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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Рассказ очевидца.НЛО: встречи в КазахстанеI moved from Almaty to Astana. For several years had not once to move and I noticed some matches after some miracles in heaven my planned relocation necessarily implemented. And without these heavenly signs, nothing comes out with change of place of residence or work.
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Google Street View запечатлела НЛО в штате Миссури?Unknown object with its pink dome has been fixed in heavens by the Google Street View, which is the second case over the last months. Experts said that most likely, it is the effect of glare.
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Инопланетяне «высасывают» из человека душуIn recent times about aliens began to speak as about double vampires - the exhaust from a person not only blood and soul. Whether for this version of something real or we are dealing with another fantastic fiction?
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Столица для НЛО"If I was entrusted to choose the capital "tarelochnymi", I would have voted for Dalnegorsk village in Primorye, built near the deposits of polymetals, wrote in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" ufologist Andrey Pavlov. - UFOs appear here with the regularity of an Express train: they see many citizens got used to them and almost afraid.
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Луч-зонд собирает информациюWhen the famous Greek philosopher Socrates asked a difficult question to which there is no obvious answer, he said: "Let us examine. Engage the facts. We need to help new thought to be born." But here's the strange thing - when it comes to the UFO mystery, ufologists often pay attention to what's already repeatedly was recorded in respect of UFOs, and put new facts associated with them. Meanwhile, it was their analysis can shed more light on the nature of this phenomenon.
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Пришельцы и их гибриды ждут «часа х»There is a version that the aliens are going to populate the Earth with their hybrids and mutants and humans to destroy or put in a reservation. Apparently, the "hour X" is not far off. Team hybrids, outwardly indistinguishable from people and possess paranormal abilities, already trained in the remotest corners of the planet...
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Since the beginning of 2013 many UFOs were seen in the space next to the International space station (ISS), by a few hundred kilometers above the Earth. The video, which appeared on YouTube shows pictures taken by the cameras NASA, which depict the objects of different forms. Some are moving very slowly, and the other way around racing through space.

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Зачем НЛО "копают" скважины?In various points of the planet detected so-called anomalous well - melted a hole in the earth, the appearance of which is associated with UFOs. Sometimes strangers credited and the disappearance of significant amounts of soil, when on the earth's surface overnight formed a huge pit, reminiscent of the craters.
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Почему президенты не видят летающих тарелок?Have you ever seen a flying saucer? No? And you will not see. Because some ufologists believe that they only appear before the elect. So who has seen - can be proud of. Strange, but true: those who see UFOs, sometimes I see it every month, and many researchers of this phenomenon are generally deprived of such opportunity. Well not come to them "little green men"! Mankind has already split into two hostile camps: the UFO is not and can not be, said the first. The latter say nothing, apparently understanding that the opposite is proven impossible. Yet. Interesting obtained thing.
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Древние рудники и пришельцыAliens who find themselves at a considerable distance from their home planet and who experienced a shortage in equipment for mining, entered simple and brilliant, creating slaves-miners.
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Истина археологии против тайн НЛОArchaeologists carry out excavations around the Sonoran desert in Mexico, found the burial site of the ancient Mesoamerican culture. Special interest was deformed skull, writes the online edition of Discovery News. As reported by scientists log Past Horizons Archaeology, "buried in the burial ground of twenty-five people, thirteen of them observed artificial cranial deformation, and at five - damage to teeth.
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Wikileaks: Идет тайная война с НЛО в АнтарктидеDuring the last occurrence of water UFO 40 people died.
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Cледы крушения «летающей тарелки» сохранились в каменном углеVladivostok resident found the rack metal, similar to detail from the microscope. Scientists have determined its age - 300 million years
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НЛО-объективная реальностьOne of the former employees of this Department (had the status of a research Institute), candidate of technical Sciences B. N. kavalkou have kept a copy of the report on UFOs and handed it to me. After reviewing the report, I came to the conclusion that it is almost ready tutorial on UFOlogy, the author of which can be described as Vyacheslav Pavlovich kovalkova. I must say that the table of contents of the report speaks for itself: the UFO is a reality
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