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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Число могущества - тринадцатьStudy: what is the fear of the number 13 ? A lot of secrets hidden from mankind. One of them has the value of numbers. It's time to learn now the true value of such numbers as "thirteen". Moreover, soon many will begin to wonder: "that came to 2013, " what means this date, how to perceive it?" All depends on the person, in this and many other questions that arise in our lives. The answers will be able to find themselves, after reading this information.
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666 и 999: "кто имеет ум, тот сочти число"Satanic symbol 666 comes from the Bible. In the revelation of John the main 13,item 18 says, "Here wisdom. Who has mind, that count the numbers of the beast, for this number human; number his six hundred sixty six".
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Человек, его связь с параллельными мирами Земли и Духовной ВселеннойPeople who do not think of the higher order of existence, living in a Physical World (his body), and in the Astral World (their thoughts and deeds, not spiritual). This is because each of them is not developed energetically, and his soul (Space Spiritual Energy) does not increase. Often, he is not even aware that the spiritual life there and necessary to him and to all people.
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Колдуны и ведьмы в России"Witch hunt", raging in the Middle ages in civilized European countries, forever marred their history. Russia in those days looked much more humane and sensible country. But the fashion to look for all the troubles of the machinations of the evil spirit touched her.
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"Пожалуйста, прости меня" - и все проблемы решены!We all go through life from point a to point B. Point And is where we are now. B - where we want to go and how we want to be.
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Кредит под залог души"Sold his soul to the devil" - so say about people without honor and conscience, which, despite their dirty work, for some reason all of luck. Is it possible to actually dispose of your soul, receiving some real benefits?
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Первые минуты после жизни"...So I left his physical body forever. Although I was leaving him every day for a few hours, but always came back - it was called the dream. And this time, I threw it at all - so like worn-out old clothes, no longer to wear..."
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The great philosophers, master of illusion. No one knows the real story of his life is more amazing than all his tricks together.

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День ангела каждого из живущих21 November is a special day. They say it's namesday of each of us, because the Orthodox Church honors the Archangel Michael and all Bodiless Heavenly Powers. We just call them angels. This celebration was in the beginning of the IV century in honor of the saints of the Lord of spirits, which were created by the Creator before people, before the entire visible world.
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Подсказки с того светаThe blessed memory of the departed to a better world relatives stores each family. We remember them, because our memory they need. And they remember us, even cared for his remaining. Most often departed relatives come to us in dreams, and it is important to understand their signals converted to a living. Probably each of us can tell its exciting and instructive story about the unseen and unknown another connection between the two worlds.
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Лабиринты астральных путешествийAccording to cosmological and Theosophical teachings, the astral plane (or the subtle world) is between two worlds - dense and fire. In it, according to esoteric, live the angelic and demonic entities, pagan gods, spirits of nature and soul suicide. For him who died a natural death of the person astral plane is beyond the knowledge of the region, where at the first stage of its long trip to worlds beyond gets his immortal soul.
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Свобода от страстей: Раб Божий − кто он?Many non-Church people are indignant at the Christianity for what man considers himself a servant of God. In their opinion, it inhibits the freedom of the individual and humiliates the believer. But whether or not this status means inferiority and passivity, or is this a new freedom, beginning with humility before God and full acceptance of His Will in our lives?
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Добрая нечистьMany believe that ghosts cause us harm: provoke bad deeds and knocked the right track. Is it really?
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Самолеты, которые порождают призраковWho kills expedition near the Ural mountains? The route moves ghostly train? Who sends ships in flights, from which they not return? And how many more there are no questions that have no answers.
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Ведьмы. Кто они?In mythological views of the medieval Western Europe owner of magical knowledge, witch. Endowed with powers to act on the nature and person (witchcraft) and to perform miraculous feats - to become a werewolf, to get through a locked door, flying through the air, to steal the hearts of the people, to cause illness, to restore damage to livestock and crops. They attributed the ability to make a bargain with the devil and to serve him, to join him in sexual intercourse and to seduce believers by blanking their souls.
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