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Что человеку нужно знать о своих снах?Senseless dreams does not happen. 90% of our dreams reflect anxieties, desires and stress in our lives. Dreams are trying our subconscious to find answers to the questions that it may not get during wakefulness.

In 10% of dreams in our body sends a signal about the disease. If you dream that you are in the wilderness or bathing in the bath, then get ready for the impending cold. If you dream that you are being strangled or locked in a stuffy room, or fall into the snow, it talks about the problems with breathing or heart.

Frequent dreams about treason and fraud.
If you are in the dream changed husband or husband betrayed you and your girlfriend, don't worry, you are not dissipated man and you don't delirium of jealousy. Scientists from the Harvard school of medicine has estimated that dream about adultery seen 87% of the people.

Remember the last dream.
The average person for his life sees 100 thousand dreams. During the night, we see a 90 minute dreams. The shortest dream that lasts 5 minutes - this is the first dream. The longest lasting up to 45 minutes is the last, and we remember the dream, the one that is closest to the revival.

Sleep trains the brain.
A group of researchers from the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA) checked by 208 students brain activity, which is responsible for storing information. It was found that an hour before falling asleep, knowledge is transferred in a dream from the Department of fast memory that stores one day, in the Department of long-term memory, which stores many years. Scientists have shown that sleep improves memory. Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is responsible in our brain for the reproduction of information.

Duplicate images is a signal.
If you each day dream the same dream, it's very serious. These dreams have to listen. Your body's warning you. A doctor from Germany Eric Koenig told: in his practice there were many cases when the organism they warned people about the heart attack and stroke in a few days. Significant dreams not only be remembered, but also create a feeling of anxiety.
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