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Древний деформированный череп взволновал «уфологов»Archaeologists digging in the Mexican desert Sonora, discovered, apparently, a cemetery early Mesoamerican community, including deformed skull.
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В румынской церкви найдены фрески с изображением Конца СветаIn the Romanian city of Brasov, in the chapel of the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, built in 1495, found murals depicting scenes of the Apocalypse.
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3000 лет без света, тепла и кислорода. В подлёдном озере найдены живые бактерииThe new discovery of American scientists significantly expanded, which may be life. They found living organisms in the Antarctic lake View, which for three thousand years was completely isolated from the outside world under twenty meter layer of ice.
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Шестая планета вокруг оранжевого карлика находится точно в середине обитаемой зоны и возможно обитаемаLuminary HD 40307 from the constellation of the Painter, member of the spectral type K2,5V, since 2008 it is known as the owner of three "supertall" with the masses 4.2, 6,7 and 9.4 times bigger than earth and astronomical year 4.3, 9.6 20,4 earth days. But subordinate to the star, the planet could hardly be candidates in the life carriers of the earth type. The orbits of all three removed from the parent star for no more than is 0.135 and. that is, For comparison, note that mercury and the Sun shares of 0.3 a. that is, Even with the smaller one quarter of the mass and luminosity orange stars temperature of these supersemar" too high for the development of complex earth-life.
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Под Луганском нашли останки мамонта 30-тысячелетней давностиArcheologists say that the age of the bones is from 10 to 30 thousand years.
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Обнаружена самая малая из сверхмассивных чёрных дырUsing NASA's x-ray telescope Chandra at the core of a spiral galaxy NGC 4178 type SBcd located at 55 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Virgo, found a bright x-ray source, which astronomers believe a black hole with a mass of just VAC 104-105 Solar masses. This is the most low-mass of the supermassive black holes (SMCG)observed in the centers of spiral galaxies.
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Найдена могила любимой жены Македонского?Greek archaeologists near the modern city of Serres (where in ancient times there was an ancient Greek Polis of Amphipolis), discovered the tomb in which, perhaps, are buried the remains of the wife and son of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great - Roksana and Alexander IV. Leaders of excavations claim that it is too early to speak about the person buried.
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Впервые в системе четырёх солнц обнаружена экзопланетаHow rapidly time: I remember that not so long ago we have read, seriously denied the possibility of the existence of planets around normal double stars is because of their instability, caused by the large number of light. They say, Tatooine could arise only in the fevered imagination of science fiction (Hollywood writers). As we now understand, the planets around binary stars have: at least six, and this considering the fact that the characteristics of binary systems hamper their detection is the most popular method.
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Интернет-астрономы открыли первую планету в системе из четырех звездInternet users, participants "civic" astronomical project Planet Hunters together with astronomers professionals from Yale University for the first time in history has discovered a planet in the system of four stars, according to a paper accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal and posted in the electronic library of Cornell University.
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Встречайте первую углеродную планетуPlanet Cancer 55 e, "super-earths", located in a sun-like star HD 75732 (55 Cancer, spectral class G8V), was opened in 2004. This is one of the closest to the Earth "supertall": up to its planetary system just 40,9 light years. It is about 8.6 times heavier than Earth, and its diameter is twice bigger than ours. Thus, the density of the Earth and Cancer 55 e quite comparable.
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Найдена гробница индейской ХатшепсутArchaeologists discovered the tomb of the legendary Queen Maya Cable, wife of the ruler of the city-state of Calakmul. According to historians, this woman played a much more significant role in the management of their people and the Kingdom than her husband the king Kinic Balam II. She was an outstanding military leader, its glory was more men survived the Queen.
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Подтверждено обнаружение «Кеплером» ещё сорока одной экзопланетыTwo independent teams of astronomers have confirmed that "Kepler" has opened 41 exoplanet 20 stellar systems. The first work was conducted JI Wei Xie from the University of Toronto (Canada), and authors of the second, which was led by Jason Stefensen of National accelerator laboratory them. Enrico Fermi (USA), working in several American universities, and the Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics.
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Swift отыскал новую чёрную дыру в центре нашей ГалактикиOwned by NASA Orbital Observatory Swift discovered the black hole of stellar mass (that is, not supermassive) in the center of the milky Way. To make it it was possible to register a powerful burst of x-ray radiation from the black hole, at a time when that swallowed up a large cloud surrounding substance.
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Открыта комета C/2012 S1Astronomical community is buzzing: a new comet is discovered, and it has the chance to be very effective flyby of the Sun.
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Астрономы открыли, возможно, самую яркую комету за 10 летRussian Amateur astronomer Artem Novichonok and his colleague from Belarus Vitaly Nevsky opened the comet, which may become the brightest in this decade. Official report about the discovery is published on the website of the minor planet Center of the International astronomical Union.
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