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Тунгусский метеорит - мутантыAbout once a year mystery of the century - where are the Tunguska meteorite and what exactly happened on the territory of Evenkia June 30, 1908 is solved. But not an ounce of what actually consisted space body exploded over the taiga at an altitude of several kilometers, was never found. And it is very desirable.

Once at the crash site, I also tried to find the substance of the meteorite with one of enthusiasts-researchers. Volodya called himself the operator of biolocation and probed the Tunguska bowels. "Here in the land of some kind of anomaly, " explained my colleague on search. "I feel..." In his words, over the past decade rains washed the meteorite substance from the heights, but at the bottom it places survived. Lies this substance can say that on the surface, and the abnormal location is between a small swamp Bagel and Acute mountain 4 km to the West from the conventional point - the epicenter of the explosion. We have done to the border anomalies on the map. And before that other researchers have found in peat Bagel-diamond-graphite clusters of cosmic origin, and metal plates, enriched with Nickel and platinum.

There one had to observe not common for taiga phenomenon: in the late evening, there came a very low rumbling drone, which shook the earth and laid ears. Sitting around the campfire participants of the Tunguska expeditions jumped up - it seemed that drops another meteorite. Hum intensified, clicking, indistinguishable for low cloud object passed over the marsh and died out. Soon we saw it: in a gap between clouds, there was bright red radiant star and disappeared behind the forest. Just in time this abnormal flight lasted more than a minute.

Unusual feelings are, even when approaching the epicenter. Mi-8 sits down in the crater of an ancient volcano, and over which there was an explosion. The crater, but not the a coincidence. Or, on the contrary, not incidental, if we are to believe the hypothesis "Tunguska plasmoid". According to the impact area is a special place on Earth, "antenna" or "channel", where the energy flows from space into the depths of the planet and back. For this "antenna" to the volcano and pulled loose from the Sun piece of plasma in magnetic bag. Over the taiga plasma low, and therefore the matter no no.

A strong impression still leaves and the so-called "catastrophe inrush" - dead trees and fallen shock wave. I simply admire powerful larch, broken at the height of two to three meters, as matches. The wood on the edges of stumps as if crushed giant press. Near fall similar to the cemetery wood mutants. But these mutants Tunguska - ants and crustaceans in reservoirs. After the catastrophe they have somehow changed the tabs and shells... one of the scientists called the place of falling "garden mutant" because of the anomalous growth of plants. For example, young pine in the midst grow much faster than normal. According to one hypothesis, all the matter in the substance of the meteorite, which Tungus flora something like fertilizer. And the residents of the village Arrow-Chunya on the tributaries of the Lower Tunguska found a genetic abnormality - mutation of the blood protein. Evenks three generations of one family in 1912 received a unique combination rhesus factor that is missing in the Northern peoples. Genus mutants went from hunter, who at the moment of explosion was near the epicenter.

Today this unique area of the planet delineated by boards with the announcement of the "Special protected zone". They were set by the inspectors of the reserve. It would be better to write "Reserve. Protected by the state" or "Entry and hunting is prohibited". But others liked the term "zone". , An analogy with the famous fantastic way from the novel by the Strugatsky brothers "roadside picnic" and the film Stalker": there arose in the place of landing of alien spacecraft "zone" becomes a symbol of the unknown. So at Tunguska. Scientific argument about the riddles of the century long been stalled. Best of all expressed painful problem the head of dozens of scientific expeditions to the place of falling of academician Nikolai Vasiliev: "the Choice between a comet, metal and stone asteroid is a choice between the devil in blue, green devil and the devil spotted. In the Procrustean bed of the classical image of small bodies of the Solar system Tunguska meteorite hard not go". There is no "substances", it is not clear why both before and after the fall of the huge part of Eurasia experienced unusually bright nights, do not meet the testimony of witnesses who observed the span of the car who morning who afternoon, who in the evening. There is a hypothesis that all the witnesses lie, no bolide does not exist, and the felling of forests has occurred due to the explosion of marsh gas.

The situation becomes clearer, if we assume that the Tunguska humanity was faced with the phenomenon, which still knows nothing. In this we are not far away from Tungus who were sure that a hundred years ago from heaven descended metal birds Agda with glowing eyes and condemned people. One of the researchers after a long ordeal concluded: "We are the pygmies, who saw in the jungle crash of an airliner". For science is a shame, but it explains a lot.
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