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Круги на полях - ответ на посланиеAs is known, the time in different places of the planet arise graphics complex matrix topologies. Almost always they appear in the course of one night, in the fields with smooth grass. Objects that are encompassed by the term "circles" cause fierce disputes - from claims that all crop circles forgery, before the recognition of some of them, the message of extraterrestrial civilizations.
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Круги на полях - ИсторияThe first crop circles were seen in 1972, the year when two eyewitness, Artur Settled and Bruce bond, set on a hillside hoping to see the mysterious unidentified flying object that has made this area of England Mecca for ufologists. But what they saw this moonlit night had a few more extraordinary: a hundred feet they saw as part of the fan-shaped ears were killed, forming a smooth circle on the field.
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Загадочные африканские «круги духов» приводят учёных в недоумениеIn the sandy desert and Savannah Namibia, South Africa, mysterious circles, known as "community spirit", which appear and disappear after several years without any apparent cause. A new look at these strange circles not solve their mystery, but at least shows that the greatest of them can last a lifetime.
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Тайна «внеземного» озера Моно в США не дает покоя ученымThe researchers checked, whether in the lake live "other", as announced by NASA astrobiologists
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Тайна долины смертиNatural phenomena are difficult to explain, especially if they are dangerous. On a geographical map of the world there are such names, from which unintentionally creepy: "hill of the dead", "swamp devil", "valley of death"... And every such place always has many mysterious legends, not just about accidental death careless traveler, and the mysterious and unexplained deaths.
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Пещера скелетовCave Skeletons - the legendary semi-mystical cave in the jungle in the North-West from the mouth of the river Kwai in Thailand, about the reality of existence which are numerous disputes. In Russia this cave for the first time it became known from the words of the well-known researcher Nikolai Nepomnyashchy, but abroad, talking about it in 1992 after the disappearance in these places known scientist David Weddle. National Association of anthropologists, the U.S. sent in search of a special expedition under the command Perry and Roy Winston Clive, who had already conducted in the area of the planned search than one year. Driving route Waddle, they quickly reached covered by dense thickets of the hills where the descriptions had to be the search area.
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Патомский кратерNumerous expeditions to study a vast area of radial fall forest on the Podkamennaya Tunguska river, saw no impact craters, neither of meteorite substance. Therefore, the researchers came to the unanimous opinion that there is a real explosion, a powerful explosion odnogo thousand atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima, due to the blast of icy comets when entering her with cosmic speed into the dense layers of the Earth atmosphere. It is believed that up to the surface of our planet comet substance't have got through it all evaporated in the heat of high-temperature explosion.
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Мексиканская зона молчанияOne of the most amazing, strange and little understood "damned" places is located in Mexico, just six kilometers from Texas town of El Paso, Mysterious, magic "Zona del Silencio" Zone of silence, as it is called by local residents. Researchers from around the world are increasingly connecting the Zone of silence with the UFO phenomenon.
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Локнянская полянаThere is in Loknya district of the Pskov region, the place, the existence of which the locals prefer to remain silent: the people over many decades has developed a belief that one who talks a lot about him, certainly will soon die. And these fears are not groundless: over the last 50 years the village, just 16 kilometers from the district center, practically extinct. And the worst thing is that many died with their boots.
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Загадки Медведицкой грядыRabies ball and giant usual lightning, UFO, vegetation and soil, clearly affected by some malicious radiation, a unexplored, only the planned network of underground tunnels is Medveditsky ridge, which is located in the Volgograd oblation, broken, like matches, trees more than thirty centimeters in diameter, which was opened by the blackness of space burns up to five square metres, - that we saw the place "coven" electric elements, once on the Medveditsky ridge. Later, during several expeditions, I and my companions know literally every meter of soil in this mysterious place. Finally on the map of Russia appeared one of the most powerful and unpredictable in his behavior anomalous zones. We learned much about it, but, frankly, there will be enough for all enthusiasts of adventure and study the unknown.
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Загадка Кампо-дель-СьелоAt all times people believed that the Earth has a satellite, the Moon. And only recently emerged evidence that the Moon is not the only natural satellite of the planet. In the myths of ancient times, you can find information about the fall of a cosmic body. Some researchers see in this event, the answer to the mystery of the legendary Atlantis.
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Гиблое местоThe first observation of this phenomenon belongs to the late 1920's - early 1930-ies. In that year, in the Hangar (and the action of our story takes place there was little water, and farmers were forced to drive a herd of cows, hold on meat, on the banks of the river lie in wait in Bratsk. The way they lay from the village of Rozhkovo through the villages Kovu, Uyar and Karamyshevo. During one of the stops lost two cows. Farmers, heading in their footsteps, discovered a large (200-250 m) round meadow with bare, as if scorched earth; places in it lay the corpses of taiga animals and birds. Hanging above the clearing branches of the trees were charred, as if from a close of fire. At a distance less than 20 meters from the last trees lay the corpses of the missing cows. Dogs, barely running out to the field with a squeal jumped back and soon died. Then the farmers were able to establish that the locals know this place. They called it "the devil's cemetery.
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Гиблое место, или Эстонская загадка для разведок трех странThis story began in 1991 on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Among several "contactees", the testimony which I studied, was a ten-year Christian K. from a small Estonian town of Rakvere. He claimed that at night communicate with aliens. Not to forget the vivid nightlife of the picture, the boy in the morning I sketched them from memory: unusual control of aircraft, quite complicated schemes of entry into the atmosphere of different planets, the appearance of ships and of biorobots, who helped manage... was among these figures one quite "earthly": rural house, some buildings nearby. Under the house - a kind of "carelevitra" design. "What is it, Christian?" - "It was some kind of spacecraft. He is under the ground, somewhere in Estonia. Inside "plates", this device..." And he showed me one more figure: the concentric circles, some cells... Well that I still have the video. Well because this story has received unexpected continuation.
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Башня ДьяволаDevils tower - rock bar (so-called geological separateness), reminiscent of the tower, consisting of piled beam separate stone pillars, located in Wyoming, USA. This mountain is unusually correct form, arising 200 million years ago, long time gave the impression of artificial constructions. But as the rock in size exceeds the pyramid of Cheops 2.5 times (the height of 390 m, base width is about the same), the construction of the tower often were instructed not to man, but the devil (hence the name). The mountain has long been the subject of reverent worship and a source of fear in the local population, it was alleged that at the very top have repeatedly observed the strange light phenomena.
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Аркаим ч.2Astroarchaeology has accumulated a wealth of evidence to show that throughout ancient history, starting from the Paleolithic times, different Nations of the Earth were built prioritetnye Observatory to watch the sunsets and sunrises bodies. Only they usually were very simple: the Observatory configured only one (out of eighteen!) a significant event. Until now we had only one case of multiple events on a single Supervisory "tool". This case is called Stonehenge.
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