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Склад летающих тарелок13 February 1992, nearly 45 people went to the police with the statement that they have observed a strange object the size of a soccer ball (according to other witnesses, with the car), hovering at an altitude of 900 meters in the air somewhere between the towns Aldrich and Sutton Coldfield in the UK.
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НЛО в средние векаExtant sources Chronicles and other documents suggest that in VI-XVII centuries in some European countries, Japan, and China has seen unidentified flying objects.
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Мы ждем перемен… Результаты международной конференции астрологов2013 is the most controversial of premonition. On the one hand, we, as always, hope for the best, on the other - sad to see that the world crisis continues, natural disasters have not become less, and the mighty of this world is wiser and far-sighted...
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Что могут земляне противопоставить атаке пришельцевThere is on Earth a man who would not looking at the night sky and tried to understand is there one out of a billion planets another like our home, where live the living and sentient being and contact, which sooner or later must occur.
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Человечество - продукт неудачного экспериментаThe mystery of the accident UFOs under rosellon for over 63 years old, but still emerge new details of an unusual event that far from us. Thus, there appeared the information that in the U.S. there was not one but three of a UFO crash, well and the most incredible information is that in August 1947 Indian reservation Apache tribe managed to find and cure the wounded alien.
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На борту таинственных НЛОThe first thing that surprises has risen on Board a mysterious ship, it is a large internal volume of the building, devoid of the usual for spacecraft clutter of cables, devices, pipes, toggle switches.
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Разумные сущности - везде и всюдуWho still doubts the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, alien, or even strongly rejects any information of this kind, considering it "nonsense" and fiction?
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Тайная встреча в ООН: НЛО рассекретят в 2013 году!Michael Salla, PhD, Director of the Institute of ECOPOLICY and author of several books. He believes that currently, with the Terrans in one form or another interact 17 different extraterrestrial civilizations, and several are constantly monitoring our planet. And here this man received an e-mail message from two friends ufologists who completely trusts. Their names - clay and Sean Pickering. Dr. Salla immediately published in UFO Digest what he had to learn from them. The news was picked up by other media.
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Теория игр защитит от инопланетянIf aliens exist, how to enter into contact with them? Messages sent into space, yet unanswered. And the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking believes that the attempts to get in touch risky: who knows what to expect from brothers on reason? According to Harold de + from the Austrian Institute of science and technology, to help here can game theory.
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In September 2012, Gordon Duff (Gordon Duff) chief editor Veterans Today ("Veterans today, the prestigious American specialized edition of veterans of the American army and employees of the Department of state.) told the world that are "war on UFO", and that China and the United States have joined forces to fend off the UFO off the coast of San Francisco. Gordon Duff not usually prone to sensationalism.

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Гибель инопланетянина в ШвецииIn the mid 70-ies of XX century in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen hosted the international exhibition under the motto Karlek eller Kaos ("Love or confusion"). It was located in the old (XVII century) the Charlottenburg Palace. There was also a stand of Association of the Swedish ufologists Free UFO Study (FUFOS). Hundreds of visitors daily was detained near him, to hear the message about the events in the field of UFOlogy and look at the accompanying slides.
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Контакты землян с инопланетянами подтверждают имплантатыSince ancient times to this day, from time to time newspaper pages full of information about a contact person with the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Someone believes these articles, someone is skeptical and is waiting for actual evidence, and not unfounded claims.
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Азербайджанский эзотерик: активизация НЛО и есть "Конец Света""End of the world" is that UFOs seriously begin to interfere in politics. So Azerbaijani esoteric researcher Vagif Alekperov commented on expectations of December 21, 2012.
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Древний деформированный череп взволновал «уфологов»Archaeologists digging in the Mexican desert Sonora, discovered, apparently, a cemetery early Mesoamerican community, including deformed skull.
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