builders of the pyramids. Robbers used a clever system of traps, false moves and cameras, zamurovic and artificial gegraphic. But relied extensively on the terrible power of spells...

Medieval Arab authors describe the magic "guardians of the pyramids". One of the tombs were guarding the statue, in the forehead which was hidden "snakes", the attacker to everyone coming close; another pyramid was guarding the colossus of black and white onyx with a spear in his hand. Cost to receive the stranger, as from the interior of the statue was a hollow sound, and the uninvited guest had dropped dead. The third was guarding the stone sentinel having this unseen force that knocked down and killed the man.

In addition to the statues of the pyramid was guarded by the spirits. Ancient Egyptian sources muffled mention some kind of "the Lord of the cemeteries". In one case, the spirit took on the form of the young man with long teeth and yellowed skin, in another, it was a naked woman who was lured of robbers and was sent upon them a disastrous spell. Saw the spirit of the pyramids in the form of an old man who walked around the tombs, swinging fire in a vessel type censers...

"The spirits of the past soar in the valley of the dead..." These warnings locals surely remembered English traveler James Brooke, when one night 1768 in the Valley of the kings, he felt a sudden panic, fear. Brooke rushed to escape, and only which shone forth ahead of the Nile made him breathed a sigh of relief. But only got to his boat and pushed off from the shore, he felt himself a man, who returned to life.

That the ancient Egyptians imposed on the tombs special spells, Europeans became known in the end of last century, when it was decrypted most ancient texts. But then the values that have not given, and on "curse of the pharaohs" recalled only in connection with the events around the tomb of Tutankhamun. When archeologists opened it, he saw standing at the sealed doors of the Royal tombs of two black statues custody with gilded heads. Their appearance reminded of the old Arab description "guardians of the pyramids"...

After opening the tomb began a series of strange deaths. After a few months suddenly dies Lord Carnarvon, one of the leaders of the excavations. It was followed by the light of his brother, friends, nurse... Just 21 "sacrifice" Tutankhamun's tomb. In the late 50-ies was the hypothesis that the cause of the mysterious deaths is virus histoplasmosis contained in the litter of bats, which entered the tomb of Tutankhamen through the cracks left by ancient robbers. This virus was allegedly carelessly "reactivated" researchers. However, the failure of this hypothesis was quickly proved: the bats just could not get into the tomb, because the hole made by the robbers, was covered over 3 thousand years ago.

Meanwhile cases "revenge of the pharaohs" were awarded prior history with Tutankhamun. So, B. Henderson, physician of the East India company, who kidnapped in 1805 in Thebes two mummies, a year has gone mad. Shved F. Lidman, traveled to Egypt, gathered a vast collection of stolen items from the tomb. But he had prepared for shipment collection suddenly burned in stock in Constantinople. In 1914 died Century Russian Explorer P. Krasovskii. Before his death he was tortured, as he wrote, "soul" opened them pyramid. Died and Egyptian workers who helped in the excavations. In a car accident killed a colleague Krasouski, Englishman Cockroft. It has been suggested that the pyramid is composed of radioactive granite and cause of death Krasouski and workers appeared to radiation sickness. However, in the case of a car accident radioactivity was obviously to do with it...

The last known victim "curse of the pharaohs" became the Egyptian archaeologist Mohammed Zakaria Ghoneim, from 1952 to 1954 made a number of important discoveries. He, in particular, revealed and explored the pyramid of Pharaoh Sesheshet, son and heir of the first Builder of the pyramid of Djoser. Then when clearing the underground passage one of the stone blocks of the ceiling suddenly collapsed and buried under a worker. And in 1957, was tragically killed himself Goneim.

Dark history happen with ordinary robbers, at your own risk penetrating into the tomb. Many years "the life of a loan," live grave diggers, looking for treasure in the underground tombs of the era of the pharaohs. Gloomy spirit hovers over Jabel-Abu-Cyr - vast desert plateau covered with more than 5 thousands of ancient tombs. The bowels of this place nearly half a century are a treasure-trove for scientists and hunters. But already in the beginning of excavation of one of the treasure was buried in the disturbed them tomb unexpectedly losing a pile of earth. After the first disaster was followed by others. Several people gasped in underground tunnels. In one of the tombs in the dam were killed immediately 14 hunters. Since then among the excavators ' there is a grim warning: "Beware! Jabel will call you!" Few of them dies a natural death. But replaced the one who died here come two beginners...

So is there a phenomenon "curse of the pharaohs"? There is no single answer. Of course, much of what is happening with the researchers and robbers tombs can be considered a coincidence, but too many of these matches.

Four thousand years ago in the Epistle to the heir of one of the pharaohs so taught his descendants: "do Not destroy the tomb, not destroy, not destroy. Now I have done so, and according to acts of mine came to me God". And the Egyptians believed that the uninvited visitors to the tomb vigilantly watches magical eye Udjat which allows the dead from the sarcophagus to see the world...
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