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Пришельцы хотят нас уничтожить?Anyone who thinks that the first stranger, officially came into contact with representatives of the human race, will be friendly creature like I-Tee, will be disappointed. NASA scientists say that "ecologycally" inhabitants of other galaxies can destroy our planet is to make us reduce emissions of greenhouse gases they have despaired.
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Медведев: «Президент знает про существование инопланетян». У Владимира Путина другое мнениеThe sensational statement of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation has sounded on air after his interview to the Federal television channels on 7 December 2012
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Апостол инопланетянIn may 1995 with Jim sparks, 41-year-old farmer from a small town in Northern California, has been an incredible case. About him Jim told Linda, Moulton How, American journalist and writer, ufologist, researcher of anomalous phenomena. Here is the story of Jim in her account.
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НЛО как сверхсекретное оружиеChina has announced plans to build the country's first base for the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The big interest in participation in this project already showed more than two dozens of large investors. So, the Taiwanese company "Changquan" is ready to invest in the construction of a unique database of about $ 20 million.
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The other day there was already a message that the unidentified flying object, UFOs, dived under the water off the coast of Okinawa, an island on the southern tip of Japan. Several news groups, the police and an ambulance was able to see "shell UFO" in the water, according to several istochnikov did the video:

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Мигающие звёзды – сигналы от инопланетян?When scientists are looking for funding for their projects, they play the game, if their research is not too excites emotions. Excitement inherent most controversial advanced fields of research, but the Agency sponsors prefer to invest in projects that will almost certainly bring a return. "You actually want to show that half of the work has already been done to demonstrate that it is feasible," says Luciana of Walkowitz, an astrophysicist at Princeton University.
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Аномальные зоны в местах посадки НЛОPlace of landing of UFOs are one of the most amazing features of these mysterious objects. Most people deny any reports of UFO landing, as it is not part of their usual understanding of reality. However, almost after each landing on the surface of the earth remain physical traces which are usually quite stable, so that for several months or even years to be subjected to objective scientific research. Such traces are recorded long since practically all over the world and are called "jacks flying saucers".
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Древние Боги - звездные пришельцыIn the vast jungles of South America in Brazil lives in small tribe of Indians kayapo in 1952 expedition English scientists, who visited the country, stated strange religious cult of natives.
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Пришельцы среди насKidnapping for obscure (and understand why there?) goals did not begin with flights American fighters of American bases. We already told about the disappearance of one of the battalions of the British Norfolk regiment during the First world war. However, both before and after this happened, the mass of a single abduction, which makes no sense to dwell, as not all of them can be identified. But some failed kidnapping eloquently suggests that the tendency exists, and it is developing.
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Пророк Иезекиил, или пришельцы в БиблииThe prophet Ezekiel is among other somewhat apart. First, because, according to the story, this person is real, while a few others have doubts. The son of a priest was a priest at the temple of Yahweh (the name of God the father in the Bible) in Jerusalem. He was highly respected by the people; this is evidenced by the fact that for some time among his pupils was the great ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Pythagoras. Secondly, he is the only prophet who, according to his description, have seen... a space ship!
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Были ли похищения на самом деле?Aliens pursued his studies not only in animals but also on the people. There were cases when people were taken sleeping right from their beds or on walks in the forest, from cars, on the empty road. They conducted experiments: they took the samples of fabrics, hair, was illuminated by the rays of unknown origin, some did very painful injections or cut, took the blood.
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Роль пришельцев в катаклизме 2012 годаSome ufologists say that in 2012 the mysterious planet Nibiru will approach the Earth and so will hit its gravitational field, which will start new flood. They also say that the governments of the leading countries have long known about the threat and, therefore, full build underground bases, connected by a network of tunnels where the chosen will survive the cataclysm.
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Пришельцы в доисторические временаOne of the first scientific hypotheses about visiting the Earth in prehistoric times, the game was first launched in the early 1930s, a Professor of Leningrad University and Leningrad Polytechnic Institute Rynkowym, one of the pioneers of aviation business in Russia, the author of jet engines, a friend of the founder of scientific base for Russian aircraft manufacturing of Zhukovsky.
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ЧЕРЕП ИНОПЛАНЕТЯНИНАAncient settlements and burial mounds always evoked keen interest among historians and archaeologists. During excavation can sometimes discover a quite interesting things.
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Космонавтов спас НЛО?It is known that in the period from 1967 to 1981 on earth orbit was derived 40 manned spacecraft "Soyuz". Then came the ships "Soyuz T" and "Soyuz TM" to deliver crews to the Soviet orbital stations "Salyut" and "Mir", and from February 2003 to the International space station "Alfa". All "Unions" was drawn numbers: "Soyuz-1", "Soyuz-2" and so on. But there is one exception: "Unions" at number 18 was simply "Soyuz-18" and "Soyuz-18-1".
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