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Onua.org - this site created to familiarize the user with the world of the unknown, news of technology, space discoveries and mysteries of the Earth UFO, Video , Photo, the Witnesses, the mysteries of history and ancient civilizations.
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Внеземная жизнь открыта! Или нет?British Professor astrobiology faint voice announced that the meteorite, found in Sri Lanka, contains microscopic fossil, which is conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial life.
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«Налоговый рай» исчезнет: Каймановы острова перестанут быть офшорамиCayman Islands want to say goodbye to the title of one of the most closed of the offshore world and are prepared to disclose thousands of registered companies and hedge funds. A corresponding letter of local financial regulator sent to heads of companies.
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Сенсационное открытие: на метеорите обнаружены следы внеземной жизниScientist Chandra a Leisure (Chandra Wickramasinghe)who examined found in Sri Lanka, the meteorite, claims to have found evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.
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Луна и Юпитер спешат на свиданиеAmazing celestial event will be able to watch January 21, not only professional astronomers, but everyone. The moon on this day will maximally closer to Jupiter. The culmination of this event will occur at three a.m. in the constellation Taurus. The distance between celestial bodies, depending on the place of observation, will be equal to approximately one disk of the moon. And the inhabitants of South America and the Pacific will be able to see the Eclipse - Jupiter will slip behind the moon.
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Владыка Софроний: «Я ни одного человека не благословлю получить такой паспорт»Not only the public and journalists spoke against the introduction of biometrics. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate called on the President to veto the law on the unified state register of demographics and electronic passports.
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Австралия вновь задыхается от жары: в Сиднее побит абсолютный температурный рекордThe unprecedented heat is returned to Australia on climate map, which previously had to introduce a new color. In Sydney on Friday was beaten temperature record 74-year-old: the thermometer rose to the level of 45.8 degree is half a degree greater than it was in January 1939.
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Ученые уверены, что мы во Вселенной не одни и ищут альтернативу ЗемлеScientists believe that Earth-like planets around 17 billion, but do not know which ones are suitable for life.
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Биометрический паспорт: точка не возвратаFrom January 1, entered into force the Law "On the Unified state register of demographics and the documents confirming citizenship of Ukraine, identity or social status", which is popularly called "the law of biopassport". It provides for the introduction of a new sample with an electronic chip, which should be updated every 10 years.
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Земля готовится к встрече с новым астероидом в следующем месяцеAsteroid 2012 DA14, the width of which is about 40 meters and a weight of about 130,000 tons moving towards earth at a speed of about 6.3 km/S. It will be past the planet at a distance of less than 32.000 km today. If he collided with the Earth, the result would have been a huge explosion force of about 2.5 megatons, but Asteroid 2012 DA14 not hit our planet in 2013, and probably never will.
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Бильдербергский клуб может провести следующую встречу в США, а не в ЕвропеIf semi-centennial trend will continue, secretive unit of international forces, known as the Bilderberg club, will gather in 2013 in Europe shortly after the associated group, Trilateral Commission (TC), will hold a March 15-17 meeting in Berlin. Usually Bilderberg - who last year was going in Chantilly Virginia - holds its annual meetings alternately in North America and Europe. However, something indicates that Bilderberg-2013 will change its rule and will gather again in the States.
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В США отказались чеканить монету в триллион долларовThe issue of increasing the debt limit is haunted White house
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Надувной модуль появится на МКСNASA signed a commercial company Bigelow Aerospace production agreement inflatable module, which will become part of the ISS. During its development the company received from space Agency 17.8 million dollars.
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Россия колонизирует Луну Roskosmos has published the state program "Space activities of Russia in the 2013-2020". The office acknowledges that the Russian cosmohotel now ahead of only competitors from Asia, after the USA and European countries. Roscosmos in the program promises for 2.1 trillion rubles to return the country the status of a leading space power and colonize the moon, transfers "New Region".
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Белый дом отказался строить «Звезду смерти»The white house has denied the petition of Americans with a proposal to build a "death Star". In the document, which was signed by 34 thousand people, citizens of States asked the government "to find resources, assign funding to begin the construction of the "death Star" in 2016".
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Открыто новое лекарство против туберкулезаIn the United States was approved the drug, which is designed to treat patients with lekarstvomoscow form of TB, which is already not doing other recognized methods of therapy, reports Reuters news Agency.
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