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UFO: but only if flying objects?

Everyone talks about unidentified flying objects, forgetting that there are still objects floating or underwater. Surprisingly, but in history have been fixed and such! As a rule, Unidentified Floating Objects ( NGOs ), showed itself through defects in the work of the steering and other systems of ships or hang or show themselves in full sense of this word.

Ice blocks in the air

Several people standing on the deck of the vessel, seen it, so the authenticity of this story to doubt it is not necessary. They suddenly saw near the ship something soared into the sky. Surprisingly there were a lot of things: first, it is something reminiscent of serebrsty whether a bullet, or a firecracker. Secondly, under this object was the thickness of ice in 3 meters, and it broke the ice with ease. Third, over the ice-hole, which has left it's something that was swirling steam. This object as if hovering in the sky and then fell with a crash where flew.

Flying underwater disks

Something similar history has recorded the crew of the ship "Franklin D" in 1975. Then they saw a huge object that flew out of the water. He circled around their carrier and disappeared under the water. As he flew at normal speed, people noticed that he looked like a steel disk with Windows. The description is very similar to the classic flying saucers, in the movies.

There were cases when the object was flying, on the contrary, with great speed; or had an oval shape; or departing from the water, but didn't fly, but simply missing, as if into thin air. There were cases when the object is not visible to the eye, but all the instruments showed that the "next there is something": they increased too, refused to work or, on the contrary, the arrows were spinning at breakneck speed. Also NGOs, invisible to the human eye, showed the radar, and it will not deceive. The most terrible thing was that the NGO was superior to the vehicle several times, as if he enveloped the ship itself.


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