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Пришельцы среди нас

Aliens among us

Among ufologists there are those who are not just waiting for the aliens to visit, and believe that they are already among us, living among people, among them many celebrities. They differ from most people's appearance, energy and abilities. It is believed that these alien guests came to Earth in order to follow us. Probably, these aliens - bright, kind, configured against humanity are very friendly. Naturally, they belong to the race of humanoids.
Alien guests of the past
It is believed that these aliens poselyaetsya to us, that is, enter the bodies of people. The aim is the friendly: send thus us their knowledge and experience. And of course, send your planets information about us, the people. According to some ufologists, such podselenie were: Voltaire, Mendeleyev, Leonardo da Vinci, Viktor Tsoi, nick Turbine, Elvis Presley. For example, nick Turbine is known that in 5 years, wrote "adult" poems and Yevgeny Yevtushenko was amazed by her talent.
Who among us today
Among contemporary celebrities, too, there are those that fall into the list of the aliens. For example, Alexander Tsoi, the son of Victor Tsoi. He hangs himself hooks for the skin on the back and says he's not hurt, and even pleasant. Also he has a strong energy and in General it is considered "weird" by the child.
Zhanna Aguzarova, perhaps, the brightest representative: her appearance, energy, songs and even the ability to indicate that it may be not quite human. It is very high, the structure of its skull is not usual for people, it simply enormous energy. In addition, her colleagues said that it almost instantly heal all wounds: to recall how it five hours after the operation has already been performed at the concert.


The aliens: they are

Ufologists - specialists, studying other galaxies, and so on - divided aliens into two large groups: humanoids and Nagumanov. Each group has pothappy and they are all in some kind of directory. To a certain extent, it cannot be called objective, because it was created according to eyewitnesses and victims of abduction by aliens. However, this directory exists and, I must say, it contains a very impressive and detailed information: the names, specifications, descriptions and pictures.
It is their most often, you see in sci-Fi movies. They are reasonably similar in appearance to the people, however, they are distinguished by a disproportionately long arms and legs and big heads, black eyes and gray skin color. The height varies from about 1 metre to 3 metres. Also they, unlike people, 3 to 4 fingers on each limb. Humanoids psychic which is their usual way of communication, but they can communicate in the native language of the person.
These aliens are characterized by their ability to take very different forms of living beings. This can be both man and animal, and quite a mystical creature. For example, they include the giant multi-hand, dwarfs (and they do not have either the nose or ears), being of medium height (they can either be without a head, or with short legs). Often they take the form of creatures, so to speak, with unusual eyes: they can either Shine or have no inhibition, or be in the form of beads, or burning, or even may not have them. In addition, eyewitnesses described polorotov, translucent creatures and live jellyfish.


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