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Предлагаем восстановить, заказать, купить диплом Вуза в любом городе России. Только настоящий бланк ГОЗНАК с гарантией.

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7 января 2013: Рождество ХристовоOn this day in the small town of Bethlehem there was an unprecedented event - was born into the world of the infant Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus Christ was born supernaturally from the virgin Mary, the Theotokos.
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Новая теория возникновения живой клеткиScientists bill Martini from the University of Dusseldorf and Neal lane from the London University College offered an interesting theory for the origin of living cells with different bioenergy properties. In their opinion, the emergence of life is a by-product of the reaction energy.
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«Ярче Луны» комета 2013 года может стать кометой векаAt the moment it's faint object visible in powerful telescopes only as a point of light on the background of stars. It seems tiny - frozen piece of ice and stones, but her with eager attention will monitor astronomers from around the world, and a year later everyone will know her name.
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9 января с Землей сблизится астероид АпофисFans watching the night sky must arm themselves with telescopes this week, since January 9, you can observe the convergence of the asteroid "Apophis" with the Earth.
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Закон и порядок: что запретят в США в 2013 годуIn 2013 in the USA will enter into force hundreds of new laws. Many of them are rather unusual. The American media has published some of them - those that are particularly surprised local journalists
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Лазер мощностью в 200 тераватт спас бы динозавров от гибели – физикиLaser emitter with unattainable for today capacity of 202 terawatt could destroy an asteroid with a diameter of 7.5 kilometers, caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, which casts doubt on all such projects "asteroid protection", state physics in an article published in journal of Physics Special Topics.
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Космические запуски на 2013 годLet's see what programs and space, and suborbital launches planned for 2013.
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Японские ученые впервые синтезировали клетки, способные уничтожать ракThe team of scientists titled finally brought resistant cells that are able to fight tumors.
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So the American newspaper "Financial Times" forecasts that the snake will not bring relief to the developed economies and the pre-crisis level, they will not work. But Greece's GDP, finally, to fall will stop. In Asia, according to the edition, will intensify the confrontation between Japan and China over the disputed Senkaku Islands, but before the armed conflict will not come. Positive news in 2013 expect from Mars, where the authors of the article, will find signs of life.

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In the Bay cannot be considered the bottom because of underwater inhabitants.
Today in Balaklava Bay, you couldn't see the bottom - weight jellyfish have formed a real "protective" layer, covering a significant portion of the coastal zone.

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Россия берет на себя инициативу в области ультрафиолетовой астрономииSpacecraft "Spectrum-UV" will be the third of a series of large orbital telescopes in the post-Soviet space. This telescope, known also under the name of the WSO-UV (World Space Ultraviolet Observatory), is designed to "look" into the sky in the ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic light. The same effect that protects all life on the Earth's surface from harmful ultraviolet light, prevents the observations from the surface of different events and phenomena occurring in the depths of space, making it inaccessible to people is quite wide and informative site ultraviolet light. And for the implementation of the observations in the ultraviolet range in the 1970-ies the first telescopes were sent outside the earth's atmosphere, on the earth orbit.
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Выдача универсальных электронных карт стартует в РоссииIn Russia on the applications of citizens from the New year begins, the issue of universal electronic cards (UEC), which will provide users receive electronically the state and municipal services, as well as banking applications - payment for utilities, transport, shopping, etc.
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Washington Times: Северная Корея может уничтожить США электромагнитным импульсным оружием прямо сейчасIn a frightening message Washington Times says that North Korea can destroy the United States electromagnetic pulse weapons right now and this is a deadly threat to the US. North Korea has currently ability to hit the United States this weapon.
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Что делать с научным враньёмEvery science has a dark side, and this dark side is not open, which can be converted into evil", and not evil intentions mad scientists. The dark side of each science is a fraud. Sounds awful prosaic, but the consequences of such fraud can be no less impressive than the plans for world domination.
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Редкая супер комета затмит Луну в 2013 годуRare super comet that is carried to the Sun from the outer part of the Solar system, close to the Sun in November of next year. At its peak super comet, known as C/2012 S1 (ISON), can overshadow the moon even during the day.
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