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Межпланетные перелёты повышают леньImagine that you are flying to Mars. Fly without any scientific and unscientific fantastic tricks, without all these hyperpresident, subspaces, teleports and without diving into suspended animation. That is day by day you see the sun becomes darker, and the connection with the Earth is getting worse. You are locked in a confined space with several companions in flight, and your life monotonous. What will happen to your body and mind to the end of the journey?
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Телескоп Кеплер позволил обнаружить 17 млрд. планет, приближенных по размерам к ЗемлеAstronomers say that in our galaxy in about one sixth star has a size close to Earth that it brings the number to a total of 17 billion This result was obtained on the basis of data analysis of the planets of the candidates collected by the telescope "Kepler".
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Scientists from Japan for the first time managed to shoot on video giant squid that live in the depths of the Pacific ocean.

Unique footage was made a joint crew of the Japanese TV station NHK and the American Discovery Channel, and the initiator of the shooting was the national Museum of science and the environment of Japan. The expedition took place near titidzima Islands, located a thousand miles South of Tokyo.

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Не одни во Вселенной. Вокруг каждой шестой звезды вращается планета, похожая на ЗемлюStatistical analysis of the telescope "Kepler" has shown that approximately every sixth star in surveyed the Universe has in his system Earth-like exoplanet. About it at conference of the American astronomical society said Francois Fresson of the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics and publication is accepted for publication in the journal the Astrophysical Journal.
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Украинские ученые решили узнать тайны затонувших советских кораблейAccording to experts "black sea undersea research centre", one of the objects - ship "Communist" - this is the secret of the Black sea.
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Начата подготовка к двухлетней остановке Большого Адронного КоллайдераThe largest and most powerful particle accelerator, which is known to all the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is preparing to shut down, which will happen in March of this year. After that within two years there will be the replacement and modernization of some elements of the design of the TANK, as well as the installation of additional elements and devices that will allow the Collider to reach the level of maximum energy collisions of particles, which should lead to new stunning discoveries in nuclear physics and physics of subatomic particles.
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На поверхности Луны замечены новые кратерыThe researchers found on the surface of the moon series of three mysterious craters. Experts, which follows the lunar surface, believe that the craters were formed within a few minutes, but as it happened I can not explain.
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Прогноз погоды для коричневого карликаUsing space telescopes "the Spitzer and Hubble group of astronomers was able to explore the turbulent atmosphere of the brown dwarf, and to create the most detailed "map weather" for this class subsidy objects.
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В системе Веги найден пояс астероидовAstronomers apparently found a large asteroid belt around the star VEGA is the second brightness in the Northern part of the night sky. The appropriate conclusion is made on the basis of the data space telescopes "Spitzer" and "Herschel".
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На Титане может быть морской лёдScientists working with the data of the spacecraft Cassini, came to the conclusion that the surface of lakes and seas of Titan can decorate hydrocarbon ice floes. The presence of the latter allows to explain the strange reflectivity of a surface of this moon of Saturn.
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Комета ISON подойдет вплотную к ЗемлеIn autumn 2013 to the Earth close ancient comet, which moves along a unique trajectory. Scientists expect that by its brightness, it will Eclipse the moon and will be visible to the naked eye, even in the daytime.
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Today,9 January in the 15.43 MSC will fly by the Earth asteroid Apophis

Asteroid Apophis, which is called the most serious cosmic threat to the Earth, today will approach our planet at a distance of about fourteen and a half million kilometers. By the standards of the Universe is not so much. But in 2029, according to scientists Apophis will fly only 36 thousand kilometers from the Earth, that is the orbit of geostationary satellites.

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Появился новый «Бермудский треугольник»?The archipelago off the coast of Venezuela, where the aircraft designer Vittorio Missoni disappeared in the air, gaining a reputation as the place of mysterious disappearances. Happened here, at least 15 unexplained "disappearances".
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Мы ждем перемен… Результаты международной конференции астрологов2013 is the most controversial of premonition. On the one hand, we, as always, hope for the best, on the other - sad to see that the world crisis continues, natural disasters have not become less, and the mighty of this world is wiser and far-sighted...
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Энергосберегающие лампы могут спровоцировать рак кожиEnergy-saving lamps can be dangerous for human health. Such preliminary conclusions made by American scientists, according to LiveScience.
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