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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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ДРУИДЫ: Тайные орденаNow there are more and more books about secret societies, having allegedly some great doctrine of the mysterious power of the trees, the psychics and clairvoyants. These publications are very popular, for knowledge, which they report, in the opinion of many people, can protect them from harm and vicissitudes of life.
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Плазмоиды- души умерших?About plasmoids write and speak mnogiego another version and give links to your photo, where,presumably, fixed plasmoids.
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В квартире жительницы Мурманска проказничал домовойMurmansk girl Tatiana never encountered a haunted house and other evil spirits. In their existence she just didn't believe. Resting in the village, a girl without fear spent the night in a deserted house, was never afraid of the dark.
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ЖИЗНЬ ЛЮДЕЙ В ТЕЛАХ СВЕТАIt is difficult to find a noble man: not everywhere it is born. But where does this wise, there is a thriving happy people
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Ангелы действительно существуютLaunches of satellites and astronauts give convincing evidence of the fact that not all phenomena in space yet are able to recognize and explain the researchers. A mystery, for example, remain face and figure that saw people in extraterrestrial space and upper atmosphere.
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Материя душиIn a box with black walls insert the camera lens, and from above let light through the long, narrow slit. Turns out flat illuminated screen, which under certain conditions appear strange shapes. For example, next to the box untwist heavy metal cone - and take a picture. Then the photos are white concentric rings on a black background.
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 БилокацияThere is an interesting phenomenon, when one and the same person witnesses observed simultaneously in different places. Parapsychologists call it bilocale, but I will often try not to use this term in order not to create confusion with biolocation.
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Демоны - инфернальные помощникиLiving in the bowels of the earth, demons, of course, more earthly matters than the good angels, with concerns about the spiritual rather than material issues. The devil is a skilled craftsman and hard worker, but when it comes to pay, he can't take care of himself and often left with his nose. If the services of the devil is a righteous man, the evil often turns into a blessing.
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Исчезли тараканы? Ищите полтергейст!If you woke up in the morning and refrigerator no - this does not mean that you robbed. Perhaps in the house there was a poltergeist. And not from moisture it to -- started and from your regular quarrels, scandals and explanation of the relationship. Because, as found ufologists, "noisy guest prefers family with SITENAME internal conflicts.
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Был день полтергейста...Under such a title in one of the Moscow Newspapers published a report from the event... It happened in the late summer of 1989. In Moscow the flat where four, started to experience strange events that defy explanation: the burgers from the refrigerator flew into a great room, followed by cheese and packs of sweet mass, a rag from the toilet hit the adult son Sasha, and then the owner of the apartment Valentina Ivanovna... Then flew cigarettes, which then was never found, a bucket from the toilet was on the sofa, and cover the pan hit the wall behind it - the bubble from under varnish...
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"Алешенька " или Кыштымский карлик-гуманоидFor the first time on this story I came across a couple of years ago. Then, having decided that the explanation is quite simple ( mutant) I passed by. But today , after a Japanese producer of Deputy Masao appointed prize of 200,000 dollars for "Alesenko" and the media are carrying articles on this subject it should come back. Moreover, the Kyshtym humanoid no navel , and , therefore, he clearly could not be a human embryo.
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Дьявол из ДевоншираIn 1855, in the County of Devon were discovered traces that are extremely excited locals: whether they belonged to the devil, unknown to science bird or they were created by a group of pranksters? So far nobody knows what or who left these traces on earth. Scientists of the 19th century put forward a variety of hypotheses about this. One of them, phenomenological, argued that we are talking about "something"that lives between the tangible and the intangible world, sometimes leave evidence of their existence, but is still above the human.
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ВампирыWhat is a Vampire? Vampire roaming the earth tonight, both similar and different from what you might expect. Certainly, is better to start our discussion undead, as if they were separate species of living beings is superficially similar to humans, which once were, but representing a myriad of physiological and psychological differences. Largely vampires similar to the familiar monsters from the myths and cinema.
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Веды и Ведическая РусьWho we are and where they come from? As the birthplace of the Russian Land? How they lived and what I believed our ancestors? Usually remember in this connection the words of the first Russian chronicler Christian time Nestor, who started the chronicle: "Behold Story time (past) years, where did the Russian Earth, who is in Kiev the beginning of the first of knyajichi, and where the Russian Land began to eat...”
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Астральные путешествияThe ability of a person to leave his physical body and travel in unknown worlds - one of the most mysterious and at the same time inspiring mysteries.
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