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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Умирая, мозг «вспоминает» даже момент рожденияWhat happens for those 5 minutes, when the resuscitators trying to pull dying from oblivion?
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ТАЙНЫ РЕИНКАРНАЦИИStatistics shows that every second person believes that once he has already lived on this earth. What was he: a slave, a courtesan, a mercenary or a monk? These questions will help us to answer the German specialist therapy past lives Reinhold Klotz.
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Музей ЛюцифераOn the threshold of the third Millennium of the Christian era have been many predictions about the coming end of the world. Some were planning it for 1999, but when nothing terrible happened, began to push the fateful date in the future. First, in the current decade of the XXI century, then on, and on, and so on tens and hundreds of years ahead. The essence of the story about the end of the world, as it is known, that after the seizure of power on Earth, the Antichrist will be a decisive battle in heaven and hell forces, and on the planet, in the end, will reign the Kingdom of God.
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Почему мы верим гадалкам,гороскопам и предсказаниям?It has been numerously stated that the speakers like "your destiny in this year" are often collective creativity edition, fortune-tellers simply good psychologists, and signs of the Zodiac so moved in the sky for several millennia that all ancient settlements have to be adjusted. But people still believe in the mysterious and unsubstantiated.
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Прошлая жизньNot everyone is given to know who they were in their past incarnation. But sometimes some lucky it is possible...
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Заговоренное СловоUnconscious, instinctive, misty produced random hand experience live, ahead of the science on the whole century.
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Веды:Десять секретов успеха. Запас благочестияHow to become a successful person? What is the main secret of success, whether tangible successes or spiritual?
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Сакральный смысл чиселDisplaying decimal notation of the entire Universe. People in the modern world for the calculations using the decimal system, which from India through Arab countries came to Europe. The decimal system is positional number system on base 10 integer. It uses signs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, called Arabic numerals.
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Золотая баба-легенды и секретыIn ancient Nenets legend tells that once a year, when the Great Sun is setting in the sky, beneath the frozen and lifeless land rises Solar Woman, who is in her womb the baby, which was destined to become the spirit of fertility.
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Волшебные правила загадывания желанийProbably all heard that if something strong desire, then the desire is necessarily true. But in practice this is not always possible or dream comes true in a form which you do not like. Maybe it's because we just don't know how to make a wish? Let us learn, especially in Christmas week,it is very important!
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Эти поезда не придерживаются расписанияThese trains do not adhere to the schedule, do not stop at the stations, ignore semaphores and don't take passengers. They appear out of nowhere and, as legend says, follow straight to hell...
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Всесильна ли энергия проклятия?One of the most famous stories on this topic tells the story of how the king of France, Philip Beautiful harassed and tortured the knights Templar, wanting to usurp the wealth and power of the knights. In 1314 the Grand master of the order of Jacques de Molay, was burned in Paris alive.
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Знаки Зодиака и их влиянияThe Sumerians and Babylonians believed that the will of the gods against the man and his works you can see, watching the movement of stars and planets, and that skilled astrologer can detect motion and changing characteristics of celestial bodies omens of the future prosperity or adversity. So they engaged in such observations, and the results recorded for the labels and then interpreted with astrological and magical point of view.
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Эзотерика:Возраст душиWith the development of consciousness a fragment passes through the various ages of the soul. "The age of the soul" indicates its growth and experience gained on the planet, and not just on the number of lives lived.
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Смерти нет - жизнь после смерти, реинкарнация, перерождениеIn Western culture, there are three main concepts of what happens to a person after the death of the physical body - the concept of Heaven and Hell in the religions of faith, materialistic concept and the concept of rebirth (reincarnation, life after death).
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