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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Призраки на кораблях, тайны обречённыхThe ghosts of the schooner "Charles Haskell". In may 2007, off the coast of Alaska ran aground and was seriously damaged unlucky cruise ship Empress of the North with 281 passengers on Board.
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Душа человека About the Soul of a man we can confidently say only one so that it is, as in every material body. Studying it still happens on these two things. She, like the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic system has its own structure and organs that are improving in the course of evolution of biological life, including humans. Man has long been trying to penetrate into the deep recesses of the Soul, to determine its form, content and structure, in any way affect it.
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Свет мой, звездочка, скажи…Many improbable coincidences in our life show that for each of us the universe has got its own space regulator, which governs our lives.
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Готовы ли мы открыть двери и войти в другой мирTraditional scientific thought in the face of specialists in quantum physics, quite seriously argues that the parallel worlds is not a myth and not fiction. On our planet there may be other worlds, other forms and levels of life.
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Бояться порчи - или менять своё мышление?Many people are very afraid of the word "evil", even without understanding its significance. When I tell them that it's not the most important thing and not the worst, offended and do stupid things. They say that if not for the damage, they all would be well, but the "bad" people put them damage, and if they remove it - they all will be well.
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Загадочные истории с призракамиGhosts is not only a fuzzy white shapes, pictures are often published as evidence of the existence of the afterlife. They may look as a projection of the deceased person and "to appear" in the most unexpected places. So, the British Andrea Samuels says that the image of her late husband regularly occurs on the wall in the bedroom.
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Любовь как проявление ГармонииOn Earth peace Numbers that controls the Universe, replaced by a world of feelings and emotions. Instead of strict geometry thrive words, which laid the music and tone. We are given the alphabet, the order and number of such letters, and every phrase should push us to the understanding of the law of Numbers ruling the world. Key values of the world of Numbers and geometric order are integrity and harmony. And the manifestation of harmony of Space in the material world is Love! Science has already recognized the integrity of the world, but it has not yet matured to the recognition of Love as the greatest energy!
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МЕТАФИЗИЧЕСКИЕ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯMan by nature is not affected neither death nor aging; he might be killed only by accident. In his body, that is, in its collective cells, does not leak the inevitable aging process; nothing is able to paralyze the individual. It turns out that the death can be avoided. The disease is first of all not-health, lack of rest or Santi - sweet, cheerful serenity of spirit, reflected by mind throughout the body. Decrepitude, so common to people, only shows ignorance of the causes certain mental and physical diseases. Appropriate mental attitude can even prevent an accident. Siddha says, "If properly maintain bodily tone, the body will be able to repel any infection, influenza and plague". Siddhi was not afraid of germs and never sick.
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Мысль влияет на материюThere are numerous legends about the fact that the Russian Theosophist, writer and traveler Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) had the amazing ability. It could take literally out of thin air all sorts of useful items: food, utensils, jewelry, embroidered handkerchiefs, books, letters, and more.
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 КармаWhen we come into the physical plane in each of his life, regardless of the age of the soul, we set ourselves a task, select the experience that I want to get. We choose parents, knowing their roles and shell, often we share a life together in previous lives or loops.
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Общаетесь с Духами ?!Recently there has been a mass passion of the pendulum. On the motion of the pendulum get some answers - Yes or no to any question. However, everything new is well forgotten old. Communication with the spirits with magic whiteboard, a seance, communication with pendulum essentially indistinguishable. Through the pendulum spirits of dubious origin can easily subdue the will of the person and to manipulate his consciousness. The upper force, heavenly coaches, teachers of Shambhala, the higher I'm on these definitions happened many fools with a pendulum.
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Колдовство на РусиMagic, magic, magic - the ability of some people to harm or get rid of it by magic rituals, usually without the use of physical force, was an integral part of the life of the Slavs. Ancient manuscripts named going to black magic - Volovnik, Charovnitsa, Myshlennik, Kladnitsa, the Wayfarer (the book about the importance of meetings), Vorongrai (the value of the flight of birds), Sectoral and others, contained the information about this was given by inheritance, or from Teacher to Student.
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Мир умерших существуетNo one probably wouldn't never know after almost a century after the death nesamerigo Greek writer Dimitrakopoulos, if he had not issued a new, previously unknown novels of Victor Hugo. Moreover, in French, which the Greeks did not have a chance to own. So where are the lyrics?
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Приемы и методы саморазвития. Энергия. Потеря и восполнениеToday we will consider the main reasons why you may lose power, and which, respectively, can hinder you in achieving your goals.
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Духовный форум. События которые произошли в моменте Здесь и СейчасAt the moment here and now, an event occurred that quite interesting and significant not only for the inhabitants of the Earth, but for the whole Family of Light. Was held Spiritual Forum dedicated to the latest events on the Earth. This is the Forum of the beings of Light, which was held in the Golden City in the 13th dimension. It addressed the issues of the ascension of the Earth, of the ascension of Humanity.
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