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Странные звуки земли: Под нами кто-то есть..."Under us someone is",-this emotional exclamation belonged American ufologist Alan Polanski, with a small group of researchers, two years ago, went to an abandoned in the mountains of South American lake, from which, according to stories accidentally wandered there travellers, heard strange sounds. After almost a week of waiting researchers, who was in an inflatable boat, too, they heard and recorded using a hydrophone. "These sounds cannot belong to any creatures biological nature and are clearly man-made origin", - summarized in the report of the head of the expedition.
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Several water tornado swept over coastal areas of lake Michigan. Some of them reached 100 meters in height. Unlike classic ornado, the water there are a maximum of half an hour. They are not always accompanied by wind. Most often this phenomenon is observed in the tropical latitudes, and over the Great lakes in the USA it is the big rarity.

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Грибной ЗодиакAnyone could wander in August-September, on forest edges, looking among the grass, pine needles and fallen leaves chanterelles, russulas, orange-cap boletus, brown cap boletus and other wealth mushroom world?
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История сохранила немало свидетельств непознанных аномалийMount Brocken in Germany has long enjoyed a bad reputation. On its top is a huge boulder called the Throne of the witch. Clear stream running nearby, is called the Magical source. Even seemingly, all known plant that grows in other places of the globe, here are enchanted. However, the glory of grief brought not these attractions, and strange, frightening vision in heaven, the ghosts that the name of the amazing mountains were called Brokerskie.
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Домашний духProbably not the more controversial figures in old Slavic Pantheon than the House. All kinds of Water, Goblins, Frights - ancestral enemies of man, only to sorcerers and witches can about something to agree with them, mere mortals better with these entities do not meet. But the House... you can't ever be afraid of that invisible who dwell with thee behind the stove?!
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Призраки Чемальской ГЭСOne of the oldest hydroelectric power plants of the country - Chemal hydroelectric power station, located in the Chemalsky region of the Altai Republic, which attracts hundreds of tourists are attracted by the beauty of the scenic and amazing mysteries associated with this miracle Soviet gidrostroya.
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Tornado formed over the Gulf of Riga in the area of the Cape of Kolka in Latvia on Friday evening, according to the online version of the leading Latvian Smio the words of eyewitnesses, the tornado was observed in the sea at a distance of 5-6 kilometers from the shore and lasted 5-6 minutes. Information about victims and destructions until netsmart are formed in the result of collision of a cold front from the warm air masses prevailing in a particular region.

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Зомби - ходячие мертвецыWho are the zombies are not alive, and not dead creatures, which often meet in Haiti? Whether zombie - dead body without reason and without dushi? Whether it is in the power of the sorcerers who subdued, capturing the soul?
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Эль-НиньоSouthern oscillation and the El-Nino is a global Oceanography atmospheric phenomenon. Being a characteristic feature of the Pacific Ocean, El Nino and La Nina are temperature fluctuations of surface waters in the tropical Eastern Pacific. The names of these phenomena, borrowed from the Spanish locals and introduced into scientific circulation in 1923 by Gilbert Thomas Walker, means "baby" and "baby", respectively. Their impact on climate of the southern hemisphere it is difficult to overestimate. Southern oscillation (atmospheric component of the phenomenon reflects the monthly or seasonal fluctuations in the air pressure difference between the island of Tahiti and Darwin in Australia.
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Электрические людиOne of the first cases of studying the phenomenon of the so-called "electric people ' refers to 1846. 15 January young French Angelica Katan, which just turned fourteen, had a strange condition, which lasted ten days. Cost her to approach any subject, they immediately began to bounce. The lightest touch of her hands or dress was enough for even the heaviest furniture began to spin and jump around the room.
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СтигматыHands and feet of the Savior were pierced with nails. Put on a head a crown of Thorns scratched his forehead and scalp. And one of the Roman legionaries hit him with a spear in the chest, leaving a deep wound...
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Призрак Летучего Голландца"...Called a messenger of the devil, the ship of the dead was called..." From generation to generation sailors told each other the legend of the flying Dutchman. This image will always make the heart beat faster. The mystery and romance related excited the imagination. And not without reason: the legend really very poetic. Judge for yourself...
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Озёра-убийцыMohammed Musa Abdulahi woke up Saturday morning sick and lethargic. The day before he fell ill and lay down right in the school building. Abdulahi went to the house and suddenly noticed that on the streets of his village, in the North-Western Cameroon, reigns frightening silence. Roads and yards of Soboma were littered with corpses. People were lying as if he died on the go or in the middle of a conversation with a neighbor. All dead dog, all the cattle, from the trees fell dead birds and insects.
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Огни Мин-минIn our century the phenomenon ghostly lights excited inhabitants of the countryside of South-West Queensland in Australia quite regularly hosts Heath area of eleven square miles under the name of "Station Alexandria". Amazing, like perform a few steps spots of light, although known as Min-Min (in honor of brothels in the near town Bouley), but did not receive a convincing explanation, with its intriguing behavior induced colliding with them Australians on the idea that they are being persecuted. Some believed that it sports the souls of the dead, not wanting to leave the earth. Others thought the lights is a tiny living beings with UFOs. Science, which was supposed to provide us with a decent explanation, reached an impasse.
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