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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Сны и сновидения. Что такое сновидения и виды сновDreams are magic, and the amazing thing is that we create it ourselves. They are filled not always clear and fantastic images that seem to be absurd. Our dreams baffle us, waking up, we don't understand it. But if you dig deep, and our thoughts are not as clear as we would like! However dreams cause we curiosity, and sometimes mystical fear: because any strong feelings we have concerning the dread to bliss!
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Битва пришельцев с того светаDevil in our folklore is the most popular character. In numerous tales and stories he acts familiar to themselves and others line the arch enemy of man trying all available impure force ways to win over human nous.
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ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ В АСТРАЛTo manage dreams, learn to see only bright, vivid dreams every morning to Wake up fresh and vigorous, to get rid of the nightmares may only knowing the laws of existence of the astral world and its connection with the physical world.
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Как Творец исправлял ошибкиThe Bible story of the great flood in General can tell any Christian. Noah, warned of God of a coming world caret, built an ark. Then the Lord flooded land, and escaped only the righteous, then humanity began its history in scratch".
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Камни и их предохраняющие и терапевтические свойстваIn amulets people were interested not only attributed to them protect and therapeutic properties. Almost the same importance was attached to the form, colour and appearance of the amulet. Thus, in some countries, children on the neck hung purple stone, which was thought to not only protect them from illness, but did obedient and submissive to the will of the parents. It was assumed that the amulet is crystallized tears eve shed her after separation from Adam.
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Зачем любить врагов и подставлять другую щеку"You have heard that it was said, ' love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you" (Matthew 5:43-44).
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Призраки прошлогоWe all have heard many times that there is only "here and now"that bad to live with the memories, but... you can't ignore our past, especially when it considerably complicates present?
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СтигматыHands and feet of the Savior were pierced with nails. Put on a head a crown of Thorns scratched his forehead and scalp. And one of the Roman legionaries hit him with a spear in the chest, leaving a deep wound...
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Призрак Летучего Голландца"...Called a messenger of the devil, the ship of the dead was called..." From generation to generation sailors told each other the legend of the flying Dutchman. This image will always make the heart beat faster. The mystery and romance related excited the imagination. And not without reason: the legend really very poetic. Judge for yourself...
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Полтергейст: вопросы и ответыPoltergeist study researchers psychic phenomena and parapsychologists, staring him in the truest sense of the word debriefing. Collected volume of observations about throwing stones or mud, about the flight of various objects, illumination and unusual visions, tapping, about some loud cry and even attempted rape by a poltergeist. Separately recorded small pranks like twisting light bulb from the socket and simultaneous set on the phone several rooms.
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Небесные знаменияEven in ancient times the Chronicles of Greece, Egypt, the Roman Empire was informed about heavenly signs, when the sky was a strange still and moving pictures and even quite meaningful symbols, letters, numbers. It is known that one of the signs of the promised another military victory Julius Caesar, what happened later.
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Загадка телепатииStatistics show that at least 60 percent of people believe in the possibility of telepathic communication. Yes and scientists conducted dozens, hundreds of experiments to establish a mental contact, put forward a number of interesting theories explaining this phenomenon. And yet still no one can confidently answer the question: is there a telepathy?
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Волосы ангелаThat spider web, slightly radioactive gelatinous weight is often falls after passing UFO, and a few hours later evaporates. In the hands of "hair" melt or turned into stinking lumps. In American UFO "web" known under the name of "angel hair", the Italians her name is "silicon wool", as the French call falling from the sky translucent fiber "gift Madonna".
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Блуждающие могилыIn the autumn of 1928 sir Arthur Haslam was in transit in the small Scottish town of Penispill. On the local cemetery almost seventy years ago, was buried brother of his grandfather, sir Roger Haslem. Hasimov has become a tradition to visit his grave, and the last time sir Arthur was here not less than five years ago. However, in memory he kept the location of the graves Roger, he remembered and neighboring gravestone with a carved in granite angel. Going to the cemetery, he immediately turned to the right and walked down the envelope cemetery track. Grave Roger had to be at the very end, near the fence. But it was not there! The site, which was once the grave, was a smooth, overgrown place. Sir Arthur could swear that memory didn't let him down. That's gravestone with the angel, and here, two feet away, was the grave of Roger, and he perfectly remembered!
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"Заблудившиеся" могилыImagine if you went to the cemetery to visit someone from deceased loved ones - and suddenly found that his grave disappeared. And later find it absolutely in other place... Such cases are already during several centuries. And still no one can explain why the grave sometimes "wander" from place to place...
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