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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Предлагаем восстановить, заказать, купить диплом Вуза в любом городе России. Только настоящий бланк ГОЗНАК с гарантией.

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Президенты против пришельцевSupermen from the White house. In every Hollywood film-catastrophe main role is played by the US President, who wisely and quickly solves all problems. With on-screen leaders of the state, everything is clear: they finger in your mouth better not to put - bite, but how to be with the presidents of these? As, for example, Ronald Reagan, the great, by the way, the fan of aliens, had dealt with the attack UFO, say, Mars? Probably about such thoughts were guided by the producers of the TV channel National Geographic Channel, when you decided to have an unusual survey. 1114 Americans were asked the same question: who of the two candidates to better cope with the alien invasion? Barack Obama trust seems to be more. Two out of three (64%) of respondents gave preference to him rather than MITT Romney.
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История исследования НЛОThe history of UFO research in the United States can be divided into two periods: the first (1947 - 1969), when it was officially considered, that the UFO phenomenon was studied for the us air force on projects with various code names; the second (from 1970 to the present time), when it became officially known that all UFO research on the state line stopped, although in fact they continue to be conducted and the Pentagon, and the Agency for National Security, and the CIA.
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2012 год. Секретные убежища на Урале?Some of the tourist group, making its route through the Bashkir mountain Yaman-Tau, sometimes see in the sky unidentified flying objects. This is mainly glowing orbs, cigars and disks, which was noticed and local residents. Why UFOs are drawn to the occupied military and partially closed for visits mountain? The answer is nobody knows...
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ФРС или как ограбить весь мирHistory founded in 1913 after a secret session of the richest people of America, held on the island Jekyll so-called "Federal Reserve" deserves a separate discussion. All its centuries-old history of this structure, which has an exclusive right to print U.S. dollars (and also create them on the hard drives of a Bank of computers, that is, even without spending of funds for printing!) escaped the attention of the public. That means it was a sacred place. This is the "Holy of holies" of the capitalist world.
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Вся правда о Бильдербергском КлубеI believe that people and organizations do not represent neither an absolute evil or absolute good. Each of us needs for survival, dominion and power are in constant confrontation with the needs of philanthropy, and charity, and certain of them define the behavior of a person. But it seems that in Bilderberg-ish club is prevalent (though not completely) the need for power. These nuances in no way do less important the terrible situation of insanity, to which we are led.
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Непроизнесенная, но заготовленная речь президента США Ричарда НиксонаThe destiny has disposed so that people going to the moon for its peaceful development, destined to rest there in the world. These courageous people, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that they have no hope. But they also know that their victim a sense of hope for all mankind. Both of them give their lives for the sake of one of the most noble goals set before mankind: for the sake of knowledge and the search for truth. They mourn their families and friends; they mourn their homeland; they mourn the peoples of the world; their mourns the homeland itself, the Earth who dared to send two of his sons into the unknown distance.
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Тайны отказного архива: нелепицы и чудесаSome believe that the state archives full of secrets, which the authorities are hiding from the public. If it were so! Often the archives are full of nonsense that and read something boring. But among them there are the pearls, and if not good, then at least funny. But see for yourself that can be found in the regular archives of most usual city of Kuibyshev.
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Тайна объекта № 15When in 1933 to power in Germany Hitler came, the radio station of the Third Reich began broadcasting in all European countries. Flows of Nazi propaganda pouring out of the ether, particularly intensified since the outbreak of the Second world war. From the Soviet Union then took urgent and adequate response to the Nazi ideologues who through radios were treated consciousness of millions of people.
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Кефир – оружие ЦРУLook for shells of foreign war of civilizations against Russia should everywhere. Not only in the speeches of politicians and information space, but also in everyday reality. Russia will endure, will beat off from seizure attempts, if its citizens will be vigilant.
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«Цыганское» золото форта НоксIn October 2009, the Ministry of Finance of the USA from the store, located at Fort Knox, was sent to China batch of gold bars. The country regularly deliver and receive gold, in order to pay debts and to align the trade balance. Much of the gold in the world is exchanged and stored in depositories under the supervision of a special organization - the London Association of participants of the market of precious metals (London Bullion Market Association - LBMA).
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Таинственный мини-шаттл X-37B возвращается на ЗемлюБеспилотный космический корабль X-37B, запущенный с базы ВВС США на мысе Канаверал больше года назад, завершает миссию.
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То, что мы не одни во Вселенной, известно с 1952 годаСенсационные документы обнаружены в архивах Кембриджского университета.
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СОКРЫТИЕ ФАКТОВ О НЛОЗаговор пришельцев и правительств стран мира - постоянная тема для множества публикаций и документальных фильмов. Однако самые хлесткие заявления слабо подкреплены, но не из-за лености их авторов, а из-за того, что добывать доказательства опасно и практически почти невозможно.
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Встреча Эйзенхауэра с НЛООдним из первых выводов который должен сделать беспристрастный наблюдатель за НЛО это то, что слишком много слухов и домыслов находится там, где должны быть сухие факты. Уже не раз было сказано о том, что в изучении НЛО слишком много религии и суеверий и слишком мало научных подходов к изучению этого вопроса.
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Подполковник Уилсон рассказывает про Розуэлльский инцидентСообщения о контактах землян с инопланетянами появляются на протяжении уже почти 65 лет - если за начало отсчета принять Розуэлльский инцидент в 1947 году. Официальная наука эти сообщения всерьез не принимает, да и далеко не все уфологи им доверяют. Но число подобных сообщений не уменьшается. Вот одно из них.
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