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Технология 25 кадр. Зомбирование и воздействие на подсознание. Как нам промывают мозгиThe variety of methods of the information-psychological war, the processing of the subconscious mind of the person or group of people by means of suggestion, or special technical means and methods by which it (they) is programmed on unconditional submission anyone's orders to commit any action, or the perception of any of them susceptible to suggestion political, philosophical or religious doctrine.
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Мифы и реальность проекта «HAARP». Страшилка двадцать первого векаThe American project "HARP" (HAARP) a difficult fate. Publications there are not very many, but about them is blown something fantastic. For example, the media announced that as a result of "HARP" occurred South Asian tsunami in Sumatra moved tens of meters, has moved itself the earth's axis that "HARP" is a variety of weather anomalies, plasma clouds that are easily directed to the aircraft and "other objects", and the "cool" - the earthquake.
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НЛО – творение человека?Just a few months ago the United States declassified some of the documents that reveal some very interesting developments and their characteristics. It is about the prototype flying saucers.
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Русские секретные материалыWe are opening a new series of articles "Russian secret files", devoted to the problem of studying UFO military organizations, and civil structures. In our archives contain many documents, testifying that from the beginning of 80th years in the former USSR topic UFO was seen at the state level...
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Неопознанный летающий проектOn the remote control automatic start-up of ballistic missiles themselves began to catch fire teams fighting the Soviet military attacks ... "plates" is not confused. They was afraid. And at the same time was ashamed to tell the country and its political leadership about his fear. And suddenly will accept for loonies? "What other plates - muraci? Take a NAP, Colonel!" - shouted, was from headquarters General for HF communication dumb child who has window fun gleamed silver disk. However, in the 80-s in the USSR Ministry of defense was created and put on rations special unit for the monitoring of unidentified flying objects.
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Необычное досье ФБРA few years ago, the makers of the popular U.S. news programs "Mysteries of the Cosmos" decided to find genuine FBI documents, removing the veil of mystery over the UFO. And after a while some of the documents was received by the journalists. They covered the period from 1947 until the mid 60-ies. Copies of these documents were shown on TV. But the presenter stressed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was seriously engaged by the UFO problem only when did the message on completion of aliens serious crimes. Whether so it ?
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Заговор молчанияOf classified evidence astronaut G. Cooper, who became "alien"... Rough concealment of information about UFOs already does not meet the interests of the authorities. And they themselves initiate dosed leakage. As well as the establishment of numerous films and computer games "alien ' theme. What is the purpose? It is not excluded that Earthmen are preparing for the upcoming open contacts with intelligent beings from other corners of the Universe...
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We all know that recently on the surface of Mars landed American Rover "Curiosity", which in Russian means "Curiosity". American he only partly engines, razognalsya a rocket into space, and neutron detector DAN developed in Russia.
And here went beautiful pictures from a faraway planet, the world delighted. However, meticulous minds steel millimeters to disassemble pictures from the NASA website and concluded Americans falsify images from Mars!
All the details are in the video, don't forget to include Russian subtitles.

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Люди в черном - 12, или инопланетяне живут среди насIn the past there was an article about the strange abnormal activity on the moon. Most often, the activity was observed in places of landing of American and Soviet aircraft. The atmosphere of secrecy, scarce and fragmentary information, only occasionally percolating in the media - all this gives reason to think that the report of William Cooper's "Who rules the world? The secret government"printed in the newspaper "Development" ten years ago, is the only document that gives an objective assessment of what is happening. Military consultant USA Cooper in his article told the world that the governments of several countries for decades cooperate with aliens.
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ВВС США провалили тестовый полет нового сверхзвукового аппарата WaveriderAs the official representative of the U.S. air force on Wednesday over the Pacific has conducted tests of experimental supersonic aircraft WaveRider, who was in flight to reach the speed of 5795 km/h, but was unable to do it.
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Иллюминаты - хранители знанийAccording to the opinion prevailing in historical science, this secret society was founded in the second half of the XVIII century by Professor Ingolstadt University (Bayern) Adam Weishaupt. But not necessarily the case. For some Conspirology based on Masonic legend, believe that the history of this order shall be calculated for a period of 6,000 years, starting from the time when, and whether extraterrestrial, or otherworldly forces showed Sumerian priests certain Book Authorities, which was recorded them on a stone. Then the Egyptians have copied it on papyrus, which is always kept in the strictest confidence.
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Правительство США давно сотрудничает с пришельцамиWhen you read the materials of the foreign media that the U.S. government has worked closely with the aliens and constructs joint military bases, and in support to this feature photo of flying saucers on the bases, increasing astonishment as possible to keep secret from mankind all this activity? And anxiety - why?
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Антарктическая "База-211" - Фабрика летающих тарелокIn late 1946 Admiral Richard Ebert, experienced polar Explorer, was tasked to lead a research expedition to Antarctica, codenamed "High jump".
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СЕКРЕТНЫЕ ОПЫТЫ ПО СКРЕЩИВАНИЮ ЧЕЛОВЕКА И ОБЕЗЬЯНЫCases of abduction of large apes women known in anthropology from the time of colonization of the Black continent. Poor girl in the harsh conditions of the jungle long lived. They died from brutal lovemaking males, either from hunger, because the grass and roots that feed on monkeys, there could not...
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Существуют ли секретные базы пришельцев?Rumors about the existence of secret bases aliens exist for a long time. They say that these bases are located in different places: on the moon, on the ocean floor, more often in tropical forests. Some ufologists-extremists sure that the aliens have come in contact with the government. There are even stories about the alien objects on U.S. military bases. Some people went even further, claiming that it was working on a secret project for the study of UFOs and saw a UFO stored at military bases. Basically, people who talk about such secret alien bases or on secret projects for the study of extraterrestrial technology, are unreliable witnesses.
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