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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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A story about aliens, flying saucers, parallel worlds, and contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, based on previously inaccessible documents from the military archives. Unidentified objects mysterious creatures... it's Hard to find someone who wouldn't think too much about the device of the Universe and that we are not alone. But how to find proof of the existence of UFOs and aliens?

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Секретные базы: под землей, под водой, в облакахHundreds of secret objects, underground bunkers, command posts, test ranges, medical laboratories, warehouses advanced weapons... All this is literally Packed with a globe...
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Медики начали исследование скелета предполагаемого инопланетянина из ПеруWeb-site hiddenincatours.com informed that currently the two doctors have begun the study of the skeleton of an alleged alien from Peru.
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«Чужие» оставили на Земле подсказкиRoman philosopher Titus Lucretius Carus in his work "About the nature of things" formulated the theory on the influence of space aliens on human development (the theory of paleokontakta): "the Whole visible world in nature is not the only thing we have to admit that in the other spaces there are other lands with other human beings (sentient beings) and other animals". Of course, he was not the first who gave this message. In particular, it expressed the Greek sages.
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In late October 2012 whole world headlines around the video, which cigar-shaped UFO flies right into the crater of the volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico. Some have even linked it with the beginning of sandy.
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Контакты и контактеры или загадочная ложь пришельцевSensation! Just managed to contact representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations (EC)!! For the first time managed to get answers to all questions from aliens!!! Sensation? Of course... But the message would print every week.
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Весточка от инопланетянSensational message of the American astronomers made on the first day of autumn, went unnoticed, although at other times, this event would be devoted editorials all leading Newspapers of the world. After all, it was about getting from space radio signal, having, apparently, artificial origin.
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According to local journalists. According to them, in the first edition came a local farmer, and brought record on which something is spinning in front of the camera. Then reporters at the same place at noon could shoot something, chaotic hovering over the field. Although skeptics argue that this is a large insect or game optics, ufologists believe with us trying to get the little green men.

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Skeptics who do not believe in the existence of higher civilizations from space, observing humanity and regularly visiting our planet, threw another challenge. In the United States captured on video landing unidentified flying object. These clips online mass, but the situation with the new video is complicated by the fact that the truthfulness of words of its author confirmed by local journalists, clearly having satisfied himself that UFOs over the American earth flies with enviable regularity.

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A few decades at NASA denied the facts manifestations of extraterrestrial activity around our planet. In this picture clearly visible two objects. Voice-over explains that all the time of observation they are one and the same place. On both sites can be seen by two light spot: more probably, engine and less likely cabin.

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Зачем землянам знания пришельцев?Canadian scientist and anthropologist Krista Henriksen said recently that the study of several dozens of people kidnapped by aliens she came to a rather unexpected conclusion: such experience, in some cases, is positive. Argentinian Ventura Maceiras, 73-year-old music guard from the city Tres Arroyos he saw a UFO when drinking tea before the guard booth.
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Пришельцы могут принимать образ любого человекаWhen it comes to aliens - they usually represent such what they show in the Hollywood bloghost: low, with egg, a disproportionately large heads, with a huge slanting eyes.
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Загадки НЛО: миф, природное явление или внеземные цивилизации?on June 24, 1947, in the USA (Washington) reported the first in UFOlogy message about UFOs. Since then the world has a secret discussion about what UFO: myth, a natural phenomenon or is it a proof of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.
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Изучение НЛО в различных странахThe investigation of the UFO phenomenon is given much attention. Intensive efforts in the study of UFOs from the state take France, England, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Japan and China. In addition, currently there are over 400 different public organizations dealing with the UFO problem. Thanks to them, received thousands of pictures and drawings UFO with their descriptions.
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НЛО в Древней ИндииIn the Indian city of Hyderabad has recently held the national Symposium "Science and technology in Ancient India", where we were talking about the amazing aircraft and mysterious city of Mohenjo-Daro, burned weapons of tremendous power.
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