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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Распространенные заблуждения человека The human mind is a wonderful thing. The knowledge, the action, and the process of thinking allows faster processing of large amounts of information. For example, every time your eyes are open, your brain is constantly bombarded by various stimuli. Consciously you can think about one thing, but your brain subconsciously will handle thousands of subconscious ideas.
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Может ли знаменитое «Касание смерти» работать в реальной жизни?You saw a Shot five fingers in the movie "Kill bill" and saw Spock conducts Vulcanian capture nerve million times. Are these techniques simply fantasy - or someone really can mysteriously topple forward a precise strike?
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Психотронное оружие, двоякая медицина, сверх-возможности человека, и многое другоеMultidimensionality psychotronic, information and genetic weapons, Nibiru, medical equipment, heredity, DNA, energy houses, vegetarianism, food, "Aspartame", GMOs, immunizations, cancer, AIDS, nutrition prana, methods of recognition of the truthfulness of information, possibilities of humanity, reality Transurfing, Drunvalo Melchizadek, Merkaba, Telegony, Sal Rachel, Lee Carroll, Cassiopeia.
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Мифы о здоровом питании и их опровержениеWe often hear people telling each other, how to eat correctly. While giving the truth common "people's" misconceptions. Let's try to refute the popular myths about healthy eating.
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New York Times призывает американцев быть готовыми к социальному коллапсу.FEMA и американские карантинные лагеряThe New York Times published a story ( "How to survive in the suburbs during social collapse"), which many might call too late for the majority of new Yorkers, but "timely" for many other people who are preparing for the collapse of society. A few weeks after the hurricane Sandy slammed new York and new Jersey, sending countless people in FEMA camps (Ferley service for emergency situations), new York times paints a picture of "survival" in a different light.
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25 лёгких перекусов, которые снабдят вас энергией на весь деньOur energy is directly related to the foods we eat. The foods that we choose to saturate the body can either improve our vital energy, or to reduce it. Here is a list of energy-rich foods that will support your General condition and health. 25, so let's get started!
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Теософия – религия без БогаMade almost half a century ago by Helena Blavatsky try "synthesis of all religions" one degenerated into the usual propaganda Eastern mysticism, occultism and magic. However, having had time to visit the Soviet years "beloved religion Soviet engineers"and then the spiritual basis of totalitarian sects.
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Плакать полезно для здоровьяWith what do you associate tears and weeping? Agree - when it comes to this expression of emotions, hardly comes to mind something positive. And crying is almost always associated with some sad event, or even fatality.
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Лицензия для курения: да или нет?This works for coal-fired power plants. Many have put forward the idea that the same fate should wait and walking chimney - regular smokers. Yes, we are talking about the license for the opportunity to smoke. Professor of public health at the University of Sydney in Australia Simon Chapman (Simon Chapman), offers such a radical solution to the devastating impact of tobacco on the smokers and passive smokers.
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Бросай курить – помоги своей силе воли… лимонадом!What would we do without American scientists? Who but these tireless workers of science, tells us about how eating a sandwich where to put the toothpaste and what side it's better to see the sunrise?
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Ученые: когда родился - так и проживешь!That figures affect our lives, astrologers say a long time ago. Their studies indicate that between the date of birth of the person and his health, happiness and career there is a direct link. Actually, until recently, they were considered the main specialists in the answers to the question, what awaits us in the future. Now joined them and scientists.
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10 недоказанных вещей, в которые люди все равно верятEmpirical evidence allow us to understand what to believe and what not, but sometimes get cold hard facts is impossible. Even when we have no solid evidence to support the existence of something, people tend anyhow extend" faith in certain things.
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10 распространенных научных мифовWe have certain views that are based on personal experience, education, the media and opinion of the people around us.
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Спальня – самое аллергенное место в доме!British scientists say that in his own bedroom we "sleeping with the enemy" in the literal sense of the word: in our bed full of potential instigators of allergic reactions.
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Чем полезен зелёный чайBlack and green teas contain about 30 thousand different polyphenolic compounds, some of which has already proved its real, not imaginary usefulness, significantly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and small cell lung inflammation in fat tissue, causing diabetes of the second type.
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